Someone needs to tell the Democrats to stop investigating and start investing in our country. It’s time to stop acting like children. Our country and our values are at stake. I really think they are afraid of what the AG is going to uncover. We might be surprised about how high it goes. The Democrats think they have been cheated. Our Attorney General Investigated it’s over! The Democrats won’t stop! I wrote about the indicators of a civil war. They are all right in front of us today. Let’s pray it does not happen. That is what Russia and China want.

As Publisher I try to decide the next step forward. How do I move this publication forward? We are attaching our online editions to Chamber of Commerces, businesses and we will move more into online videos also. Watch for us. Use our newspapers by advertising with us. You won’t be sorry. For advertising call Tom at 352-804-1223. There is something different happening in the Villages. When people tell us they are going north, stop the paper, we give them the online info. We still print and deliver the same amount of papers, we just reach out further.

Socialists are hiding in the Democratic party. The Socialists are using the Democrats. They figure they can get some Democratic votes, promise people free stuff and get the socialist vote. You better root them out before all is lost. The Republicans are getting a good footing and doing what the people are asking them to do. Don’t hide, take a stand!

I met an interesting reader Robert Dreyfus, a conservative Christian. We talked for an hour about life in general, politics, religion, etc. We found a parallel. I went to school with his cousin Carolyn. She was a good person, always kind to everyone. Her father was the police chief of Hollywood, Fl. He was also the Principle of the school where I started first grade. Actually it was a 1st thru 12th grade school. Now there are Elementary, Middle & High School.

They are talking about the Sun-Coast Parkway again. They claim it is going to Georgia. Georgia just said on the news they were not told of the toll road. I’m not sure they would believe Florida anyway. Years ago the Turnpike Authorities told Georgia they were going to improve the road on the west coast along Hwy 19. They were going to extend the Florida Turnpike to Hwy 19 which  goes all the way to Georgia.

The tax payers in Florida said “no” and stopped them.  The current Turnpike cut off the flow of water east and west. Yes they put in bridges but not enough. If the truth be known some of what is wrong with the Everglades is the Turnpike and Alligator Alley. The TurnPike authorities have added the word Enterprise to the end of their name. Florida has created a machine that eats up money and land. The Tolls never dropped like they originally promised they would. The roads are not better and when we get on a road that we paid for we get the pleasure of paying to use it and slow down for all the Construction along the route south and back. Now the Turnpike Authority Enterprise has changed the name to Sun-Coast Parkway. Someone needs to talk to Georgia and see if they want the road. Georgia and Florida are not friendly. There’s a lot of things that the two states reciprocated that have been dropped, never to be discussed again. Hunting / Fishing don’t reciprocate. I had a hunting permit at age 65 for life in Florida and Georgia and some years back Georgia stopped it. I feel the first promise to bring the Turnpike extension ruined all that. The Turnpike Authority Enterprises should be taken apart and the road construction should be bid on and let the DOT and the Governor’s office Comprehensive Grow study take over.


Special quote

We don’t need Tax records of Millionaires who are Politicians.

We need Tax records of politicians who became Millionaires!

What is your opinion?


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