What is it that would make a person go hunting that normally does not hunt. I have met many that hunt. Some have trophy’s to show, some go for the camaraderie of sitting arounds the fire after the days hunt. That is certainly fun, telling stories, listening to stories, telling jokes. Others it makes them feel more like a man to say they are a hunter. Some people who have never hunted are content to sit in a tree stand and shoot a wild hog that has been baited up with a feeder. Some own and hunt with dogs. Some just quietly slip around in the woods by themselves. I prefer that kind of hunting. If you want to find out something about yourself, walk into a stand of palmetto bushes carrying a rifle (not for close up hunting) and hear a wild hog popping  his jaws to warn you not to come closer. What you do at this point tells you a lot about yourself. You like danger and you are sure of yourself you won’t back out. You move forward and handle what is coming at you in the bush. That happened to me. I bagged a wild hog so big that it took three grown men to load it in a truck. He had cutters that stuck out longer than your thumb. It told me I never wanted to do it again, but now I can say I stood my ground against a creature twice as big as me, that I could not see until he was up close and personal. It was not mounted as a trophy; it fed many needy people and was an experience and memory of a life time.

Politics: One of the young candidates said “Let me free from freedom!” What do you think he meant?

“According to the Declaration of Independence, certain rights—namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—are unalienable.”

Another candidate called the president racist and moments later she said “We don’t need black people without black voices and we don’t need brown people without brown voices”. “RACIST REMARKS!”

Someone asked why do we have so many candidates in the Democratic party. Next year check the net worth of the candidates that did not win. Many will be wealthy and were not before they raised money for their political race.

I’m going to stick my neck out and say this. “I don’t like some of the things that Trump does and says.“ But think of it this way, who would be able to drain the swamp? He is a perfect tool to clean up our country. I stand with and behind the President of the United States. It is time for the American people see what has been going on.

A famous saying, “Walk in to the future and forget your past!” Sometimes people have to pay for what they did in the past! If a citizen making minimum wage goes to jail for a crime committed so should the people in high places. No special privileges!

Minimum Wage hike has caused 8% decline in Uber and Lyft Trips. The increased cost has gone up and I guess the passengers are thinking they can get it done cheaper. New York officials have implemented congestion surcharges for app passengers and limited driver numbers in a bid to reduce traffic congestion.

Trump’s latest tweets have caused quite a stir. The Squad has jumped on him after he told several of them. “Go fix the country you came from then come back and tell us how you did it!” I think he also said “if you don’t like the USA go back where you came from.” It’s about time someone stood up for the lifelong natural born citizens. Good example: people move to Florida from another state and soon after start trying to change the Town / City / neighborhood to what they just moved away from. Why do they do that when you just moved away from it? If you like it that much don’t move! In my opinion the squad of four will probably help Trump win the election with a bigger margin. I think some of them are running out of money and are making outlandish statements trying to draw attention to themselves to raise more election campaign money.

When I first move to Marion County a mile off the paved road, back into the woods where I have lived now for 49 years, I built a fence the first year to pasture our horses. My closest neighbor one mile away said the first thing you south Florida people do is come up here and put up fences. I said if you would keep your animals home I would not have to. Things kind of changed after that confrontation, but even after that there was problem with neighbor’s dogs running lose and killing small animals, even goats and pigs.


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