Recently, I was asked how the CEP communicates with our partners and with the public. This led to an interesting discussion and I want to share it with you.

The goal of CEP communications is to effectively communicate the initiatives, positions, programs and accomplishments of the CEP to its partners, stakeholders, the media, and the community. Staff works to ensure consistent branding and messaging. The messaging is focused on the partners and is evaluated through surveys to ensure partner needs are met.

The following is a description of some of our communication tools:

Social Media

The CEP has significantly increased its social media engagement in the last year with the goals of 1) expanding reach and 2) providing a venue for interaction. One example is a recent campaign which encouraged viewers to comment their favorite item at the CEP-affiliated Downtown Market with one selected to receive a gift card to the market. This post generated nearly 1700 engagements, 31 shares, and over 200 comments.


Along with Social Media, the CEP has significantly increased its investment in and use of video. The CEP has added a Director of Online Communications to coordinate all social media and video and added a studio to produce our own video content. Our website and social media are being populated with in-house videos and starting in April, the CEP will be producing a weekly videocast highlighting CEP news, partner news, and community stories. Look for The Weekly Buzz  to debut soon on our Facebook page.

Websites is THE resource for Ocala. This fundamental resource ties together CEP and key community news and serves as a portal for all CEP programs, initiatives and events. The website also provides specific content for site selectors, local businesses, those relocating to the area, and current residents. Additionally, the CEP operates,, and

Traditional Media

Lastly, the CEP seeks to use traditional media to complement and support these digital efforts. These tools include award-winning quarterly magazines and annual Relocation Guide, digital billboards, and column placements in area newspapers and magazines such as this one.


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