By TomL

China and the COVID-19 threaten shortage of Smithfield meat processing plants.

Large number of employees at the slaughterhouses and meat processing plants are diagnosed with COVID-19 putting America’s supply of meat in jeopardy. If you can’t process or no one is there to process the meat the farmers take a hit. We should never have allowed our food chain supply be dominated by another country.

Smithfield products are also sold under other names like Nathan’s Famous, Farmland, Eckrich, Armour and Healthy Ones, etc.

This started in 2013, lets see who was in office??? A Chinese holding company bought the long time Smithfield brand based in Virginia. Many plants remain in America but are under holding company control.

Some of the plants involved in the closures are in Cudahy, Wisconsin; Martin City, Missouri; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota and others. Smithfield with plants across our country employ ten of thousands of Americans.

I have preached buy American but even more important buy products from American own companies, based in America. I would extend that to buying product from companies on this continent. At least there would be some control with our trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

I say help the farmers build their own processing plants at least they could sell the finished product to us the consumer.

The two deals that really bothered my family the most was when Hershey and Smithfield were purchased by a foreign based company. We should make a list of things that could jeopardize our national security, food supply and up to date weapons would be at the top of the list. secure the borders, denying  Terrorist from entering our country.

America will survive we will come together and greet visitors with our arms out reached in a welcoming gesture or we can greet them with an AMERICAN FIST with a gun in it! You Choose!


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