Tom Davis from Blood South Blood Bank said “The accident claiming all those lives on I-75 recently wiped out their supply of blood.” “Please give blood!”

I see Marco Rubio was in town visiting. Not my favorite Politician. Ask me why?

Dunnellon Fl., Lake Tropicana: There is still a cloud over a report of a missing husband and wife and of human remains being found at deadline. They found the car and the relative driving the car in Omaha! Marion County MCSO is going to pick him up with a warrant. There are a lot of unanswered questions. We will report on our websites when we get press releases.

Lady Lake Florida: a battle between the residents and the Town Manager is going on over the Chief of Police allegedly being forced out. The statement being given for his reason for quitting is to take on new challenges.  The Town Manager sent that same statement to me when I ask why the Chief quit. I have made the statement that I think “It is an insult to my intelligence to make that statement!” Also part of the statement from Town Manager was that he did a good job! I suspect he did not leave for those reasons. The Chief will not go on record with any statement. Hmmmm! I suspect he did not want his reputation to be toxic, because he does need to find another job. The truth is coming out, but probably too late to save the chief’s job. They might fit the same mold! Maybe Lady Lake needs to look at what they did there.

I recently heard that Wildwood’s Police Department, which does not answer to the Town Manager. I suspect they were in the same boat. They are a “Small Town” being surrounded by a huge development. The Police Department has to provide safety for a large amount of homes that were built in just a short period of time. The sleepy little town turned into large community overnight (two or three years). The taxes from those homes and residents make the town financially well, but it imposes a strain on the services. The Police Department should be a standalone division and answering to the Council. As for the Town Charter, it has not been changed in 40 years. When a Town changes as rapidly as this area has you need to stay on top of things. The Charter is one of those things. It was written when there were just a few Police Officers writing tickets so the town would have some extra revenue. AAA had it advertised as a speed trap. I know firsthand. Now the LLPD responsibilities have change.

Watch our website, for Feb 5th updates after town meeting on the 4th and the Lady Lake Magazine website,

It is interesting that three local Chiefs of police have left their positions recently for various reasons: Tavares, Wildwood and Lady Lake!

National news: Opioid Overdoses kill more Americans than car crashes! Wow, what a statement, it is apparently growing in size. If the wall slows the deaths down by half, the wall would be worth the investment. We are talking American lives here. Of course all lives matter!

I think the President is going to give Pam Bondi a job in Washington. Not positive, but I suspect. She is very talented in her field.

What is the border answer? I ask you to respond by email The government is shut down and half the politicians don’t care. They plan trips out of the country on tax payers’ money. I’m glad the Pentagon shut down their trip. They should stay here until the crisis is over and work out a deal.

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