Rock the Red a Conservative Republican Rally was a great success. It was held at the Ocala Live stock Pavilion. When I saw the number’s that the local daily printed I knew that was wrong and misleading, the official count was 2,034 which was 4 times what they printed in the daily, people were showing up all day long at the 13 hour event. There were a lot of Tea Party people attending. This all day event featured musicians, speakers, and booths starting at 10am.  I love this picture, the look on this ladies face while posing with a Trump poster.  This picture was sent to me by the REC Chair Brigitte Smith who got it from Tea Party member’s. I want to thank them all for the effort. I will apologize for the mis information by the daily newspaper, I am only a monthly so I have a little more time to get it right. Organizer Justin Williams with Rock the Red was disappointed in the coverage.

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