This month Trump donated his quarterly $100,000 presidential salary to rebuild our Military Cemeteries. I have not seen this in the news. Maybe they think it is not a big enough salary?

There is nothing that can explain how Donald Trump is still standing after the cruelest and most unrelenting attack that any leader of the free world has ever experienced. Someone much bigger than you and I want him right where he is and at least half of the American people want their country cleaned up. We are tired of filling the pockets of a few law breaking do nothing politicians. By the way the president did not close your business the Governors did!

They are using the Black Lives Matter Campaign to disrupt the Country. Of course Black lives matter and yes we have a few bad Police Officers, but they have been allowed by the politicians to continue to do more than one illegal incident. They never tell the people protesting that the Republicans freed the Slaves. Many soldiers of color died defending the Confederate Flag!  How about the first 23 People of color were Republicans. So we need a program that show the protesters that they are being used for their vote and used to disrupt our political system because the truth is coming out and many of our Democratic leaders is going down. So distract / distract / distract.

The Little White Cross: Wayne and Bonnie Anderson have been told by the Villages Community Development District 8 that they had to remove a little white cross that is on display on the their lawn in the flower garden. It was deemed a lawn ornament. It seems the Community Development District 8 has no choice but to make them move the cross if there is a complaint. There are many of the same crosses on display in the Villages. I’m sure the Villages is not happy about this unfriendly move in the Friendliest Community in Florida. There are a number of unfriendly things going on about Taxes, Sinkholes and more. The Villages is not one big friendly Village. Is is comprised of Community Development Districts. If a Village or town or a City was as big as it is it, would come under many state regulations. To avoid the State of Florida Regulation they formed Community Development Districts and kept the population count under the magic number so they could not be deemed a Town, city or Village. The couple has a new attorney that will take the case against the Giant.

Tom Homan sends message to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “Lead by example and give up your personal security that you want to take away from the tax payers. They have been reports of Pelosi having security during her shopping sprees.

A report from the internet a Senator said, while staying at one of the motels in Raleigh he observed the “protesters” using prepaid visa cards for all of their expenses.  Very convenient and untraceable. We are waiting for investigation of who paid for the cards.

In a recent meeting I heard a complaint that Ocala was getting a bum rap. There was a report that the crime in Ocala had gone way up. NOT TRUE again this happened with the COVID-19 reports. Which the Health Department fixed with their zip code dashboard. In Ocala there are many mailing addresses that are outside the City limits, so you are taking in a very large area. That is what they are counting when they do the crime report. I am sure when you look at the real crime rate within the city limits you will see it is very low.

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