Remember – Light it UP!

Many people ask, how can I keep my house safe from potential burglars?   Here are a few tips about home security lighting to help prevent break-ins to your home:

Keep the outside of your home well lit!  Keeping the outside of your home well lit can help to deter any would be criminals by shedding light on all possible areas of entry into your home. This can be done with flood lights or well-placed landscape lighting.

Front porch/entry lighting: Keeping your front porch light on while you are away can give the facade of being home even if you are on a week-long vacation. This can be achieved by purchasing a timer that will turn the lights on and off at certain times of the day that can be set differently for each day to give the illusion that you are home.

Keep random lights on in different rooms via plug in timers. Having lights go off and on at random times throughout the house will make it seem like the house is occupied. This is a huge deterrent to any lookouts or criminals that may be out. Make sure the lights you choose are in areas that can be seen from the street or as someone approaches your home.

Set up motion sensor lights on the outside of your home. Setting up motion sensor lights on key portions outside of your home can not only let you know when there is movement, but let your neighbors know as well.

OK, are you ready to take a quick test?

What is your Security Quotient?

The following test will help you evaluate your “Security Quotient” or the degree to which you have reduced a criminal’s opportunity to gain access to your home. Naturally, we expect a score of 100% and we do hope this questionnaire will serve as a guide for you to make your home and your neighborhood a safer place to live!  Put a check mark next to each question you answered yes to and discover your “Security Quotient”.

I have trimmed all shrubbery that would conceal entrances to my house.

My house number is clearly marked on my residence and illuminated by my entrance light for quick recognition by emergency personnel.

The exterior doors to my home are constructed of solid wood or metal and have strike plates and hinges installed with 3-inch screws.

I leave exterior lights ON, front and back, during the hours of darkness, whether I am home or not.

  • I have deadbolt locks or other recommended secure locks on all exterior doors, and I use them!
  • All windows in my home are locked (not just latched) while I am away.
  • When I leave my home unoccupied, I leave a radio on and lights on timers. In other words, my home has that lived-in look while I am gone.
  • I keep shed or garage doors securely locked when I’m gone.
  • When I’m away overnight or longer, I alert neighbors to watch my house and ask a trusted neighbor or friend to pick up mail and or newspapers, change lights, mow lawn, etc.
  • When my neighbors are away, I keep an eye on their house for them.

Give yourself 10 points for each point checked.

0 – 50:        attention is necessary

50 – 70:     consider improvements

70 – 90:     you’re doing a good job

90 – 100:   excellent, way to go!

On behalf of the men and women of the Lady Lake Police Department, please help us to help you and take advantage of some of these tips to reduce your chances of being victimized.

Remember, if you see something suspicious, call the police immediately.  Your neighbors will thank you.

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