MARION COUNTY, Florida (April 9, 2019)- Detectives from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and the Ocala Police Department (OPD) conducted a two-day operation on April 4th and 5th targeting suspects involved in retail theft crimes. With the cooperation of Walmart and their loss prevention personnel, MCSO and OPD all worked together to help reduce retail theft in Marion County.  After being observed committing retail theft crimes by loss prevention personnel and undercover detectives, 39 people were arrested with a combined total of 39 felony charges and 46 misdemeanor charges. 

During the operation, as individuals were apprehended for theft, detectives conducted interviews with the suspects to determine if they were involved with any additional crime in Marion County.   Numerous individuals that were arrested also received charges for drug possession or had warrants for other crimes previously committed. 

Not only do businesses suffer a loss when individuals like these strike, but so do the consumers.  As consumers, we all end up paying higher prices.  Due to the coordinated efforts between MCSO, OPD and the cooperation of Walmart the operation was a success.


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