By TomL

They worry about China, Russia and other countries manipulating our elections! What about our food source, our water supply, our medical supplies, our power grid and manipulation of our oil supply.

I am hearing we have a shortage of Beef product for Wendy’s restaurant because at the slaughter house processing plants many employees tested positive to COVID-19 and there is a shortage of workers, so they closed the plants. The Smithfield meat processing plants supplies a large portion of USA meats. They are owned by a Chinese Holding Company.

Let me ask because no one else is. Why are so many employees sick and testing positive at the Smithfield meat processing facility? Is the meat OK? Why are we importing beef when we have plenty cattle of in this country? To Nikki Fried (Democrat) the head of Agriculture, don’t let any other country own our food sources or our processing source.

If the numbers are accurate 1/3 of our College students are Chinese. The number has tripled in the last 10 years. Why do you think so many Chinese are going to school here? I say if they go to school here they must swear allegiance to the United States and swear not to share information they learn here with any other country. We are losing technology at an alarming rate. How are we losing it? Of course the big colleges

Chinese would love to take over our country by peaceful means. Just quietly overwhelm and take over the things that we depend on daily.

If the numbers are right a third of our college students are from China. I ask “why are so many professors teaching and preaching Socialism?”


I Googled “How much of big Pharma is owned by China?”

Janet Woodcock, FDA’s director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, in congressional testimony in October said while it is clear drug production, particularly of APIs, has moved out of the U.S., the FDA doesn’t know a lot more than that. FDA info show the number of Chinese facilities licensed to produce APIs for U.S. drugs is smaller than in the U.S., 13% versus 28%, but those statistics don’t mean much.

“The FDA doesn’t know whether Chinese facilities are actually producing APIs, how much they are producing, or where the APIs they are producing are being distributed worldwide, including in the United States,” Woodcock reported. “… Similarly, we do not have information that would enable us to assess the resilience of the U.S. manufacturing base, should it be tested by China’s withdrawal from supplying the U.S. market.”


Last month a Lady in the Villages did not like my story about following the money, my examples were Trump, Clinton and Obama. Trump lost money since he has been in office, how did the rest do while in office? GOOGLE IT!



Last month’s issue when I wrote the story about the Smithfield plants closing. I said “My family was disappointed when Hershey Chocolate and Smithfield was purchased by a Chinese holding company. That was not accurate, what I meant to say was “my family was disappointed when Hershey moved their factory out of the United States”. Some people in New York were showing their displeasure over the error. We regret the error!


We have so much hate, turmoil, death, illnesses. People are getting stressed out. I would like to go to a lighter side of life. We are trying to do Restaurant reviews, have people send in pictures of their flowers at home, nature photographs, (we have an award winning photo in this paper). Pictured is a  pair of Hawks sitting on a bird feeder at a Bellevue resident. We have some more flowers pictures to share and yes story’s cover other issues.


Companies have been hurt because of increased tariffs on Chinese-made goods. That should encourage them to produce their product in the United States. They could even move to countries that have a better trade relationship with the US.


Rand Paul is disagreeing  with Fauci … Dr. Paul says it is ridiculous to cancel school in the Fall. Rand Paul is a Doctor which I just learned. He disagrees  with some of Faucis’ decisions.


CORRECTION In a story last month it said that Hershey was purchased by a Chinese Holding Company. That’s not true, it was an error. Hershey is not owned by a foreign company. We apologize! Hershey did move.

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