Here we are in March and it feels like there is a full time election campaign going on. Democrats and Republicans are lying to each other, doing strategy to make a deal so they can get re-elected. Throwing everything in but the kitchen sink.  After taking a shower at night and watch an hour of Fox News I feel dirty again, and the unfortunate thing is most of what I have been hearing is what I suspected to be true.

Someone needs to go back to the Judge that gave the FBI the right to spy on the other party and ask the Judge to squash the warrant based on the fact that the information furnished was not true.

Congress and the House need to work together and stop loading every bill with things not related to the bill. There is no such thing as a clean bill any more. It seems like everyone is looking out for their own special interest and not for the good of the Citizens of the United States.

Someone said while giving a speech on the floor of the house, “It’s always better when we work together.” I would say they’re right: it’s “better together”. You could get more done together, if you were looking out for our US Citizens first. Then worry about doing something for the immigrants. I say “Build That Wall!”

For several years we have been running a banner at the bottom of all of our front pages, we are moving it to the bottom of page four, the editorial page. Maybe change the verbiage a little. I don’t know yet but we do want to show support for our Troops, First Responders, the Constitution and above all “In God We Trust!” and show respect for all other people’s religion. I pray for the wisdom to do what is best, when putting out a newspaper or in my daily life!

Chris Boody who is in charge of our Graphics is working very hard to bring you our newspapers online and to promote us online, I think she is doing a great job!

All these shootings are crazy, disrespect for the law enforcement, disrespect for our leaders, opposing leaders not respecting each other, not having a good family environment, cracking down on the drug problems, busting the gangs, stopping human trafficking and drug trafficking.

Our society is getting to a place where they don’t value people’s lives. I still say and have been saying that the activity of taking your kids to the paintball range and shooting at each other is not good training on how to act. The war games available for the computers seem real enough that children and grownups play them for hours. The right way is to teach a child never point a gun at a person, a toy gun or an empty real gun. Never point it at anyone.

I have neighbors that have moved from a small lot in the city to a 2.5 acre lot and they decide they can target practice in their yard, no gun safety classes. I have heard a bullet close enough that it was buzzing. We need an ordinance against this behavior. If you want to shoot in your yard have a qualified gun safety officer check it out or have the Sheriff’s office check it out. This is unsafe and it won’t stop until someone stops it. How about a county ordinance about shooting in neighborhoods?

What is your opinion?

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