Feb. 16, 2018

 Words cannot express the heartbreak and sorrow felt by students, teachers and parents in Parkland, Florida. This week a cowardly teenager, full of hate and bent on murder, entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and opened fire.

His actions killed 17 and wounded many more. Law enforcement and first responders arrived at the school quickly. Police escorted students to safety and arrested the shooter. I gathered my victim advocates and immediately headed to the scene.

As soon as we arrived, we began providing grief counseling to survivors. Through my Bureau of Victims Services we are also able to pay for certain funeral expenses, medical bills and provide further counseling. I will be in Broward again today with my victim advocates to provide further services.

Sadly, some of the wounds left by this attack will never heal. For the survivors suffering, all we can do is pray and believe God will provide comfort. For anyone donating to help the community, I ask that you give responsibly and make sure your donation goes to a legitimate charity. If anyone sees or hears anything suspicious, please report it to law enforcement immediately. God bless you.

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