by TomL

I got a lot of feedback about the picture on the front page of the Lady Lake Magazine / Villages Spectator. If you look at the picture there are a lot of young men of military age. They are carrying a flag from their country of origin, not the US flag. Put that together with the fact that they confronted the Mexican military police throwing rocks. I just think we have to be careful.

I stood up for an immigrant who wanted very much to be a citizen. How many people can say that. He got his citizenship papers and is a fine upstanding American. But he did not cross the border illegally. He asked for a work permit and work for me. I taught him a trade. While working at his trade he went to college and got a degree. He bettered himself and his family. That is what I think an immigrant should show – his desire to be a good American. Crashing the border with a large group is not right!

I don’t agree with everything President Trump does and says but he is the best tool to cleanup corruption in Washington and world wide deals that our past politicians screwed up. I am for immigration but let’s do it right.

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