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By TomL

Dr. Paul Banerjee is the Medical Director for Polk County Fire Rescue, Polk County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team, Dr. Banerjee is board certified in Emergency Medicine and is an Associate Professor in Emergency Medicine at the University of Central Florida School of Medicine, Mercer University School of Medicine and the University of South Florida School of Medicine. Dr. Banerjee was an EMS 10, 2017 Innovator of the year and the State of Florida Medical Director of the year in 2012. Dr Banerjee is also a member of the Metropolitan Collaboration of EMS Medical Directors……

What do you think of all those certifications? Dr. Paul Banerjee recently gave a talk on COVID-19. During his talk he gave facts about how long the virus could live on different surfaces. Plastics, stainless steel, cardboard box etc. Then he gave statistics about the outbreak itself and the fact that the virus is very similiar to other viruses that we have had around for years. Yes it’s bad but there are many good things being tested right now that is showing promise. He said he would not take a vaccine until it has been used for a year. Your chance of catching the COVID-19 is .24 of one percent. That means we have a 99.76 chance of not getting it. One of the questions ask is the COVID-19 numbers inflated. He said he had not seen signs of that. My estimation is if you are a Doctor and you get $10,000 for every patient of yours that is dialogist with COVID-19, what would you do? I’m only asking???

Dr. Paul Banerjee, Medical Director

Polk County Fire Rescue<>

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Q: Are hospitals inflating the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths so they can be paid more?

A: Recent legislation pays hospitals higher Medicare rates for COVID-19 patients and treatment, but there is no evidence of fraudulent reporting.

It has been rumored that the hospitals get paid extra for COVID-19 patients. Currently Medicare pays $13,000 when a patient get admitted to the Hospital and $39,000 if they patient gets put on a ventilator. Is there some fraud going on? Where ever there is money there is fraud. But there is no evidence of fraud at this time.


Q: If you are tested positive, does that mean you have COVID-19.

A: Not always, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses called Coronaviruses, such as the one that causes the common cold.

Lady Lake Chamber held a ribbon cutting for Aura Home Living Owner Blake and Kate Gallaher seen in the photo cutting the ribbon they are located at 16840 US 441 Summerfield FL  34491

Photo by Janet Fraley

My second visit with friends for dinner at El Mezcal.

A very extensive menu to please everyone’s tastebuds. They have two outdoor seating areas, in front and rear of the restaurant, dog friendly. The interior has two sections and bar for those fabulous Margaritas and mixed drinks. This restaurant is exceptionally maintained, clean environment, beautifully decorated, excellent service, generous portions and flavorful food prepared by their chefs. I’ve lived in Texas and California, El Mezcal seems to capture a unique hybrid of the Mexican cuisine. A personal favorite is Fajitas, containing shrimp, scallops and chicken breast strips, a special marinate in a pineapple shell presentation. If you want a Five Star Experience at $-$$ prices this is the spot. It will become a destination for exceptional food, service and dining after your first experience!

Frank Turner


My wife and I visited the Oasis Cafe. It is a mom and pop friendly atmosphere. I had some great soup and a hamburger was excellent. It was moderately priced and well prepared. My wife as well said she enjoyed the meal.

I liked the meal some much went back for lunch the next week. Again I was not disappoint ted. Good food and they had some home chips that were interesting, you should go try them.


My review has to be about the Blue Gator. Tuesday night wings 50 cents anyway you want them. Of course there was a waiting line but the wings were worth every minute. I ate the Garlic parmigaun. I can only eat eight or nine w/ranch dressing and I’m done.

Ex-Chief Chris McKinstry

By TomL

There are Rumors flying around that the Ex-Chief is suing the Town of Lady Lake for age discrimination. It was also in a online news cast. At press time the Town has not been served. So right now it is a rumor on June 25th at 12 noon.

This is a long time battle between Ex-Chief McKinstry and the Town Manager Kris Kollgaard. McKinstry stepped down in 2018 after several heated Town Meetings. Town Manager Kris Kollgaard  said the Chief was not following regulations or rules of his contract and they had irreconsilable differences. The Ex-Chief answered to the Town Manager according to the Town Council. One thing led to another and the Chief was forced out. Two of the five Town Council sided with the Chief and three did not so it was over.

Recently when the Town Manager gave notice sources say the Ex-Chief was suing the Town for age discrimination. The ex-chief did file a complaint with Florida Commission on Human Relations claiming age discrimination and they came back with a ruling of no reasonable cause to believe that there was any age discrimination.The Town does not seem to know anything about the suit. There is no information at press time that the Town of Lady Lake has been served.

Inverness Florida Lady Lake Chamber holds Ribbon Cutting  for HNR Gunworks.  HNR Gunworks celebrated their 4th year Anniversary with a Ribbon Cutting and customer appreciation BBQ. Conveniently located at 3238 South Florida Avenue in Inverness, FL, they are a SOT Class 3 licensed dealer, the only one in the Inverness area.

Kris Kolgaard Lady Lake Town Manager

by TomL

Kris Kollgaard Town Manager of eleven years has notified the Town Council June 16th that she will not be renewing her contract as Town Manager. Kollgaard said she would stay on until they get another Town Manager, then she will step down to Town Clerk. Kollgaard has been doing both jobs and she wants to just do Town Clerk job. Kollgaard said she wanted to spend more time with her family and kind of wined down from the stress that goes with the Town Manager job.

There is a organization of retired Town Managers that will assist the council’s search for a new manager at no charge to the Town.

To Kris Kollgaard from TomL, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Pictured is a Purple Passionflower

We have bantering pictures of Animals, Birds, Flowers nonprofessional photography. Here is some information from the web about the Purple Passionflower.

Alternate Names Wild passion flower, maypop, apricot vine, old field apricot, Holy-Trinity flower, molly-pop, passion vine, pop- apple, granadilla, maycock, maracoc, maracock, white sarsaparilla.

Uses One of the uses of the purple passionflower is ornamental in nature. This is because of their showy blooms and their climbing ability over fences, arbors, or up walls. Native American Indians used the poultice root for boils, cuts, earaches and inflammation. Dried leaves boiled with water also aids in insomnia.

Wildlife Purple passionflower attracts butterflies. Young tendrils inch lavender flowers are short-stalked from leaf axils. The petals and sepals subtend a fringe of wavy or crimped, hair-like segments. The pistil and stamens are also showy. Three-lobed, deciduous leaves are dark-green above and whitish below. The plants bloom from June to September. The pulpy fruit or “maypop” develops in two to three months after flowering and may be harvested from July to October. It will be yellowish in color and it is about the size of a large oval hen’s egg. Continue reading

OCALA, Fla.-The Department of Health in Marion County is reporting 655 cumulative cases of COVID-19 as of this afternoon; 340 of those cases were added within the past two weeks. Because of this substantial increase in cases, residents need to take extra care with Fourth of July celebrations and activities in the coming days.

“Ultimately, we do not want to see a surge in cases linked to Fourth of July celebrations,” said Florida Department of Health in Marion County Administrator Mark Lander. “So, however you celebrate, do so responsibly by practicing social distancing, wearing a mask if you can’t socially distance, avoiding large gatherings, and staying home if you are sick,”

Residents are also advised to avoid the three C’s: closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowded places with many others nearby, and close-contact settings, such as close-range conversation. The risk of COVID-19 spreading among a group of people is highest when the three C’s overlap. Continue reading

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