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By TomL

This is a true story. When I was a little boy we were being raised by my Grand Mother while our parents worked out of town at the Boca Raton Hotel. One day just before Christmas my friend and I were playing near the Railroad tracks. We were bare footed. I jump off a little hill and landed on a broken beer bottle. It cut my heal pretty bad. I could see everything inside, my tendon was almost severed. The other boy piggy back me to the road and ran to the Fire Chiefs house. luckily to the Fire Chiefs home was close by. He wrapped me up and picked me up, put me in his truck and took me to my house where my grand mother was. They could tell they could not fix the wound. So the fire Chief took me to a clinic in the next town Hollywood. If the tendon was almost severed back in them days if it was severed you were crippled. They managed to get clamps on my tendon and pull it back into place and staple it. My parents were called. They picked me up at the clinic and I was told I would not be able to start walking for at least two months. Continue reading

Our apologies

Our photographer was in the hospital Friday night during the Jenkens Veterans celebration. We tried to get pictures and failed to make the right connection. But friends around town sent us some personal picture so I thought we would share. So in our paper are some interesting photos. Our photographer is on the mend.


We need to get a grip on our school system / Colleges. Not so much here in Florida but look at the Fox News. There are a lot of people are available and will travel at the drop of a hat, that will  protest just because they thinks its cool not knowing why their protesting. Palestine is a victim  of Hamas. The are barbaric and kill for fun. There is room for them in our world.

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Part Two

By TomL

Information from the Internet & Myself

See part one September issue

Government at work with our money!! A person dies at age 65 before collecting one benefit check. The person and employer paid into the system for almost 50 years and collected NOTHING! Keep in mind all the working people that die every year who were paying into the system and got nothing. These governmental morons mismanaged the money and borrowed or stole from the system so that it’s now going broke. Now they have the audacity to call today’s seniors “vultures” in an attempt to cover their ineptitude. The Government has borrowed 3 trillion from the Social Security Trust fund, our money in holding for trust that we and our employers paid in. Continue reading

By TomL

What does the three F’s stand for? FREEDOM! Yes I’m standing up for what I believe in. We have to support our leaders that are trying to stop the Evil Forces. We need to support Trump against the “Dark Side”. We need to shed light on the dark side to expose what is happening to our country and our people. Our Country did stand for “Truth and Justice” We are slowly losing it.  Freedom is not free, we have to fight for it! . The Dark side is trying to get rid of our laws and our Law Enforcement. There are some people that have foreign influence and foreign Money. It turns out that they have been paying for the favors to some treasonists people.

I have been writing this column for some twenty years or more and have been sharing information about these illegal irregularities here the last two and a half years. I wrote about Fauci and Obama using our tax money to help finance the Wuhan Lab. I got COVID two years ago Christmas and gave it to my whole family…My wife, both sons, both of their wives all of the grand children (two were infants) so understand how it effected us on Christmas day. I am still not over it. A few times the thought would ease back, then I would lose another friend. The thought that our country being part of developing the Virus just chills me to the bone. I thought follow the money??? What happened to the Social Security Money that our employer and us paid in for our retirement and they died and retiree won’t receive after death? Think about that! Continue reading

By TomL

First they are not part of the Republican Team! They won’t win the people over the way they are acting. Who are the eight Republicans that voted with the democrats to get rid of the speaker. Well some say McCarthy made a secret deal with the Dem’s and sold the farm. They claim the committee did not cut any spending.  In fact there were some spending cut but they were not deep enough and McCarthy paid the price! We should have never set something up that the speaker could be taken from office that easy. But it is, what it is. Now we have to hurry through the process to get another speaker! Electing a temporary Speaker is a mistake.


If I have a chance to vote these eight Republicans out of office I will! I will vote another republican to replace them because I kind of understand that we need the votes to get anything done. For instance War and humanitarion supplies are on hold because it has to go through the House after they elect a speaker. All of this should not have happened! These eight Republicans are not part of the team. I hope they are proud of themselves, they are costing lives in the war! It is very important the republicans stick together at all cost. The Democrats vote together, the republicans don’t. You eight are fools! You have to meet and come up with a better solution than just getting even! Continue reading


In the old days children knew they wanted to be a cowboy, a nurse, a policeman or policewoman, a doctor, a pilot. Today they expect them to know what sex they want to be at a very young age! Then encourage them to make changes that cannot be changed back AND not tell their parents of their what is going on!

