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By TomL

Flags made in America??? Recent information has come to light that some Corporations had labels from companies on American Flags that lead you believe that they were made in America and they were not. The Corporations have subcontractor that have denied the allegations but recently three more subcontractor were uncovered counterfeiting made in the USA Flags.

The company that has been overseeing the Flag Manufacturers is FMMA. They are challenging subcontractors that are suspected of buying and selling counterfeit flags in the United States.

The Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FMAA) is a non-profit trade association, established in 2003, representing the leading United States flag manufacturers and suppliers dedicated to educating and promoting the quality, variety and proper use of flags manufactured in the United States. Continue reading

By TomL

The question is does Socialism work? I say it works temporarily as long as they have someone else’s money to work with. Remember when you tax the rich too much they will move to another country that won’t tax them too heavily. Then you don’t have their money to work with. They will continue moving or taxing until nothing is left.

Bernie Sanders and some of the leaders in the Democratic government have been touting look at Finland! Finland’s government has just collapsed because of the rising cost of universal Healthcare. The Prime minister of Finland and the cabinet have all resigned. Similar problems are occurring in Sweden and Denmark.

America Wake Up – Socialism Does Not Work!

Cuba which is under dictatorship has been propped up by different countries for a number of years. Actually I think Cuba was at one time a beautiful country. I visited as a boy the last few months of Batista’s rule. Today if one of the citizens does something wrong the government turns off the electricity to the whole neighborhood and lets the neighborhood take care of what the citizen did, guilty or not. The Socialism in that country is controlled by the dictator and as we know that can sometimes be brutal. Continue reading

We had some sad news this month. We lost a good friend, Vince Cribbs, the Vice President of Operations of the Printing Plant. We met him many years ago when he first started printing our papers. He has personally overseen our printing. He was working in his workshop at home when there was an explosion. Several people attempted to pull Vince to safety but it was too late. He will be missed!

You need to enjoy every moment you have for we never know what is just around the corner.


Clinton passed a bill in 1996 that separates Children from their parents when they enter our country illegally. Obama enforced that Law and now they demonize Trump for enforcing the same Laws! They even used pictures of children in cages being detained during the Obama era and used it to blame Trump for doing it. When you’re elected to Congress are you are not supposed to represent Illegal aliens and forget the American Citizens. Officials are elected to protect American citizens from foreign countries and the bad guys in our Country. Continue reading

Tom Davis from Blood South Blood Bank said “The accident claiming all those lives on I-75 recently wiped out their supply of blood.” “Please give blood!”

I see Marco Rubio was in town visiting. Not my favorite Politician. Ask me why?

Dunnellon Fl., Lake Tropicana: There is still a cloud over a report of a missing husband and wife and of human remains being found at deadline. They found the car and the relative driving the car in Omaha! Marion County MCSO is going to pick him up with a warrant. There are a lot of unanswered questions. We will report on our websites when we get press releases.

Lady Lake Florida: a battle between the residents and the Town Manager is going on over the Chief of Police allegedly being forced out. The statement being given for his reason for quitting is to take on new challenges.  The Town Manager sent that same statement to me when I ask why the Chief quit. I have made the statement that I think “It is an insult to my intelligence to make that statement!” Also part of the statement from Town Manager was that he did a good job! I suspect he did not leave for those reasons. The Chief will not go on record with any statement. Hmmmm! I suspect he did not want his reputation to be toxic, because he does need to find another job. The truth is coming out, but probably too late to save the chief’s job. They might fit the same mold! Maybe Lady Lake needs to look at what they did there. Continue reading

By TomL

On January 23 the normal Lady Lake commission was called to order and the floor was opened to public discussion. Before anyone from the public could respond, Commissioner Hannon asked for the floor.

Mayor Richardsons said it was highly unusual but gave approval. Commissioner Hannon said he was saddened that Chief McKinstry quit. He said he had heard from many constituents asking him to do all he could to rehire the Chief.

Betty Salas then approached the podium with a petition of 168 names requesting the Chief be reinstated.

