Impeachment of the President…Do you know why the President wants the left to officially vote to impeach him? Because the Republicans can put all those people that have been making up stories and lying about the President under oath and if they lie under oath they could go to jail. It is not an official hearing unless the left has officially voted to impeach. I bet there are a bunch of  politicians that don’t want to be put under oath, but if they do they will start turning on each other.

Why I changed from a Democrat to a Republican: I wanted to find someone that could clean up our country. Corruption was let to grow on both sides of the aisle. In my search I was not having much luck until “Along Came Trump”. Casually walks down a stairs and says…I’m running for President. He said the country was headed in the wrong direction and he wanted to help turn it around. So far he has been doing a good job eliminating policies that are bleeding our country dry. But the cream on the top will be if he makes a good trade deal with China and we fix what is going on in Iran.

Do you realize there is a common denominator “Ukraine” The Steal Dasia was started there. The Bidens were getting millions out of there and now the left is trying to impeach the President based on a phone call to the Leader of the same country. Ukraine had an awful lot of corruption going on there and it involved big money.

Speaking of Biden he is a good example of why I am a Pro “Drain the Swamp!” A friend recently accused me of being a Trump person. I am Pro President. Pro Patriot. I am all for cleaning up and the taking out the politicians that are filling their wallets with taxpayer money. If they do time in jail it will make the politicians following them think twice about wrong doing. Trump is a perfect tool to clean up our Country. Can you think of any one person that can drain the Swamp? He is not perfect, he is brash, out spoken, exaggerates, he makes fun of people, gives them unflattering nick names, etc. What keeps him alive is his ability to counter punch, and his pro life, pro religious freedom, uses common sense, his negotiating skills, knows how to put pressure on countries without going to war and transparent. This latest effort by the far left is a smoke screen to try to stop or cover up what is about to be discovered. I believe we will discover Trump is a uniter and a divider!

I personally think Trump should allocate some federal money to enlarge the Federal prisons so that we can hold some of these leakers/law breakers! I wonder how much the big newspapers pay a leaker for a story. Actually a leaker could make up a story and make a lot of money by lying.

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