Bill Maher says when he was eight he wanted to be a pirate. Thank goodness he was not scheduled for surgery for a peg leg!

PS At nine years old I was selling newspapers on Dania Beach at the old draw Bridge, when it opened to let sight seeing boats and fishing boat through the cars backed up, I walk the line of cars and sold Ft Lauderdale newspapers. I did that for seven years. So I guess that’s one of the things that helped me choose this profession.


Where does Biden get off canceling student debt. Then rewarding the people who paid their debt by taxing them to cover the cost for those who did not (Politics Stinks). If you agree with this you need to go to another continent.


Americans that are soft spoken or not out going, do not challenge people that are defacing or protesting and chanting bad thing about our country. Don’t let them get away with it! We are in a time that people don’t want to offend others. If they are wrong tell them you don ’t agree, don’t stand idle. Continue reading

By TomL

Spend money with your home boys! We have a mini farm in Dunnellon Florida,  thirty five years ago we had a local contractor build our house and at the time we said use local contractors later it paid off…I have been practicing “buying home town” for years. It pays off!

We had a electrical problem  this month when a short in an out building caused my breaker box in the house to flip and could not be reset. In taking it out we found it fried, it was a one of a kind 150 amp Baker.

It was 35 years old and they don’t make them any more. We looked every where and all the electrical suppliers said you have to have a new electrical panel installed.  A local company that did the electric contracting was still in business in the area. We explained the problem to them, it seems one of the two original owners had some new parts in the back of his warehouse. He found the part and gave it to me free! It will keep me going until I can afford a new panel $1500 estimated. Shop at home!

Bidenomic’s has put America in Decline. Biden is not in control he is being used and does not always follow directions. Some times he act’s unaware and other times he seems sharp, Hypnosis? He has a story for everything and if he does not, he will make one up. I believe Obama / Nancy Pelosi / Chuck Shumer and the Green squad are controlling him because they know what he has been doing and he is compromised. He has to go along or go to jail. He has made no effort to find out who or how the COVID started . But he can control the masses if they have to wear mask and work at home. He will say mask for the children at school’s. Then the people will vote by mail in ballots and that is what they need to win the election. Just the same way they stoled the last election. Now we have prosecution or persecution? It is easy to see the political  move on Trump is TRUMPED UP!  Continue reading

I recently sat down for an interview with Megyn Kelly.

She said, “[you could be] enjoying this beautiful golf course, Mar-a-Lago, your lovely family. You don’t have to be running for President, sitting for 4 criminal trials, some civil and possibly looking at jail time. Is it worth it?

My answer is simple: America is always worth it.

Because if we don’t win the 2024 election, we won’t have a country anymore.


By TomL

I have to keep the location out of this story. It is an incident still colmenating.

In September I complained in writing to a persons  a email address that no one else would see, about a persons educate that effected a small group of people. Basically this small group of people stand in the drizzling rain were waiting in line for their turn and another person butted ahead of them. I complained to the person by email. Signed my name and with my phone number. A guy who was a friend of his did not like what I had to say. While ranting at me on the phone he mentioned he did not care how big I was, how long a body part is, who I knew bla bla bla and then he called me a CONSERVATIVE I said what? How dare you! I answered when the guy took a breath and said I am a hard core Republican Conservative!

At the end about ten minutes we agreed to disagree. That afternoon I looked up conservative. The dictionary missed a few thing that describe  me.

One place it says holding traditional values, again I agree in favoring private enterprise, private ownership and social traditional ideas. It also says right-winger reactionary, diehard. On the internet it says…

Conservatives are group of individuals, mostly republicans who have a different view or philosophy in the political world. Conservatives have both a political and social philosophy that allows traditional institutions to be upheld and maintained in the government

BUT they left out a few thing……….

I believe in family, god, and country, friends and my right to bare arms. I guess I need to learn how to back up a little but so far unless the odds are outrageously high I won’t. I would not want to get someone else hurt! I have been known to shut up which some times is best. You know…It does not matter how much you argue when you are wrong you are wrong and I told him about his Assets. oops wrong spelling. I think you got the idea.


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