Welcome to Bargains by the Pallet.  Bargains by the Pallet is a new locally owned business, open to the public.  Our clients vary from online stores, flea market merchants, brick and mortar small business retail stores to individuals needing items for themselves.  We sell full pallets of mixed merchandise that arrive straight from various retail store distribution centers.  Products can range from furniture items, computer and other electronic goods, baby items, skate boards, patio items, tools, small kitchen appliances and other general merchandise.  Every pallet is different. Every truck load is different.

Bargains by the Pallet was established September 1, 2018 by Andrea Calhoun and Bob Siebert, commonly referred to as beauty and the beast.  This couple is not originally from Ocala, Florida.  They moved to Ocala from Rome, GA.  where Andrea lived most of her life.  In Rome she was a mother (now grandmother), a florist and a friend.  Bob has lived in Georgia for over 25 years.  There he was a father, retail manager, a super hero and movie buff and all around great guy. 

Bob and Andrea together have over 40 years experience in the retail business. Andrea in small business perishable retail and production.  Also known as a florist.  Bob in big box style retail; Best Buy, Ollie’s and Value Village.  These two packed up, said “Good Bye” to Rome and moved to Ocala.  Their choosing to totally rearrange their lives and uproot to Ocala has several reasons.  Andrea’s daughter and son-in-law moved there a year ago and love it, they have recently been blessed with Andrea’s new granddaughter. Andrea’s parents live in Cocoa, Florida. Andrea has always had a need to be close to family, relocating to Ocala made that possible.  They knew it was a gamble moving and starting a new business but they are betting on the “house”.

Bargains by the Pallet pledges to not break down pallets or “cherry pick”.  Customer satisfaction is very important to us.  Our desire is for you to prosper so that we can prosper.

We look forward to seeing you soon.  Again! Again! And Again!

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