Feb 2, 2018

Tax season is here and so are IRS imposter scams. These crimes are devastating and result in victims facing years of financial hardships. In recognition of Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week, I launched a Twitter campaign highlighting important tips Floridians should take to prevent becoming victims of tax identity theft. I encourage everyone to educate themselves on tax-related scams.

To help prevent tax identity theft follow these steps:

  • Shred all documents that contain private information before disposing of them;
  • Mail returns directly from the post office;
  • File tax returns as early as possible. Procrastinating may cause a greater risk of tax identity theft;
  • Notify the IRS ID Theft Protection Specialized Unit at 1(800) 908-4490 if you suspect tax identity theft. Also report any identity theft at IdentityTheft.gov;
  • Watch out for IRS imposters. The IRS will not initially contact you by email, text message or social media. If the IRS needs information they will ask by mail; and
  • Get an IRS Identity Protection Pin at IRS.gov/getanIPPIN.

Tax identity theft is the most common form of identity theft reported to the Federal Trade Commission but with proper preparation you can guard against these scams.

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