As we approach opening day of Legislative Session on March 5th, many bills are in drafting and over 1,600 filed by members. Of the many bills being heard in committees, I will focus on two. The Senate Education Policy Committee has passed an update to school safety expanding access to The Guardian Plan which permits more educators to volunteer for service, additional training, and background clearance to provide an added defense team of leaders already on site to provide armed response in the first three minutes in a crisis to prevent an incident from becoming a massacre like we saw last year . Time is of the essence. Seconds count. No educator is required to participate but can be considered. Thankfully over 2.8 million students safely attend school. There are full safety and prevention steps in the updated school safety plan. Another bill filed that is stirring debate is the Heartbeat Bill which will protect the unborn child who demonstrates a heartbeat. Over 60 million young lives have been extinguished since abortion rights were expanded by court ruling in 1973, more than all soldiers killed in all the wars of American history. It is time to reconsider this sensitive policy that erodes our future and our respect for human life.

We look forward to a meaningful debate for the many issues before us. Be a part of this discussion. It is your government.


Dennis Baxley

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