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To: Lady Lake Business owners, Entrepreneurs and New Businesses

From: Jim Rietz, Lady Lake Mayor

On behalf of the Lady Lake Town Commission, I am pleased to announce !hat on June 20, 2022, !he Commission voted unanimously to repeal !he annual requirement to acquire a Business Tax Receipt. Two ordinances were adopted that removed all

references to the business taxes from our Code of Ordinances and Land Development Regulations.

After the devastating effect on businesses from the pandemic over the last couple of

years and the uncertain days ahead, the Commission wants to show their support for

local businesses. Locally owned businesses play a major role in healthy communities and contribute to promoting economic opportunity.

Exciting changes are coming to the Farmer’s Market. We understand the confusion surrounding the sudden closure of the market and that many vendors rely on it as a source of income.

Many factors contributed to the temporary closure of the market including ongoing road construction; and the groundbreaking/ construction of a new Public Park for the residents of Lady Lake.

The Lady Lake Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Town of Lady Lake is planning to relaunch the market in February 2023. The market will return with some exciting changes and additions. The ultimate goal of the Chamber is to connect businesses to the local community in a safe and consistent environment.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on all the latest market updates visit the Chamber website at to sign up for email updates.

Leslie DiCesare

Executive Director

Lady Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

The  Lady Lake Chamber sponsor’s a “Network Luncheon”  Before COVID it was held at Texas Roadhouse. The Networking Luncheons were shut down  and are now back. It was a great success Chamber business people responded. Pictures of the attendee’s are in this paper. One of the managers spoke welcoming all of us back. The food was good, the service was good, prices were good. In all I think everyone was happy. I met marketing people and sales people  and owners. I was raised in a small town in Broward County. I met a person that sells for a company that started in Broward County, small world. If you want more information about these networking Luncheons check with the Lady Lake Chamber.

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The Town of Lady Lake celebrated  Arbor Day with the Lady Lake Garden Club planting 8 trees at the First Baptist Church of Lady Lake. Miss Leesburg and Teen Miss Leesburg joined in on the fun!

By TomL

We had a ribbon cutting and dedication of the new REC headquarters in the Teal Brooke Complex. The Republican Chair person who is also an RN nurse. First the tour of the facilities. Very nice building and area. The waiting room was furnished nicely by Brigitte Smith RN furnishing’s. There is a receiving window for staff to welcome people that are visiting. There is a lunch/kitchen area, Brigitte’s office, A board meeting room and a larger room for meetings.

There was standing room only. I think we need this new REC in Ocala we use to have big gathering luncheon’s at the Hilton with a full house and have many great guest speakers. We are on track to do that again. There were a lot of dignitary’s from local and state government. I won’t try too name them all. Personally I think Brigitte has surrounded herself with very capable people, with her being the driving force. It is a recipe for success.

The week after the ribbon cutting they showed the 2,000 mules video, what an eye opener it is a must see.

I ask Brigitte what her goals were? Short range and long range. Here is what she said.

My vision for the REC has passed it’s first goal. My first goal was to fill precincts. We have about 122 precincts. Our REC has over 50% precincts filled, but I will get the exact percentage. The ultimate goal would be to fill 100% which then truly engages the Republicans of Marion county.  The second goal of the REC is to engage each of the dozen republican/conservative clubs and ensure each club has their club President as a precinct member of the REC. What that does is promotes strength of the party in addition to ensuring information is disseminating to each club. When we have call to actions or trips to lobby in Tallahassee we then have a much greater pull of conservatives to get active. The next goal is to promote GOTV activities with representation of all these Republican groups. We will ensure a Republican sweep with all these endeavors. My vision to educate our electorate is coming to fruition, as our new Victory Center also enables us to host multiple informational sessions at different times daily and several days to maximize our reach.  We are able to provide Republican candidates information to the public and so much more. Our current REC is moving in forward direction in high gear and we will continue to support our Republican Party!

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This month’s Networking Luncheon was held at Harbor Hills. Several speakers were scheduled. The event was well attended. The food was good, I would describe it as a Salad Bar Buffet. There was plenty to eat. It was a great success. Food was good, met new people, met some business people I have not seen in a while, It was a good day!

Watch for it next month and attend. Call the Chamber 352-753-6029 for reservations.

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The Lady Lake Soccer Association has scheduled a 5-day (evening) Youth Soccer Clinic/Camp in Lady Lake.

Location– Rolling Acres Sports Complex, (Next to the Golf Driving Range) on Rolling Acres Road

Player Registration – $20.00

Schedule-Monday June 20th thru Friday June 24th 2022.

Hours 6.00pm thru 7.30pm.

Age Groups – from 4 to 15 years of age.

Program includes individual skills, training and a small, scrimmage. p(And a lot of fun).

Everyone and anyone who has a interest in socer or activities for our youth in invited to attached.

For Info Call Christina at 352-391-8554

Website –

Winner of the Lady Lake Chamber and The Town of Lady Lake’s 50/50 wins over 1,000.00. Congratulations to Christina Woznikaitis, check presented by Executive Director Leslie Dicesare, President Vicki Kerley and Mayer Jim Rietz

Most every Tuesday the Farmers Market is set up at the Lady Lake Chamber Log Cabin Park. They sell a little bit of everything. Jellies Jams, soaps, candles, large selection of produce, Assortment of products, hand made goods, sometimes they have cars or trucks on display, plants and trees for sale, services, sea food, American Made Solar System’s and many other items and services.

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