Money and the lust for power

George Soros is a socialist and the Sponsors of Antifa. He is a card carrying member of several Anti-American groups. He has supported a large number of people with political ambitions. Pictures are circulating  of Corey Booker and Alex Soros, Nancy Pelosi and Alex Soros, Hillary Clinton and George Soros, the Lady that accused Judge Kavanaugh of wrong doing and George Soros, connections Robert Soros is married to Adam Schiff’s sister and last but not least Chelsea Clinton is married to Mark Mezvinski, George Soros nephew. Small world isn’t it!

It is said that George Soros got his money by destabilizing Countries. He wants America!

Are you going to give it to him?


Martin Luther King once said: “ We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”


Villages Fl…I read that an Alligator was apprehended with a Bang Stick. Well I guess he was.

A Bang Stick is a shaft that has a gun mechanism on the end of it. The end has a bullet in it usually a shotgun shell. When you apprehend something with a Bang Stick it blows a hole in it the size of a golfball, usually killing what ever was under the stick!!! I guess it sounded better that they captured it!


Charlie Daniels said in an interview just weeks ago: The description of an American’s and America is Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness. Charlie Daniels was a great entertainer and a “Great American”. He will be missed but remembered by his music and his deeds.


This COVID-19 is crazy. Marion County as of July 15 is running  up in 150 per day. I have had many skeptics calling and writing about the increases. I say this, I have confidence in our Health Department. They have been feeding information every day for months. They give stats on the people testing positive by Town and Zip code. There was a issue brought up during one of my business meeting. If a family of five has one of the family test positive  do they count the rest of the family as positive?


The incident about the church being burned does not fit Ocala, what is going on? I was always told a long time ago that I-75 brings crimes and good people alike. Fortunately some are just passing through. Then look at the industry it is bringing. Ocala Marion County is a good spot in the state for distribution, recreation, jobs jobs jobs! The unfortunate thing is the traffic, but some road widening and improvements and away we go!

I live on a dead end dirt road, our family has 4 wheel drives  and vehicles that are not low to the ground so that if the road gets badge can go through it. I was the only one out there for a mile, now I have people all around me, often trespassing. They have excuses that make sense to them but not to the land owner.

“I lost my drone” “I heard my dog barking over the other side” you know just stuff. Anyway none of then above is agreeable with me. So I say please get out of my tree or don’t shoot over my fence you might hit someone. That would be Manslaughter? Prison Time?

Luckily we have dogs and they kind of tell on intruders.


Let’s hope and pray the schools open and that the Children are all OK. Parents can go back to work. I think it will help the stock market recovery!

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