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Attorney General Pam Bondi has been busy. They busted a Dentist for Medicare fraud. They were using two homeless people to bill for payment to them in exchange for them staying in a hotel expenses paid. Good job Pam, maybe you should go clean up Washington!

On a local front, I got a call from a Democrat. The caller said he had a message for Tony Powell one of our columnists. “There are at least two twenty five year residents of the Villages that think Trump is a Nazi!” I just guessed he was a democrat! I wonder why he did not just call Tony himself? Personally I think Trump is kicking butt and taking names. Trump should have shown the head of the Democratic committee the memo that proves how some of his fellow Dems have been.  Nuff said! (new word). Continue reading

By Tom Loury

The classified information just received in Congress needs to be declassified! I think we will see top people in the previous administration are neck deep in this scandal; it is much bigger than Watergate. Right now it appears that some of the top FBI agents were covering for the Clintons. They were also spying – Fox news is calling it snooping – I don’t know if it was spying. They will have to go. The Trump investigation will have to be disbanded and quit spending the taxpayer’s money at an alarming rate. Proof has been found that the subpoena was received through false information, so even if they found something they could not use it. Continue reading

Wild Fires In California:

One death was an elderly woman who had a wreck while evacuating. Another death was a Fire fighter while trying to save lives.  A horse trainer  said he saw 10 horses die, including his own horse. The Santa Anna Winds moved the fire so fast that there was no time. One minute you’re OK and the next you’re not. The residents are being told to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. If the Santa Anna  Winds would just slow down and give the Fire Team a chance to fight it!

This is the time of year we usually look back to reflect about what happened. Well I met a lot of new business people and learned about their businesses. I met Chris Boody our new Graphic Artist last year. She helped us win some Best of the Best State wide awards. Chris is doing wonders for us on the Internet. If we continue to do what we are doing right now we will do well in 2018.  We are not there yet but I see it coming together. Continue reading

What a month local and abroad. I have been at several expos and functions. The expo in the Villages was great. I had more interaction with readers than I have ever had. I had about 15 people said they read us. All but one was positive and that was a guy in the Villages that did not agree with one of the writer’s columns, which is fine. The Lady Lake Craft and Business Show under the tent at the St Timothy’s Catholic Church was a great event. Steady crowd from 10 am til 3 pm. I met some new businesses and saw some people I have not seen in a while. It was all fun and good for business.  Commissioner Ruth Kussard  came by to see me. Also Chief McKintrsy came by and said hi. There were also others commissioners that were in the crowd but I did not see them. Honey Baked Ham was selling sandwiches. They were very good and at a reasonable price. There was a vendor from Tampa that had shawls that were really something. They would make Christmas gifts. Continue reading

Where is our country going! This new scandal if it’s true will not only shake our country but it will shake the world. How could this happen you ask? GREED! Hidden documents, hidden foundation money, lies, our own government watch dogs committing crime, taking money, unlawfully surveilling American citizens and using the IRS to intimidate a political section of people. WOW!


Almost 3,000 died on 9-11. Many have forgotten. We let factions of people push us around about being patriotic. 16 years ago after 9-11 everyone was flying flags on their cars at home and at their businesses. Today we are being challenged when we fly a flag at a baseball game. At Football games we are disrespected during the national Anthem. Some of the people who attack us on 9-11 were illegal aliens. Today we are challenged when we want to check their legal status. Continue reading

By TomL

As time goes on you need to store what is going on right now in Washington. What will go as lies and as deceit get worse or as politician lose their memory, you’ll hear “I don’t remember” or “I don’t recall” or “I was not aware of that”  or take the 5th! Some will face up, but I predict 5 or 6 will take the heat for all of this but none will go to jail. A number of these politicians involved are just flat not being seen. If they say there were not involved and their signature appears on a document proving otherwise, I say put them in jail. Continue reading

The hurricane that hit Texas was devastating. The section of the state could not with stand the amount of water dumped on it. Thousands of people were in trouble, thousands of people responded. Private citizens brought out their boat tall trucks, anything that could with stand the flood waters and started rescuing people. They say the fastest response during a disaster comes from your neighbors. People came together helping, there was no racial divide just pure good deeds, lifesaving deeds. No one asking for thank you. They picked up the elderly and the young and carried them to safety. Got the dried out, made sure they were alright and went back for more.

The Federal Government sent response teams. The state had response teams, but they were just overwhelmed. With the private sector and the response teams they did it together, how refreshing to see that people can come together and work together for a common cause. Continue reading

By TomL

Humans and mold don’t get along too well in the same house. If you start sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, skin irritation, sore or irritated eyes, headaches, diarrhea, nausea or you just don’t feel right, they could be symptoms to mold exposure. What do you do? Well I looked it up on the internet. There is so much info there, even methods of getting rid of or “do it yourself” eliminating the mold.

One fix is household bleach, (internet formula) and to mix 1 cup bleach to a gallon of water, protect your eyes, nose and skin and apply with a spray bottle. Another fix is vinegar. It’s all natural and can’t really hurt you. It will kill 75% of the different types of mold, but never mix vinegar with bleach for it will create a toxic effect. But you can mix hydrogen peroxide and or baking soda, other mold deterrents with vinegar, but use the vinegar straight, no water, don’t dilute it. Spray it on and let it sit. It is actually better to leave it on if you can stand the odor, otherwise you can wipe it off after an hour using plain water or with some regular detergent. If you vacuum the mold wear a mask and use a special filter that is designed for that. It has a special real fine mesh filter.

If the mold comes, back repeat the process as many times as needed. You can use the same vinegar solution on clothes that you were wearing when spray and treating the mold.

Check all this information on the internet or consult with a specialist. I am not a chemist and not responsible for this information being wrong or misused.

by TomL

Please Google the following

Crowds on Demand

Crowds for Hire

Protest Rallies

Recruiting $25 Hour “Political Activists”

Rent a Mob

It goes on and gets worse and worse Continue reading

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