I would like to thank Governor Rick Scott and President Donald Trump for working tirelessly to make schools safe for students. This week I joined Governor Scott and President Trump in two separate roundtable discussions about protecting students in Florida and nationwide—but we are not just talking. Action is imminent.

We must keep weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill. Threats against students have to be aggressively investigated. Schools need more resource officers now. I am working closely with leaders in the House and Senate on all these issues and more to ensure action this legislative session.

We need to amend Florida’s Baker Act to allow law enforcement officers to take guns away from mentally ill people the courts have deemed a threat. Florida needs a Gun Violence Restraining Order to keep weapons out of the hands of people who might enact the type of terror we saw in Parkland last week. My office is working with law enforcement on developing a secure-reporting app to allow students to anonymously report concerning behavior.

We must do all this and more to protect our students.

I was humbled this week to discuss these proposals with survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. The courage and resolve of these students in the aftermath of such a horrific tragedy is inspiring.

These students are stepping up to protect their peers, and they are helping my office develop, design and name the secure-reporting app. I know these survivors will lead the charge to make our country stronger and our schools safer.

In the wake of this tragedy, emotions have run high and debates have raged—rightfully so. I believe these conversations are important. I also believe we are stronger when we work together. My plea and my prayer is that we put politics aside and enact solutions that will strengthen our union.


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