By TomL

As time goes on you need to store what is going on right now in Washington. What will go as lies and as deceit get worse or as politician lose their memory, you’ll hear “I don’t remember” or “I don’t recall” or “I was not aware of that”  or take the 5th! Some will face up, but I predict 5 or 6 will take the heat for all of this but none will go to jail. A number of these politicians involved are just flat not being seen. If they say there were not involved and their signature appears on a document proving otherwise, I say put them in jail.

They can get around the law by hiring an attorney to handle something and then there is Lawyer client privileges. I say through all this dirt and scandal, find out where the information pops up, what did they use it for and then go after them with all you got. Don’t go after the people they put between you and the truth. But remember it all! If you can’t remember like some of our politicians, write it down or store it in your computer to pop up some time before the election.

Remember what our President said about the Swamp, stand up for him, give him your strength! He needs it now and will need it tomorrow and the next day and on and on. We let the politicians do this and it can’t be fixed by one. If the President were to come to town tomorrow I would stand with him and for him. Meanwhile I will voice my opinion in my four newspapers.

Again “Remember” you have to stand for something or you are nothing!

Just one more thing! FEMA is doing a great job on all these Hurricane projects, I commend them!




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