Wild Fires In California:

One death was an elderly woman who had a wreck while evacuating. Another death was a Fire fighter while trying to save lives.  A horse trainer  said he saw 10 horses die, including his own horse. The Santa Anna Winds moved the fire so fast that there was no time. One minute you’re OK and the next you’re not. The residents are being told to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. If the Santa Anna  Winds would just slow down and give the Fire Team a chance to fight it!

This is the time of year we usually look back to reflect about what happened. Well I met a lot of new business people and learned about their businesses. I met Chris Boody our new Graphic Artist last year. She helped us win some Best of the Best State wide awards. Chris is doing wonders for us on the Internet. If we continue to do what we are doing right now we will do well in 2018.  We are not there yet but I see it coming together.

I don’t know what to say about what is going on in Washington. Trump says he is draining the Swamp. A newscaster that used to be on the Presidential Guard said that they have marched a bunch of Trump-hating swamp rats into place to investigate him! I don’t know if that is true but it certainly looks like that. It also looks very much like there is a double standard between the two political parties.

Media and It’s reputation

First let me say all media is not guilty of “FAKE NEWS”.  Some fall into it by trying to scoop their  competitors. Others do it because of sloppy  habits. Some just don’t have the funds to compete but try and some do it to further a cause. It’s the last of them all that is the worst. The doing it to further a cause  falls into many category but the worst first. It is the spur of the moment and they are mad at someone and make up something to hurt a person, swear it’s true and it gets picked up by the media. If you are lucky they will retract it on page 62 below the fold (at the bottom).

On the other hand they keep uncovering facts that don’t look good for the left. Other reports about media say that media buyers are still getting good results with print. As the internet gets bigger it is getting increasingly hard to get in a position that people can see your ad. Print is a way to target the reader and get your product seen. People who are buying cars do look at the newspaper, and if the deal is there they will buy. Some people think that if they can raise the price of an item large or small and then offer a discount  on that same item people will buy it, NOT! Using print right is an art, You just have to find the print that can get you results.

Media Reputation:

Reputation is important to me but the most important is respect. People can like or hate you but still respect you. Respect is something you earn usually over a long period of time and it only takes a couple of words in an article or from the right person and you have lost the respect of someone.

Marketing Gurus:

I heard about this guy that was teaching marketing at the college (not in this county) so I went to hear him talk. He said that one of the things that he found effective was having little signs made up and he put them in the median. I thought oh no, I must save these people that are learning this. I said “excuse me, did you know those signs are illegal in most counties?” He said “yes but if they pick them up you really don’t have anything in them.” I said “another thing, I have never been able to read those little signs. if I can’t read them how would they be effective in selling something?” He said “I say they work!” I said “that’s why you are the Guru and I’m just listening on the side.” Later he said I embarrassed him. I said you are not qualified to teach Marketing. Check the teacher’s qualifications! So beware of what is said. If it makes sense try it and if it doesn’t work go on to the next thing, but no little sign in the median.

Some media think their  job is to teach the reader. Some do that with bias. Some feed the readers with propaganda / rumors. We are not here to teach! We are not here to spread rumors and propaganda. We are not here to strategically ruin people’s careers and or hurt their political efforts. We are here to report what happened and not what we think happened. We are here to print the public records that are released to us.

NBC reporter was suspended for several weeks for releasing Fake News and the Stock Market went into a downward spiral, The reporter apologized. People lost a lot of money in one day. After the apology the Stock Market started back up. NBC should have to pay for the losses of those people and the reporter needs be gone!

Is Alcohol bad for you?

Well it seems that one  study shows that contaminated ice is what is bad for you and can make you sick. This is an added danger of using ice away from home. My son and I were in a fast food restaurant last week (not named). He noticed something in the ice he was getting for his drink. He filled the cup three times and black stuff kept coming out with the ice. I believe it was mold so he reported it to the employees and bought an unopened bottle of soda. I looked around and there were at least six people drinking with that ice in it including me. Check your food and drinks.

I was beginning to think that our previous Government would rather write welfare checks than create jobs for people to work and earn a living. Earning a check gives you a feeling of  pride! Let’s put people to work.

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