Dear Friends,

Another election season is almost here and your involvement is critical. It seems that we say that every election year and it is just as true today as it ever was. The socialist left is trying to tear down American culture and values. Things that once were the bedrock of our society are shouted down as evil or outdated. Things like, faith, family, freedom, opportunity and life itself are all under attack by a mob that seeks to reshape our country into a CHAZ, (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone – Seattle, Washington) where lawlessness, degradation and oppression are celebrated instead. We cannot let them win and we cannot sit at home in 2020.

The COVID situation has caused quite a bit of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming election. Talks of moving elections to an all-mail-in-ballot system have concerned many people that the other side may be trying to cheat. In Florida in 2018, we saw that two inept Supervisor of Elections in Broward and Palm Beach counties almost throw an entire gubernatorial election because of their incompetence. That following year the Florida Legislature investigated and made a number of changes to ensure that our election process remain safe and secure. As Chair of the Committee on Ethics and Elections in the Florida Senate, your Senator is committed to making sure that it is easy to vote, and very hard to cheat. 

In just a few short weeks, millions of Americans will be preparing to cast their vote in a party preference primary. Much of the attention and focus is on the Presidential race in November, but August is when we will choose who represents our party in the local and state races. These smaller races are so important and will probably have the bigger effect on your day-to-day life. Research these local candidates. Call them and speak with them, most of them are very accessible and ready to speak with reasoned, sensible people in the community. It is ok to disagree with them on some issues, as long as they do not violate your core principles but please do not skip voting because you do not agree on one-hundred percent of everything.

Not voting in August or November is not an option. If you are in the vulnerable population and do not want to risk exposing yourself or others to COVID, then order your vote-by-mail ballot and let your vote be counted. If going to polls is an option for you, then by all means, let that be your first choice. Early voting is great option as well. Usually done one week prior to that Tuesday, early voting lets you choose which day in your schedule is best you while still getting to watch your ballot go in to the tabulating machine to make sure that it is counted. The lines are usually shorter and there will be 5-6 different locations to choose from, as opposed to just one if you voted on Election Day. Your Supervisor of Elections will have those locations posted on their website, or you can call for the information.

Do your research, pay attention to the local races, vote-by-mail, early vote, or show up at your precinct at Election Day and let us continue to make Florida the best place to live, work and raise a family.

Onward & Upward,

Senator Dennis Baxley

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