I am having a terrible time understanding why all of the Republicans are not rallying around the Trump Team. They don’t have to like the man to get things done for the people of our country. Furthermore the Left is committing borderline Treason. The BIG SYNDICATED NEWSPAPERS owned by the Left are printing Fake news. Also the big networks are producing Fake news. I believe when they do that it should be considered Treason because of the intent. It is being done to disrupt our country and even cause someone to kill our representative in the Republican Party. The election is over! One Congressman decided he did not sign up to be threatened and has decided to get out.

I was talking to a retired nurse and the conversation came around to the babies that are in trouble at birth. As I understand it, a mother that is on Crack Cocaine comes to the hospital in Ocala to give birth because where they live they will be arrested and the baby will be taken to Child Services. As it looks like to me, the baby beginning life under these circumstances, doesn’t have a chance.

The healthcare issue is not going away. Insurance Company stocks were going up for a while, Thursday the 22nd, but four Republicans decided not to vote for the Healthcare that was ready that day. I hope you all are paying attention to who is obstructing our legislator.

Ocala Sheriff’s Department: A Veteran Micheal Sands who served 8 years in the Military, did a tour in Kuwait and a veteran of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office since 2003 was terminated. Sands reports it was for medical reasons. His supervisor sent him for evaluation for tremors that had become visible and worrisome. He wound up seeing many Doctors and some specialist.  He was sent to a number of Express Cares, Marion Regional Medical Center, then to Shands and to Mayo clinic for possible surgery. At one point Sands ran out of sick time and leave time. He wound up using from the sick pool that the other officers supplied. Under the new Sheriff the Chief Deputy and a Captain showed up at his home and collected his badge, identification and his firearms in front of his family. This certainly does not sound right but this is one side of the story. It sounds to me like Sands was at so many Doctors and facilities that maybe he could not get into the VA hospital. I am not an Attorney but I don’t think you can end a person’s job for medical reasons. Again it seems to me he should see the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). There is some protection for police officers and this guy needs to use them all.

Foul weather: I guess we were the lucky ones. There are some areas that got 13″ of rain in just a very short time. Streets were flooded, the Global Warming folks are going to have a field day with the flooding. See we told you! I agree we have had some extreme weather so I don’t pretend know it all about the science but I have been told seasonal weather runs in cycles.

What say you the public? What is your opinion? floury@att.net

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