WOW my taste buds are working over time

Blue Highway Pizzeria

Let’s just make one thing clear:  you won’t be blue when your tastebuds thank you for a delicious meal at Blue Highway.  Fortunately, I work very close to the location on E. Silver Springs Boulevard and I grab lunch there about twice a month, but my husband’s work commute is about an hour from our home and this nearby treat so it’s literally a treat when he gets to enjoy dinner or a weekend lunch there.

Some of our favorites are their signature Blue Highway salad, complete with toasted pecans, feta, and Kalamata olives, and the Funghi pizza with mushrooms and parmesan and a white cream sauce.  Those are two of our staples, but I also recommend their hot tuna panini with a side of herbed Tuscan fries, washed down with a hoppy IPA beer!  Literally everything on the menu is delicious and we’ve always had excellent service to make it that much more enjoyable.  And don’t forget to sign up for their rewards program, too.  It’s a winner for dinner!


Ivy on the Square

Even if you’re not ravenous, it’s worth a visit to Ivy on the Square in downtown Ocala if only to admire the impeccable décor.  It’s as if you walked onto a set at HGTV.  But aside from the beautiful ambience, they offer, and deliver, the best old-fashioned, southern comfort food imaginable.

One of my favorite starters is the classic dish of fried green tomatoes.  But the tomato caprese salad is nothing to pass up, either.  Both are always on point and never disappoint.  It’s almost impossible to choose a main course at lunch (or dinner) and I seem to stick to my tried and true Baked Krispy Chicken Salad.  I mean, it’s eating healthy, right?  A salad?  But I have a feeling that the corny cornbread and croissant that’s served with it may not meet today’s keto friendly list of approved dishes, but it’s absolutely worth a cheat day to treat yourself to this.

From salads, to burgers, to wings, to seafood, Ivy on the Square has something for almost everyone.  Even picky toddlers will crave their mac & cheese!  It’s worth a visit…or several.



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