By TomL

First I want to acknowledge the spelling of Harold Schwarz name. For years  I have seen people spell it different ways and now I have done the same thing…SORRY!

I wonder? Remember North Korea Kim said he had a Christmas present for Trump and everyone jumped at it saying he was going to do something evil??? Maybe not. Someone had to tell Trump about the terrorist, another plot to kill our people and do Cyber attacks. Someone had to tell Trump that the number one terrorist was where he was when they got him??? I wonder???


Information from the net…

Joe Biden lives in the biggest Mansion in his state and he just bought another mansion in DC. Bernie Sanders has four houses.

Obama just bought his third Mansion.

It is said that all this money was made from them lecturing you on income equality!


The left voted that you had to buy insurance or pay a fine. Now they have offered free Healthcare Insurance to the Illegals…


The Judiciary Committee just offered an amendment that requires ICE be notified when an illegal immigrant tries to buy a firearm. Dems voted NO. That means the Dems have no problem with people owning guns even if they’re not American Citizens.


“You need to vote for the Democrats. Otherwise the illegal aliens will lose their rights”!    ~ Nancy Pelosi……2019


Speaking of which… “We are all born ignorant, but one must work very hard to remain STUPID!”     ~Benjamin Franklin~ (1706-1790)



“The Democratic debates are millionaires arguing with other millionaires about how evil millionaires are.”

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs!



Politics is all consuming right now and it sound like it will be even more all-consuming after the next election, when I hear Nancy Pelosi say we will stop Donald Trump from serving another term one way or another??? That sounds to me like a threat!!! This no longer the party my Dad belong to. How far will this party go with hatred motivating them? This is not the average Democrat in the USA. It is a mix of people that are consumed, not a good way, to live, thrives and survive.

The alternative if a Socialist gets in it will be different than a Democrat; things will be devastating for life in America as we know it, because rich people will move their money out of the country. The middle class will down grade to poverty level because they are going to pay a heavy tax. Poverty level people will get a free ride to middle class whether they are working or not. What about our healthcare? What about the farmers? What about our country? Every one of the people that are trying to take down Donald Trump is a millionaire or billionaire.

I still say the Democratic Party has allowed the Socialist to take over the Party and there is only a slight window of opportunity to get it back. You better take it!!!

Last but not least…I am confused. Right after the death of the Terrorist Soleimani, the TV news showed people in the streets say death to America and now they are protesting against their own government. Was it because they lied about the accidental shooting down of the Commercial Airline? What is your opinion?

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