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Publisher’s Note: This is the first 7 paragraphs of a report by a long time newspaper  Guru.

The once powerful Gannett media company — publishers of the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, Des Moines Register, USA Today and 106 other mostly daily newspapers — has announced it will merge with GateHouse Media. GateHouse is reported to own 156 dailies across America.

Of course, it isn’t really a merger, Gannett is being assumed by GateHouse. Both companies have seen steady grown through acquisitions during recent years, but neither is doing well financially. By combining into one company, the new organization should see huge savings in operational costs and possible increases in advertising revenue. GateHouse, traditionally, operates with less staff than Gannett and is known for cutting staff whenever it buys an additional publication.

Gannett moved mostly away from a focus on the printed newspaper a year and a half ago, putting emphasis on producing its digital products. Gannett and GateHouse, which is owned by New Media Investment Group, are believers in consolidated management and minimum local operating expenses. Continue reading

What Rights Are You Born With?

Our forefathers and mothers designed laws to help hold this great nation together. When you are born in America you are entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! Our men and women fought and some died to ensure yours and my liberty. When you break our laws then you are punished, but you are innocent until proven guilty. Actually when you are born anywhere else of this world you should have Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness but some countries have different beliefs or laws. Remember nothing is free, you must earn what you get! NO free tuition, NO free healthcare, NO free abortions, NO free housing, etc. The Socialists are wrong! Because of our fast pace mobile world, millionaires can move anywhere in the world and there many places that will not tax them for most of their money to feed, house, abort, pay doctors with the money they have earned. Remember with Socialism the wealthy pay but the politicians don’t! The wealthy move and taxing goes on until there is nothing left except Government control. Anyone that preaches Socialism knows that! Continue reading

By TomL

Politics happened to America!

Many years ago before we had so many governmental rules by political parties, there were laws; we were the most prosperous country in the world. We had no debt, we did not have a large cumbersome payroll for Congress, Senate and all of the government employees and their retirement programs.

If you add what we are or were paying other countries for lord knows whatever and the tariffs we were paying other countries losing on every deal – billions.

We start borrowing money we don’t have to prop up the government, their extravagant ways and to keep paying other countries that hate us! Every year we budget more money than the last year. Obviously we expanded government at a greater speed and there really was no record of where some of the money went, I’m talking billions. There have been unconfirmed reports of shady deals of moving money in or out of campaign funds, paying countries for things the tax payers did not know about. Selling uranium? Paying Iran with pallets of cash, just to mention a few. Here recently some of government overseers are looking at where the money went. Continue reading

As told by Mark Twain

If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do  read the newspaper you are  misinformed.

— Mark Twain



Mark that’s not true! We do our very best to bring the readers information! We also give the readers a chance to express their opinion in print! We are an award winning newspaper, with an award winning graphic artist!

An example of information shared: Short story when Sue Kelly decided to leave the Lady Lake Chamber. She decided to slip away quietly and assume a new position with Grand Oaks. We ran a story in the paper thanking her for her service to the Lady Lake Community. Her phone blew up with calls saying I did not know you were leaving. She got more thank you’s for her service. Sue Kelly, Thank You for your service to the Community.

TomL said that.

What is it that would make a person go hunting that normally does not hunt. I have met many that hunt. Some have trophy’s to show, some go for the camaraderie of sitting arounds the fire after the days hunt. That is certainly fun, telling stories, listening to stories, telling jokes. Others it makes them feel more like a man to say they are a hunter. Some people who have never hunted are content to sit in a tree stand and shoot a wild hog that has been baited up with a feeder. Some own and hunt with dogs. Some just quietly slip around in the woods by themselves. I prefer that kind of hunting. If you want to find out something about yourself, walk into a stand of palmetto bushes carrying a rifle (not for close up hunting) and hear a wild hog popping  his jaws to warn you not to come closer. What you do at this point tells you a lot about yourself. You like danger and you are sure of yourself you won’t back out. You move forward and handle what is coming at you in the bush. That happened to me. I bagged a wild hog so big that it took three grown men to load it in a truck. He had cutters that stuck out longer than your thumb. It told me I never wanted to do it again, but now I can say I stood my ground against a creature twice as big as me, that I could not see until he was up close and personal. It was not mounted as a trophy; it fed many needy people and was an experience and memory of a life time. Continue reading

The oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve. Surprise! It was an Apple. It had extremely limited memory. Just one byte. Then everything crashed.

