A Veteran at work!

Once in a while I like to help give a business a boost by highlighting the owner with a picture or some comments. This month’s spotlight is on George Marshal owner of SIGNS44. I have known George for many years, selling his flags as publisher of the newspapers I believe we should do business with guys like this. He has always been a patriot and likes to be a part of the local business scene. Let me list what I like about George.

You can count on what he says!

He believes in buying USA supplies!

These Flags are made in America. Many of the Flags are made by Veterans!

The Flagpoles are made in USA!

The man that sets up the flag pole is a Veteran!

So thank you for helping the Veterans! And thank you for helping a veteran!

Shop at Signs44 on Hwy 441 in downtown Lady Lake. See the ad in this paper!


Not a good thing!

Have you ever heard: “I run my business by hearsay or word of mouth”?

Here is what experts say: Not advertising is like a person that stops the clock to save time??? The business that considers itself immune to the necessity for ADVERTISING sooner or later finds itself immune to business.

Word of mouth is good because it shows a string of satisfied customers but there should be an ad mix in there somewhere.


A good sign!

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Following widespread issues with voting in Broward County, Governor Rick Scott issued Executive Order 18-342 to immediately suspend Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes from office for misfeasance, incompetence and neglect of duty.


A Bad sign!

The Muller team has forced Flynn into a guilty plea to stop them from investigating his son and stop the investigation into himself. Flynn is not a rich man. He is a war hero, spent 32 years serving this country and was awarded the Silver Star for some of his acts of heroism. He does not have enough money for big time legal fees. He has sold his house to raise money and at some point you just want it to stop. I have even seen this process at work in this area. Just run up legal fees until the defendant just wants it to stop and the defendant folds.


Not a good thing!

The US Government is prosecuting Major Mathew Golsteyn for murder in Afghanistan for killing a bomb maker. The bomb maker was taken into custody and released because the paper work that should have been filled out was not done (remember this is in a war zone). First what are we doing filling out paper work in a war zone. Here is how it went down. We ask the Afghanistan people in a villages to give us information about who the enemy is? They trust us! Our government says Oops! Someone did not fill out the proper papers and they released the enemy. They go back and kill the villagers that turned them in. The bomb maker killed a number of people including two of Golsteyn’s friends and informants. He was found in an Afghanistan village and was killed. Now the US government is charging him for murder. War is not a game! Not where you document things on paper. Give this man justice!


A Good sign!

A federal Judge that is supposed to sentence Flynn has requested information proving Flynn lied. Information and documents proving the extent of involvement and is taking a good look at the case at the urging of Flynn’s attorneys. Flynn probably has a cleaner record than Mueller!


A Good Thing!

My Nephew who is in the military received a package from people in The Villages. It contained some very important items needed and unavailable in the region. In with those items was the Village Spectator, one of our papers. He was in Africa!  What a circulation claim, worldwide?


Many of the papers will be reflecting on 2018. I want to give it a month extra to think about it. If there is something you want me a add email me at tloury@att.net

Let’s start the year out right and be positive!


Heart Breaking!

A friend sent a video paying forward! A young boy found a $20 dollar bill in the parking lot going into Cracker Barrel. He thought hard about what to spend it on. He saw a soldier with his family in the restaurant. Here is what he did. He wrote the soldier a note saying he want to pay $20 for his meal, thanking him for his service. The boy explained that his daddy was a soldier too. He is in heaven now! The boy’s mother said the boy wanted to see his father. She drove him to the cemetery. He wanted to go alone. Mom took a picture from the car. You could see the two little lone footprints going to the grave site. That is what freedom cost so don’t ever forget those who serve and their families.

My question of the month? What is Pam Bondi going to do next year? FEDERAL GOVERNMENT JOB? Remember you heard it here!



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