Betty Salas, a local business person standing up for Chief McKinstry, is holding a petition of 166 names of residents asking the Town Council to consider reinstating him. The meeting that followed blew everyone away. It was so much that a second meeting was set to discuss the issue and to discuss reviewing the Ex-Chief and Town Manager Kollgard’s actions. Two Commissioners were not happy about the Chief being forced out! The others knew in advance and let it happen. Go to the meeting on the Feb 4 at 1 pm to watch and listen!

Ms Salas also said that she knew the previous chief and that when the commission hired chief she was assured he was the right man for Lady Lake. She got to know him as did the businesses and residents of Lady Lake as well.

Town Manager Kris Kollgaard then read a statement that said she and the Chief have had professional differences in management styles for the last 6 years and that this was the last time. She contact the commissioners the night before and said the morning meeting would have only one of 2 outcomes. Up until this meeting the general public was told no one at town hall knew why the Chief quit, just that he did. Now we are finding out the truth. Continue reading

Spoken on the internet

One janitor that works for the State Department worries about paying bills.

One person laid off had lunch with others that were laid off.

One person considered growing a shutdown beard.

One said tweet Trump about shutdown (pro or con).

One Park Ranger’s wife says they have two children and don’t know when they will get their next check.

One TSA employee and family going without. Continue reading

A Veteran at work!

Once in a while I like to help give a business a boost by highlighting the owner with a picture or some comments. This month’s spotlight is on George Marshal owner of SIGNS44. I have known George for many years, selling his flags as publisher of the newspapers I believe we should do business with guys like this. He has always been a patriot and likes to be a part of the local business scene. Let me list what I like about George.

You can count on what he says!

He believes in buying USA supplies!

These Flags are made in America. Many of the Flags are made by Veterans!

The Flagpoles are made in USA!

The man that sets up the flag pole is a Veteran!

So thank you for helping the Veterans! And thank you for helping a veteran!

Shop at Signs44 on Hwy 441 in downtown Lady Lake. See the ad in this paper! Continue reading

By TomL

I was at a business meeting where everyone was ask to tell about favorite Christmas. I thought how can I tell my story in short form. I told it and everyone thought it was great but a lot was left out so I decided to write about it and include more of the life story. This is my true Christmas story!

As a little kid we ran the neighborhood barefoot. I was about seven years old. My friend and I were playing by the railroad tracks about two blocks from home. There were some dirt mounds and holes in the ground. We were jumping off the mounds and sliding into the holes, having a great time. Only this one time I landed on a broken beer bottle and it cut my tendon almost completely in half. When I could see, it I knew it was bad. I told my friend to go get help. A nearby house was the home of a fireman. He came and got me and rendered first ad. He picked me up, put me in his personal truck and rushed me to the clinic in the next nearby town for emergency treatment. Continue reading

By TomL

‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving at the Loury Farm. I had made a quick trip to the store. My wife was working in the kitchen making pies for the next day. Coming home up the driveway I saw a bunch of cars and trucks. I could not imagine who was there and why they were there. It was my niece and most of her family.

They like to come and see the animals and show their children the animals. It’s interesting that a lot of children have never touched a cow, a donkey, a horse, a bull and various other animals that we have around. An occasional peacock will visit from the neighbor’s farm. They won’t let you touch them for survival reasons. Continue reading

By TomL

Illegal Immigrants: If they don’t show up for the hearing then don’t release them until the hearing is over. If they are released into the United States, give them working permits. Release them to areas that fit their skills. Send factory workers to industry area, farmers to pick crops. Those that don’t have skills, teach them construction and put them to work building the wall and housing for those working on the wall. Tell them if they ever move to a sanctuary city they will be deported instantly when caught. No hearings, no court dates instantly!

Furthermore, any employer caught employing an illegal without a permit should be fined $5,000 the first offense per person. Give the employer all the work permits they need and they have to register them or pay the fine every month they must be accounted for. Then the people without work permits may apply without being arrested if they have not committed a crime (in other words make it legal for them to work in this country with a registered permit). They may not have voting right until they spend two years in our Military. Continue reading

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