Dear President Trump,

On behalf of all Floridians, thank you for working with the U.S. Congress to develop the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act and for signing it into law.

While not the first appropriation successfully secured by your Administration to rebuild this critical base, the decision to spend over $2 billion for reconstruction efforts for Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB) sends a strong message to the personnel assigned to the base and to residents of Bay County that they are not alone in their efforts to rebuild from Hurricane Michael. Additionally, we appreciate your Administration’s recent decision to base a wing of F-35 Lightning II fighters at the redesigned Tyndall AFB, which will be the most modern, most completely networked and interconnected fighter in the military’s inventory.

Secondly, thank you on behalf of our military communities for supporting the Defense Community Infrastructure Program (DCIP). Florida’s military families benefit from the off-base community infrastructure projects that support mission readiness and resilience, including utilities, transportation, emergency response, schools, hospitals, and other off-base infrastructure.

Lastly, I am pleased to hear Space Force will become an official branch of our military. As you know, we believe that Florida would be the most strategic location to host this unique mission.

Thank you for always leading the charge, strengthening our national defense, rebuilding our military infrastructure and having the backs of U.S. service members and their families.


Ron DeSantis



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