By TomL

Illegal Immigrants: If they don’t show up for the hearing then don’t release them until the hearing is over. If they are released into the United States, give them working permits. Release them to areas that fit their skills. Send factory workers to industry area, farmers to pick crops. Those that don’t have skills, teach them construction and put them to work building the wall and housing for those working on the wall. Tell them if they ever move to a sanctuary city they will be deported instantly when caught. No hearings, no court dates instantly!

Furthermore, any employer caught employing an illegal without a permit should be fined $5,000 the first offense per person. Give the employer all the work permits they need and they have to register them or pay the fine every month they must be accounted for. Then the people without work permits may apply without being arrested if they have not committed a crime (in other words make it legal for them to work in this country with a registered permit). They may not have voting right until they spend two years in our Military.

Voting rights: South Florida, Broward County and Palm Beach County have always been hard core Democratic. The ones that are not, Dems might get their votes lost. Sound a little strange? I was raised in Broward County. They have always been corrupt: losing votes, buying votes, raising people from their grave to vote, if there is a birth certificate they can vote even if they no longer exist. If they are allowed to steal the election away from the winners there will be hell to pay.

I got a lot of feedback about the picture on the front page of the Lady Lake Magazine/Villages Spectator. It was a picture of the caravan of many thousand people march. If you look at the picture there are young men. They are carrying a flag from their country of origin, not the US flag. Some confronted the Mexican military police by throwing rocks. I just think we have to be careful.

I stood up for an immigrant who wanted very much to be a citizen. He got his citizenship papers and is a fine upstanding American. But he did not cross the border illegally. He ask for a work permit and worked for me. I taught him a trade. While working at his trade he went to college and got a degree, finishing top in his class. He bettered himself and his family. That is what I think an immigrant should show: the desire to be a good American. Crashing the border with a large group is not right!

I don’t agree with everything President Trump does and says but he is the best tool to cleanup corruption in Washington and worldwide deals that our past politicians screwed up. I am for immigration but let’s do it right.

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