By TomL

I guess the question today is Resist or Results? The American people are smarter than some would like us to think. The working people shopping a Walmart or spending money are what make our economy work. More and more of them are getting the idea that they need to vote. The working person was suppressed for eight years and now they are beginning to understand.

In the past, minorities have been promised a better way of life without contributing anything. That does not work. Look at all the people trying to flee other countries that have Socialism. Again it will only work for a little while. The rich move their money to another country where they don’t have to support people who don’t want to work.


All can I say is, to the working man and woman, please pay your taxes – 12 million undocumented residents are depending on you!  


There are some interesting photos floating around the internet. The Senate nominating committee proceedings were disrupted by a number of paid disruptors. Witnesses reported that one of the women started shouting “stop Kavanaugh”. She was removed and she went straight to the person that was known as the Paymaster and pictures showed her receiving what looked like a pretty hefty amount of cash. My first question is… Is that legal? Can the paymaster be jailed or at least expose whoever is paying them to disrupt meetings. Who is paying for this problem? The list is long.


I don’t like some of the things the President has done and or said but it is going to take someone like him to clean up Washington – someone who can get down & dirty! The same for the world trade. America needs to hold its head up. Have you ever heard “be careful not to wake the sleeping giant?” I always thought it was China but now I think it’s us. America is the sleeping giant. Many legal residents of this country (TAX PAYERS) would like to know why we pay countries who hate us in the first place. Do we think we can change their minds by giving them money? Well it has not worked. Meanwhile there are people in these same countries being starved, tortured and killed, some in the most inhumane ways to die by debilitating gas, some die slowly.


I had a guy send me a message about throwing papers to his yard, he said “why don’t you concentrate on just going online only instead of throwing this rag in my yard?” On the other hand I had a husband and wife send me a message that they love to sit at the breakfast table and read the paper over a cup of coffee. I would love to cut the expense of printing the papers. Let’s see… I would no longer have to pick them up in the dark, pay people to bag them, loading them into a van and taking them to the carriers. All this I pay for because print newspapers will always be a way of life. It is a tangible item. When you run an ad in a paper and a reader is reading the newspaper, the lights flicker and then computer screen goes black, the newspaper is still there to read. You can even use it after reading to wrap your fish in it or line your bird cage; I even heard some say they clean their windows, etc.


A writer who has written twenty two books called me from Jacksonville. He saw the paper and wanted to talk and maybe meet next time he comes to the area. He likes the Villages and might want to move here. I mentioned it to Karin Nicely who said the same writer had contacted her. The paper does get around. I get calls from Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Atlanta even Dania Beach Florida where I spent my early years.

Great short story, last month I told a story about my first newspaper job at age nine selling papers at a draw bridge in south Florida. It seems there was someone doing the same thing, in the very similar way just a few miles from where I was selling papers. He saw the story I wrote and called. He said he just wanted to talk to someone who led a similar life the same area. When comparing our ages, I was the senior by ten years. But it was fun talking about the good old days when a kid could work outside the home and be safe. Both things have changed. That’s why I live in the woods.


Fox News: I like fox news because they are not trying herd their watchers around like sheep to their way of thinking. I think they are fair but biased. How could you not be biased with all that is going on in the Federal Government? The worst in my opinion is Kerry going to Iran and having secret meeting telling their leaders to wait out the president and he would put their deal back together. Meanwhile Obama is doing what no other past president has done and that is interfere with the current president. Anyway back to Fox News. You can only tell the story so many times until it just becomes old news. Maybe in about two hours in today’s light speed world. They need to diversify. When I get tired of the regular Fox News I go to the Financial Fox program. Recently the storm hype was ridiculous. Hurricanes are tragic enough but Rush Limba called it. Now remember this Hurricane hype has gone on 4 to 5 days. Rush said “news media people will go out in the storm in rain coats, let the wind blow them around and tell people don’t go out it’s dangerous.”

I really think the national weather people could predict that the hurricane was going to do what it did. A lot of federal money exchanging hands. A number of states ask for federal money days before it hit. I hate that we lost lives but something just make me feel uncomfortable about the whole money thing.

I was through five major hurricanes in south Florida as a kid and no one gave us money to rebuild. The town council met, figured out how to come up with the money to fixed the schools and neighbors helped each other. Yes there was loss of life and it hurt just as bad back then as it does now. There was no federal money, no bailouts!


I was sent an interesting message…I returned my Nikes because they hurt my feet while standing for the National Anthem! Another person said I can’t afford to throw away or burn my Nickes, so I took a magic marker and blackout the logo!

What say you?

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