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by Staff Writer

President Trump called the newly elected Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyto to congratulate him. While he was on the phone they talked about a number of things. During the infamous phone call Trump ask him if he was looking into the Biden matter. From what I have been told he did not say Joe Biden. Anyway if there is a crime you cannot stop asking questions because of politics. I have experienced over fifty years of politics and am tired of politicians getting off with their influence. I have seen people’s lives ruined by opponents telling lies. When they get caught telling lies nothing happens because the Law Enforcement does not look at that as a serious crime. So I am looking into the Presidential issue of the phone call in question. First I don’t believe anyone should be allow to listen in on a President talking to another World leader. But to go back in history, why I think the President has a right to ask another leader for help….here what I found…

A 1999 treaty between the United States and Ukraine on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.

From THE WHITE HOUSE, November 10, 1999. To the Senate of the United States: Continue reading

Mojos Ocala Florida next to Target

On the menu Houndog and steamed vegetables. Houndog is a huge hot dog wrapped in bacon and fried. Was great!

Olive Garden Inverness Fl, Hwy 44 between Inverness and Crystal River

Shrimp Scampy, bread, tossed salad, coffee was not hot enough for me. Everything else was great.

Terry’s Restaurant

Terry Restaurant bakes their bread fresh every night. I ordered with bun on the side to go. Fish sandwich or shrimp poboy comes with lettuce tomato, onion, pickle. Comes with fries on Friday special. Continue reading

Impeachment of the President…Do you know why the President wants the left to officially vote to impeach him? Because the Republicans can put all those people that have been making up stories and lying about the President under oath and if they lie under oath they could go to jail. It is not an official hearing unless the left has officially voted to impeach. I bet there are a bunch of  politicians that don’t want to be put under oath, but if they do they will start turning on each other.

Why I changed from a Democrat to a Republican: I wanted to find someone that could clean up our country. Corruption was let to grow on both sides of the aisle. In my search I was not having much luck until “Along Came Trump”. Casually walks down a stairs and says…I’m running for President. He said the country was headed in the wrong direction and he wanted to help turn it around. So far he has been doing a good job eliminating policies that are bleeding our country dry. But the cream on the top will be if he makes a good trade deal with China and we fix what is going on in Iran. Continue reading

By Staff Writer

Mock Impeachment Hearing is being attempted with no right to a fair trial. The witness (whistle blower) loses all credibility if they cannot be cross examined by President’s Attorneys. They can’t keep a witness anonymous, they must be cross examined. Pelosi and Schiff are trying to have private committee impeachment, not by law and order, not by the Constitution. The people won’t stand for it!

Now another second whistle blower comes forward and this person is suspect to have been coached by two of Representative Adam B. Schiff’s former employees. Schiff was ask by a reporter on national TV “Have you talked to the Whistle Blower?” He  said “no, but I would like to”. It came out later he had lied and had talked to the witness. The witness needs to be cross examined under oath.

Meanwhile two Giuliani associates arrested for violating campaign finance rules. Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas have been detained and charged with making $325,000 in illegal straw donations to a Trump super PAC, as well as giving $15,000 to a second committee, according to the indictment. Both men are expected to appear in federal court in Virginia. Continue reading

by Tom Loury

The American hunter is the largest army in the World! Texas Gun owners is the largest  army in the world by itself. I think it’s safe to say there are millions of armed Americans ready to defend their homes and their country. That is why we are not invaded. They will try to invade from within (politically). Wisconsin hunters by itself has 600,000 gun owners, Pennsylvania has 750,000, Michigan has 700,000.

That is why they want to take our guns. One of the reasons they want Socialism, Government Health care is so they can get the American people dependent on the Government (offer free stuff), then they will try to take our guns. At that point they will start indoctrinating the youth. It already started in a small way. The wealthy will leave this country because they are being taxed to the extreme. Next the government runs out of other people’s money in a few years and someone from another big country steps in and takes over. Continue reading

By TomL

An angry crowd packed the Savannah Center Villages when residents of Sumter Villages and other areas came to voice their opinions about a 25% tax increase. County Administrator Bradley Arnold said Budget increases include 34 million for repair of Morse and Buena Vista Blvd. and other area problems. The total tax increase: 250 million. The taxation meeting was held September 24th. They ask all residents to attend.

The residents are not happy having the Tax increase rammed down their throat. Residents have said they can only change the budget by voting to change Commissioners. It is said by some the Commissioners have close ties. Three Commissioners are Villages Residents. One resident accused the Commissioners and the developers of colluding.

There is no question the road work needs to be done but the question is who should pay for it. Maybe the engineers of The Villages did not plan for 50,000 plus homes and traffic from those homes. I wonder what the Snowbirds will think? It will probably affect the sale of new homes???

Higher taxes??  Will this happen in other Counties?? What do you think?

I don’t know where to start?

Hurricane Dorian left a path of destruction in the Bahamas. I am sure the death toll will rise as remains are found. Some residents fled the island and I don’t blame them. Some lost everything they had.

Hurricanes  Weather Bureau’s reports, TV weather reports. When the last hurricane came through the Hurricane Tracking scared the crap out of people. People fled the storm, some bought gas, food supplies, water. Some could not afford to spend that money. For about a week the Weather Bureau was king on the hill. They had the attention of everyone in Florida. Now on other channels they were less accurate, drawing the cone right up the middle of the state. I noticed the European track of Hurricane Dorian was right on the money from the start (a week ahead). Why was our prediction not as accurate? Is it because of the potential danger? The first thing the different news channels’ weather reports do is draw a cone right into Florida, WHY? Russ Limbaugh said the same thing. They are sensationalizing the storm for ratings. I hope that’s not true. A hurricane cost a lot of people a lot of money. Continue reading

By Publisher Tom Loury

This review has several months included and some out of the area reviews.

