By Tom Loury

Unemployment access is almost impossible. I interviewed one person that started filing five days before any results in answering the questionnaire to receive unemployment. This person might be eligible time start two week from filing, time starts then two weeks pay, then file employment efforts every two weeks to receive a two week check.

It took every morning many filing effort, every afternoon many filling efforts and some nights when the website was not shut down. You would get 3 pages into the filing and everything would shut down. It took five days of many hours per day. Look at all the money the state saved!

Now the governor is replacing the man in charge who was a Rick Scott hold over. Was it his fault? It looks good on paper. The department of Management Services secretary Jonathan Satter will be in charge of the broken system. Let’s hope Jonathan can give Floridians new hope so they can pay some bills and buy some groceries. It’s way over a month into this job crash and people are desperate.

Late Breaking news:  Governor DeSantis waved the two week review for collecting unemployment.

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