Christy Jergens, APR

There has been an outbreak of hepatitis A in our state, and Marion County has now seen 54 cases of the virus just this year. This makes us fifth in the state for the number of hepatitis A cases that we have seen.

Vaccination is the best form of prevention for this virus, so to help fight the spread of hepatitis A, we are encouraging people who are at risk and anyone who would want to be protected from hepatitis A to get the hepatitis A vaccination. Attached please find several promotional materials for the free hepatitis A vaccination event we are holding on Saturday, April 27, along with a general social media graphic promoting hepatitis A vaccination. I’ve also included a press release we sent out on April 1 for reference/background.

We are asking our community and media partners to share some of this content if possible in hopes to increase the overall vaccination rate of people in our community to ultimately help turn the tide in the local number of hepatitis A cases. Please let me know if you are able to share any of this content with your staff, clients/audiences, or social media followers. You can find additional information about hepatitis A in Florida by visiting

Christy Jergens, APR

Public Information Officer

Florida Department of Health in Marion County

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