Attorney General Pam Bondi has been busy. They busted a Dentist for Medicare fraud. They were using two homeless people to bill for payment to them in exchange for them staying in a hotel expenses paid. Good job Pam, maybe you should go clean up Washington!

On a local front, I got a call from a Democrat. The caller said he had a message for Tony Powell one of our columnists. “There are at least two twenty five year residents of the Villages that think Trump is a Nazi!” I just guessed he was a democrat! I wonder why he did not just call Tony himself? Personally I think Trump is kicking butt and taking names. Trump should have shown the head of the Democratic committee the memo that proves how some of his fellow Dems have been.  Nuff said! (new word).

Got a call from a scammer saying I was going to be picked up by the local police, not sure why. Probably for using my Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. If it’s for that “bring it on!”

Watch out for the flu bug. It is hiding around every corner. Get away from people that are sneezing and blowing their nose. Germs are flying everywhere. Wipe off  the grocery cart when you go to the market and when someone at home gets the bug spray and wipe off everything they use. You can’t be too careful.

Went to the UFHealth Ocala Health Brook building the other day, a new location just off  SR 200. Very nice facility, well-staffed, well equipped and they are a part of a group in other cities. They have a number of specialties and are expanding into more all the time. Check them out. They are a great medical resource.

We are excited to have a new Healthcare Insurance Co as a client. They wrote my healthcare insurance. It is a Humana policy that specializes in mature people. Give them a call and check them out. You won’t be sorry: 352-207-5100 and tell them you read it in our newspaper.

If you need a photo of a family member, a family photo shoot, a wedding, pet pictures or all most any kind of photo call the Vazuls at 352-445-7842. They are award winning photographers including Disney photo awards. They also own a travel co, so book your trips thru them.

I predict that the corruption is so bad they will have to stop or it will consume our country. I believe it will reach the very top.  When you hear that millions of dollars are missing and no one is looking for it something is bad wrong. If you follow the money it will take you,  me, us to names we don’t want to hear. The word corruption does not have a name it has hundreds of names. Their pockets are bulging with our money and most likely they won’t go to jail.

The government shutdown does not make a lot of sense. Think about it this way: a part of our governing body voted for shutting down our country because of illegal visitors from another country, hurting our legal citizens and jeopardizing the safety of our country. Does that make sense to you?

When advertising “Always hold onto the Old as long as it is Good and Grab hold of the New as soon as it is Better” and also use the right trigger words like “free” “personalized” “complimentary” or “customized”. When phrasing  a sale “for a limited time only” or “only 7 remaining!” if the inventory is amount small.  But Do Not raise the price and give them a discount…they are smarter than that!

Make it a Great Day…or Not…It’s YOUR CHOICE!

Your opinion is important to me, email me a letter to the editor, include your name phone number so I can verify that you sent it. Give us your opinion and I will attempt to run it as long as it is not mean spirited. Your opinion should be seen by others and that’s what I do, I run your letter with just your initials on it whether I agree with it or not.


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