For some reason we are getting everything backward. Is it Politics??? Let’s put everyone we don’t like under oath and ask questions and see if they incriminate anyone, then they scare them with prison time, and offer them immunity to turn on others they want to imprison.

“In this country, if you cheat to get into college you go to jail. But if you cheat to get into this country, you go to college for free. Make sense?”

Instead of investigating a crime we swear people into the Grand Jury and ask them gotcha questions. We try to create a crime. If they lie they go to jail, if they do not find anything they investigate their spouses and their children. In this country we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. In case of investigating the President and many others, they have it backwards. For some reason Congress thinks they have the authority to demand to see what they had not been privileged to see in the past.

Attorney General Barr was a standup guy until he said NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION that broke laws for showing intent? Where will this stop? No President in history has had to endure what the current President has endured. One person remarked on TV “Not only have you wasted all that money, but you have weaponized the TV stations. They make money reporting lies. You have wasted the Tax Payer’s time and money. Personally I think the people that broke the law are trying to keep in a defensive mode to slow down the investigation of crimes they committed

Are you wondering why there are as many candidates announcing as did? There is a lot of money in Campaigns. Do you see the number these unknown candidates are raising? I wonder why and how they do that and who do they have to do favors for? Most of Congress are millionaires. Do you really believe they are going to tax the rich and give up their bankroll? If you do I have a bridge I want to sell you.

I could not stay for the Queen and King of the Rainbow but I attended the little Mister and Miss contestants of Little King and Queen of the Rainbow. They were cute and the proud Moms, Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas had big smiles on their faces. I enjoyed watching the crowd’s expressions. The children were priceless! If I were Judge I would have chosen different than they did but so would half the people attending.

A lot went on this month in my world. My wife was injured in a bad fall, doing extensive damage to her teeth, $1700 worth. Second the transmission on my truck went out. We had a coyote attack a miniature horse one night. While in the waiting room with my wife I caught the bug and was down for at least a week. So I won’t forget April 2019 for a while.

We have a customer running in our Ocala papers. We welcome Columbia Bank & Felicia Judge to our list of advertisers. The bank says they are an old fashion bank with all the new technology. Thanks for being a valued customer. I can never stop thanking Bob and the people from Bob’s Coin and Jewelry for advertising. Walt from Walt’s Brake has been a valued friend for a number of years and advertises monthly and many more. I have to mention Kevin Sheilley CEP and Senator Dennis Baxley for writing their columns. These guys bring you a lot of good information.


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