Despite much anxiety over the recent election, we have many reasons to be thankful. First, we were given by our forefathers a system of self-government where we can select our own leaders, none of whom can appoint themselves. Secondly, I am extremely grateful to the voters of Senate District 12 for providing a clear statement of confirmation for me to continue to be their Senator. Thirdly, we are grateful that 65 of 67 counties of Florida have been able to conduct with fairness and professionalism a clear tabulation of our elections. Fourth, we have a clear set of law for resolving remaining questions in close elections. We also have a court system to resolve any remaining issues in a timely manner. Finally, I am extremely grateful that no remaining issues will delay the timely convening of the organizational session of the Florida Legislature on November 20th. This session is our opportunity to organize our government for the next two years. We will move onward and upward!

Thanks to all who have participated in so many ways in the election process. The turnout shows that Florida still values self-government and there are still many who know how important it is to stay involved in decisions that shape our future. Elections have consequences and every vote matters. Thanks to all, now let’s move forward and build a great future for Florida.

Senator Dennis Baxley

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