By TomL

GREAT JOB BILLY WOODS! Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods slam’s the Media about their anti-Gun statements and Questions!

Billy Woods says ”All the gun laws we have in place didn’t prevent it, did it?” “The bad guy’s gonna get a gun no matter what law you have put in place!” They stole the gun they used during a car burglary.

I say, Our country has always been protected by the gun by true patriots. Unscrupulous politicians and criminals can’t take our country as long as we have pro gun law’s. We need to keep our country safe and keep guns out of the  hands of the mentally Ill!

I have not always agreed with Billy Woods but this time “I’M ALL IN!” He is right. The gun did not kill people,,,,,,People kill people. Mentally ill people kill group of people for revenge or attention. If a mentally unstable person cry’s out we need to get them help immediately.

Special Thank You to the Lake County Sheriff’s office for capturing the last teen in this alleged murder plot!

Billy Woods is spot on about gun control!


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