The Sabal Trail Gasline is rolling through Marion County. Two years ago the Gasline authorities held meetings about informing the public of their intentions, then last year they held townhall meetings in all then small communities and things were about to calm down, when they started digging and people realized oh this gasoline is here now they started protesting, by this time most of the gasoline deals had been made with the land owners effected. I was one of those, yes the gasoline went right through the little acre Loury farm. One year ago when there were no protest I realized it was going to happen no matter what. I instructed my attorney to get me the best deal she could and she did.

I think the most  creditical thing is where and how they cross the river, we have the best water in the state of florida and people don’t want the gasoline threatening our quality of water. I have a well that has never had a filter on it into the house in 46 years and I would not like a gasoline effecting it.

The gasoline started in Alabama and ends up in Orlando, just south of Dunnellon a small spur goes to the Crystal River Power plant to power the new gas powered plant where my son works. My sister lived in South Florida and said when they went from coal to gas her power bill went down a fair amount.

I guess time will tell how all this plays out,  I do think we should use our natural resources to our own benefit, now I would be unhappy if they started shipping this gas out of the country. If it running across my land I want it to stay in America.


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