(OCALA, Fla.) July 11, 2017 – A FedEx Ground tandem truck hydroplaned near mile marker 354 Northbound, on I-75, last night.

Ocala Fire Rescue units were dispatched to I-75 Northbound, at 8:44 PM, where a single vehicle accident was reported. Upon arrival Engine 4 and Rescue 3 found a truck which hydroplaned through the outside guardrail of the interstate, settled around a traffic information sign on the side of the road. Firefighters verified the status of the driver and assessed the scene for hazards. With no injuries reported firefighters brought their attention to a ruptured saddle tank. Approximately 75 gallons of diesel were spilled onto the grass; the State of Florida warning point was notified.

Hydroplaning, or skidding tires across a wet surface, can occur when you least expect it. Vehicle maintenance plays a key role in preventing this phenomenon. Proper tire pressure and thread are necessary to channel water from beneath the tire and increase friction between them and the road.

Due to the volatility of Florida’s weather, finding yourself on a wet road with the right conditions for hydroplaning may be inevitable. “If you can only remember one thing as your vehicle hydroplanes, remember this – do not slam on the brakes,” said Ocala Fire Rescue’s Public Information Officer, Ashley Lopez. “Slamming on the breaks could lead the rear tires to lock, causing the vehicle to spin uncontrollably; slowly releasing the accelerator and making small steering corrections would be a safer alternative to correcting the course of your vehicle as it hydroplanes.”

Ocala Fire Rescue reminds everyone that reducing your vehicle’s speed as you travel on wet roads is always a good idea to prevent any type of traffic accident.

Contact:      Ashley Lopez, Public Information Officer

Telephone: (352) 629-8306

Mobile:       (352) 817-5914

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