By TomL

Where was the American Flag made that you are pledging allegiance too? Millions of American Flags that we pledge to are made in China. To date we don’t have tariffs on them. “I say we should not let anyone import them here!” I was talking to a local business that sells made in the USA flags. He says people are selling these flags online and it does not seem to matter where it’s made! My flags were made by the American worker, transported to stores all over the USA by trucking companies and sold in the stores here in the USA. They cost a little more, but they should be worth it to the people pledging to flag. Some of the people making the flag could be vets or family members of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. So please take the time to look at the flag you are buying and look at the flag you are pledging to and make sure it is made in the USA, the greatest country on earth! Look at all of the products you buy, I mean everything including groceries, especially meats & produce. Steaks grown in the USA and processed in the USA will cost more, but you know what is in the meat. A cattle rancher in another country could spray a field with pesticides while the beef steers are grazing there. The pesticide is then in the steers’ stomachs. Do you see what I mean? Buy USA!

TomL said that!

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