  1. In August I ate Silver Springs Restaurant, had a Cowboy Burger, no bread, no Barbecue sauce with half order fries, extra crispy. The hamburger was fresh, handmade and had onion rings on top like a Cowboy Hat. It was good and the price was reasonable.
  2. Ate at Roadhouse grill, Villages on 441. Had steak, potatoes and veggies. Service was good, food was excellent.
  3. Ate at Mojo’s Ocala,Fl. It was all good, price was right. I had a Hound Dog, ft long beef hot dog wrapped in bacon, with cheese, onions and mustard. WEW! Excellent.
  4. Ritzy place: ate at the Strata Hotel St Pete Beach several times. The food, all Chef prepared, all good. They had a Luau with a whole roasted pig. It was delicious. My wife would not look at it or eat any of it. There were plenty of other meats. One interesting thing they were serving Icelandic Glacial water in the rooms and at the conference’s meetings with sponsors paying for it. The bars were expensive, a good reason to stay sober. It was very nicely done. The Hotel was nice, the view of the ocean was rated great.
  5. 5. Ate at Terry’s restaurant. Had a fish sandwich on one of their homemade rolls, baked fresh every day in house. It was all good, I will go back there soon.
  6. 6. Ate at Turnpike Mikes Bistro in Dunnellon Florida at the Rainbow Spring Country Club. Bottom floor looking out over the well-groomed grounds and shade trees. My gosh! The half sub is huge. I ate some of the half sub took some home. I used the leftover meat & cheese to put in my salad twice the next two days.
  7. 7. Had finger foods at the Sky restaurant on top of the Holiday Inn, Ocala Fl at a networking event. The Chef there always does a good job. Interesting touch the Holiday Inn serves Artesian water from Norway in a unusually tall container with a lid that has a seal. Break the seal and it’s yours. The water was good.
  8. 8. Had breakfast at the Ocala Business Leaders at the Elks club. They always do a good job. Also they know how to make a good hot cup of coffee.
  9. 9. Had lunch at Honey Bake Ham, the soup and sandwich deal. Turkey noodle soup and ham and cheese half sandwich with the works. It was good, and price was not bad at all.
  10. 10. Had lunch at the Florida Cracker Kitchen on my way back from St Pete. It is in Brooksville Florida. The food was good, prices moderate. They also have a Cracker store next door. It was fun walking through while waiting for a table.
  11. 11. I ate at Ocean 11 all you can eat buffet. I had two or three kinds of shrimp, crab, stuffed mushrooms and tea which it was difficult ordering since staff did not speak very much English. Ordered unsweetened tea with just a splash of sweet on top. After two waitresses and sending the tea back we got it right. I said unsweet tea and I put the sugar in myself.
  12. 12. Ate at Eaton’s Beach on Lake Weir last week. I had a catfish poorboy without the bun. It was a nice fish fillet grilled lettuce, tomato, pickles & steamed broccoli and cauliflower. It was excellent. The unique setting is on the Lake with a beach on ground level surrounded by boat docks. I saw a catchy saying on a brochure…The only thing better than the view is the food!” How True!!!
  13. 13 Ate at Darrell’s Restaurant East Silver Spring Blvd. One of 15 locations, wow. I would classify my lunch as a good meal, bowl of chicken noodle soup with half a ham and cheese on toast. The service was good, the coffee was good and hot, prices were moderate. Good job Darrell’s. I don’t like cold coffee and not too strong. There is an art to making good coffee. Do not ask someone who doesn’t drink coffee every day to make coffee.

If you had a good restaurant experience anywhere in Florida,  email me at: Tell me what restaurant. What food did you have? How was it? How was it priced? How was the service?



Publisher’s Note: This is the first 7 paragraphs of a report by a long time newspaper  Guru.

The once powerful Gannett media company — publishers of the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, Des Moines Register, USA Today and 106 other mostly daily newspapers — has announced it will merge with GateHouse Media. GateHouse is reported to own 156 dailies across America.

Of course, it isn’t really a merger, Gannett is being assumed by GateHouse. Both companies have seen steady grown through acquisitions during recent years, but neither is doing well financially. By combining into one company, the new organization should see huge savings in operational costs and possible increases in advertising revenue. GateHouse, traditionally, operates with less staff than Gannett and is known for cutting staff whenever it buys an additional publication.

Gannett moved mostly away from a focus on the printed newspaper a year and a half ago, putting emphasis on producing its digital products. Gannett and GateHouse, which is owned by New Media Investment Group, are believers in consolidated management and minimum local operating expenses. Continue reading

What Rights Are You Born With?

Our forefathers and mothers designed laws to help hold this great nation together. When you are born in America you are entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! Our men and women fought and some died to ensure yours and my liberty. When you break our laws then you are punished, but you are innocent until proven guilty. Actually when you are born anywhere else of this world you should have Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness but some countries have different beliefs or laws. Remember nothing is free, you must earn what you get! NO free tuition, NO free healthcare, NO free abortions, NO free housing, etc. The Socialists are wrong! Because of our fast pace mobile world, millionaires can move anywhere in the world and there many places that will not tax them for most of their money to feed, house, abort, pay doctors with the money they have earned. Remember with Socialism the wealthy pay but the politicians don’t! The wealthy move and taxing goes on until there is nothing left except Government control. Anyone that preaches Socialism knows that! Continue reading

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