Sanders, Harris, Booker and Warren are pushing the Democratic party off the cliff and re-Identifying the Party. I was a lifelong Democrat coming from my Family upbringing. This very thing they are doing now is what help me make up my mind this was not the party for me. Obama started the move to the left. Moving to a different party was a traumatic move because of family.  A few of my family have opened their eyes, others have not. It is their choice, I don’t mind, they are still family. I have many friends who have different views.

Believe it or not? A KGB defector Yuri Bezmenovs warned America about brain washing in the schools and colleges. One of the other things they are being taught is to use the word “racist”.

American values are under attack. If you push too hard something has to give or break. I hope it is not our form of government. Respect the people in office and vote with your heart and brain. Continue reading

By TomL

Several months ago I wrote a story about a School Bus Driver that was charged wrongfully. She was charged with Child Abuse, was arrested, lost her job of 30 years, was humiliated and her picture was on the internet in Marion County prison attire. Here is how it went down.

Two male teachers come out the school with a student, one hand under each arm and put him on the handicap bus. The aide asked him to get into his seat. He refused but finally did. The aide was trying to get him buckled in because the bus can’t move until he is buckled in. He punched the aide in the face and grabbed the seatbelt buckle next to him and hit the aide in the head with it.

The bus driver seeing this went back and held his hands down so that the aide could buckle him in. The school charged the driver with child abuse? Continue reading

NATION                 INCOME TAX                         SALES TAX             PRICE OF GAS

Germany                     47%                                        19%                   $6.00 per gallon

England                      47%                                         20%                  $6.10   “      “

Italy                            45.8%                                      22%                  $6.84   “      “

Greece                        65%                                         24%                  $6.83   “      “

This is what the democrats want to pass. The countries that have this structure are unraveling. Wake Up!

Someone needs to tell the Democrats to stop investigating and start investing in our country. It’s time to stop acting like children. Our country and our values are at stake. I really think they are afraid of what the AG is going to uncover. We might be surprised about how high it goes. The Democrats think they have been cheated. Our Attorney General Investigated it’s over! The Democrats won’t stop! I wrote about the indicators of a civil war. They are all right in front of us today. Let’s pray it does not happen. That is what Russia and China want.

As Publisher I try to decide the next step forward. How do I move this publication forward? We are attaching our online editions to Chamber of Commerces, businesses and we will move more into online videos also. Watch for us. Use our newspapers by advertising with us. You won’t be sorry. For advertising call Tom at 352-804-1223. There is something different happening in the Villages. When people tell us they are going north, stop the paper, we give them the online info. We still print and deliver the same amount of papers, we just reach out further. Continue reading

by TomL

There are so many incidents about school bus drivers that were thrown to the wolves, I decided to write about it.

The schools in our country are riddled with children that should have a different environment, not the school system. Children that can’t learn for one reason or another are put into a contained room at school all day. Not being allowed to leave could make things worse. They eat, use the bathroom, spend the day in the contained unit. Yes that is what they call it “containment unit!” I guess you can say it’s a type of restraint and they are “physically” taken if needed to a school bus where the driver is expected to take them home safely. Being contained all day probably has them on edge. That is why I say there needs to be a different environment, not prison school (containment unit). They need  one school per county just for the challenged and their parents need to drop them off and pick them up. Just escorting or sending the children to the school bus is not enough. Allowing this to happen is poor leadership. Continue reading

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