By TomL

It is said there are many Universities in the United States that receive monetary gifts (money) from China. We are talking about more than a one hundred. Many of the Colleges are required to disclose the donation. This means a Communist Country has influence over the education of some of our finest…There are many colleges that teach a program by the Chinese government to teach American students about the Chinese Culture.

Any College with credentials must disclose gifts or money of more than $250,000 from a foreign power. About a third teaching the way of China culture (Confucius Institute) report it. Now we are beginning to see where some of this way of thinking that is coming out of the mouth of our college students.

Is this how you want your young to be educated? Socialism and eating animals from a live market that are unsanitary. I can’t get that vision out of my head, there was a video sent to me. There were dogs/ cats / bats/ creatures we would try to swat is on that market, for sale to eat, not healthy.

What say you?

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