By TomL

Several months ago I wrote a story about a School Bus Driver that was charged wrongfully. She was charged with Child Abuse, was arrested, lost her job of 30 years, was humiliated and her picture was on the internet in Marion County prison attire. Here is how it went down.

Two male teachers come out the school with a student, one hand under each arm and put him on the handicap bus. The aide asked him to get into his seat. He refused but finally did. The aide was trying to get him buckled in because the bus can’t move until he is buckled in. He punched the aide in the face and grabbed the seatbelt buckle next to him and hit the aide in the head with it.

The bus driver seeing this went back and held his hands down so that the aide could buckle him in. The school charged the driver with child abuse?

Now fast forward two months later, they decide to drop the charges????????

What about the humiliation this driver endured?

What about the loss of her job?

What about the retirement loss if she had worked a few more years?

What about the stigma they have placed on her?

What do you think she should do????????

Answer: you’re right. She’s looking for a good attorney!


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