By TomL

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I thought three of the most trusted organizations are FBI / Department of Justice and the postal authority, employees and Inspector. I have heard stories about all of them in the last six months. If true, I am really ashamed, I never thought I would see the day we would drop to this level of corruption.

According to internet sources DOJ has arrested five IRS agents for stealing COVID related checks. They were buying expensive cars and expensive trips to Los Vegas.  IN THE FUTURE if an IRS EMPLOYEE steal’s your COVID check and if you catch them they might shoot you with a government supplied gun and ammunition. They will accuse the person they shot as the offender. Let’s see if the ITS agents go to prison. How many did not get caught? This a great feather in Biden’s cap. I’m sure he is so proud of the agents, his son and brother. I feel strongly that he knows about it. Anyone making deals against our country is “TREASON!”

Should the penalty be a “Firing squad!” I am sure there would not be any problem getting volunteers. That probably stop the corruption.

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