The oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve. Surprise! It was an Apple. It had extremely limited memory. Just one byte. Then everything crashed.

Sanders, Harris, Booker and Warren are pushing the Democratic party off the cliff and re-Identifying the Party. I was a lifelong Democrat coming from my Family upbringing. This very thing they are doing now is what help me make up my mind this was not the party for me. Obama started the move to the left. Moving to a different party was a traumatic move because of family.  A few of my family have opened their eyes, others have not. It is their choice, I don’t mind, they are still family. I have many friends who have different views.

Believe it or not? A KGB defector Yuri Bezmenovs warned America about brain washing in the schools and colleges. One of the other things they are being taught is to use the word “racist”.

American values are under attack. If you push too hard something has to give or break. I hope it is not our form of government. Respect the people in office and vote with your heart and brain.

Many years ago while working at a daily newspaper, there was a young Englishman working alongside of me. He got mad one day and said he did not like our country. I said “Then why don’t you get out and go back to where you come from”. He said “I will” and he did. He went back to England and within a year and a half he was back. He worked two jobs for a year to make enough money after taxes to move back to the good old USA. The taxes had double since he left.

In the Good Old USA some colleges are teaching students the socialist side of a country is good and they have a better way to run it. Free is not always good. That is how they get control of you. The colleges that are doing that are doing a great dis-service to our country and our wellbeing. I believe in giving someone a hand up but not a handout.

The way it affects the media? There is a large majority of business people. While talking to a news person, radio, newspaper, television,  magazine, etc, they see opportunity for free coverage or press release. I ask how do you think the news continues to bring you the news? Through paid advertising! If you are a current advertiser then yes ask for a free press release. You help to support the news media. When I work out among business people at least one business person asks or hints about free coverage, sometimes it’s many or even a friend. I cannot survive running free press releases. So before you ask or hint please keep that in mind. The media can’t survive on free!

China: One of the big complaints the farmers have is they sell grain or goods to China buyers and after they receive the goods they say the quality is not good so they down grade the quality and pay less then they originally agreed. The farmer has no come back. If they lodge a complaint China buyers won’t buy from that farmer next time. They just go beat another farmer out of revenue.

We have another Newspaper Conference coming up in August. We have entered a few of our pictures, ads, story’s and etc. I hope the judges are good to us this year.


“The first law for the historian [or journalist] is that you shall never dare knowingly write an untruth. The second is that you shall never suppress the  true.”

“No man should be honored above the truth!”

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