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By TomL

Trump Impeachment Failed! But it told me something the RIGHT and a lot about the LEFT. It was all theatrics, did you see those lawyers trying to make a point. They even used edited videos so it would help them make their point. I am really disappointed in Mitch McConnell. It was over he had no reasonable reason to make a anti-Trump speech after the impeachment failed. UNLESS the old school Republicans are as afraid of Trump as the Left is!

I believe the Left is afraid of the millions of followers and how far they will follow Trump. Now I’m beginning to think that the old school Republican want him out of the way so they can run a different candidate, because right now there is no question who will run as the Republican candidate.

The Congress, the House and the Senate are composed of many attorneys, not that is wrong but the have a different thought process, they are deal makers. When a guy like Trump comes along. He is half bad boy and half Political Animal. Not many men or women that I know of would stand in a dictators Country and tell them no to a trade. He has told many of them we are not sending money any more and you are not paying your part. Continue reading

By TomL

Have you ever had a cloud hanging over you. Here is how you handle it. My Business Bank account got hacked, the Bank took care of it with much worry on my behave! “But I Smiled!” I came home the other night and the drain was back up in the Kitchen. I found the Plumber snake and got it working after much worry on my behalf. But I Smiled. Two days later my AC unit broke down. The AC guy came and after much worry on my behalf and four days without AC it was fix. When I paid the bill it hurt. But I just Smiled. So today I will start out smiling before anything happens and maybe nothing else will break for a while. JUST KEEP SMILING AND DON’T LET IT GET TO YOU. SMILE!


From a reader…

A reader pointed out that ebay will not allow sales of Confederate Flag. So now the factory’s are not making as many, for not making them at all. Just another way of controlling what we can purchase. Continue reading

By TomL

I came down with COVID-19 Then my wife came down with COVID-19. Not a fun thing!

We had a nice small family Christmas day afternoon Dinner. About one AM I got very sick like a stomach Flu with plenty of pain. Terrible night. I thought it was something I ate did not agree with me. My energy level went to the bottom for days. Three days later my wife got sick, she slept about twenty hours. When she woke up the next day, we both went for the COVID-19 test. We tested positive! It was not a good experience but we took massive doses of vitamin CC, B-12, Iron, 500 mg Zinc, 500 mg D-3, ate soup when we could get something down and we got better. I ask if I was now ammune and I think the answer is temporary the new strains can reinfect us so get your shot when you are able!


Who said Joe Biden was not religious, he raised thousands from the dead to vote for him…


I wondered how long some of our Political leaders have been in power / Office and what they have accomplished??? Continue reading

By TomL

I really got heated when I saw Jake Tapper on National TV make a comment about our Congressman Brian Mast. Tapper was talking about Mast. “He lost his legs fighting for democracy abroad, although I don’t know about his commitment to it here in the United States.”

Congressman Mast said in case you missed it, recently CNN’s Jake Tapper exercised his First Amendment right and questioned my commitment to Democracy on live television.

His First Amendment rights – that I lost two legs and a finger for fighting on the battlefield – are exactly that; they are HIS First Amendment rights, that are guaranteed in the United States Constitution.

CNN reporter Jake Tapper can say anything he wants but Congressman Brian Mast did not give up his legs so the Liberal Media can silence whoever he wants.

CNN and all the other need to honor our veterans and not try to make them look weak because they are not.

By TomL

Where do I start well I did hear one person say his daughter got healthcare when she could not afford what they offered before Obama Care, she had a preexisting condition. I guess you could call it the perfect storm. You force everyone to pay for the insurance including the people who don’t want it that way the people who are not sick pay doff the people who are sick.

Where it gets sticky is who pays for the elderly who have paid in all their lives and the politicians have spent the money giving it to other country that don’t like us! I guess you could call it a “Like us fee”. Another sticky place is when half the people refused to pay for the healthcare it got really expensive.  So not to have it fail the government subsidized people who could not afford Obama Care. Guess where that came from, yep the tax payers.

Gosh we came up with a shortage of nurses, the federal government subsidized that. I met a whole family that was being subsidized for going to nursing school. One of the four actually did some nursing but no RN’s. Guess where that came from, yep the tax payers.

They tell me that if you show up at the hospital for emergency care you will not be denied, so why  is it so urgent to have a government run healthcare? Is it so we the Taxpayer will pay for the people who entered this country illegally? Is it because they are trying to dilute the vote of the American people?

Keep your hands out of my pocket…There is nothing there!

So I say keep your hands off my Healthcare!

2019:  Stay away from negative people.  2020:  Stay away from positive people.


The world has turned upside down.  Old folks are sneaking out of the house & their kids are yelling at them to stay indoors!


This morning I saw a neighbor talking to her dog.  It was obvious she thought her dog understood her.  I came into my house & told my cat.  We had a good laughed.


The nicest place to be is in someone’s thoughts, the safest place to be is in someone’s prayers, and the best place to be is in GOD’S hands.


Poor Children of every color picked cotton. Open a book and read about the cotton plantations. Children worked in the cotton fields all day barefooted and they were of all colors white, black, all minority’s. Everyone worked to get the job done! Continue reading

By TomL

Our Country is so divided, it is full of HATE and not enough LOVE! I guess our next step is to learn to recognize the difference and join in with the people who are not full of hate and support the fact people have the right to be different. Anything that is driven by hate eventually destroys itself in the end. The Democrats let the Socialist join their party to use their votes. When they realize they have been used all hell will break loose. The Party that will be in tacked In four years will be the Republican Party they will pick up the pieces. The Tax Payers and the country will be hurt!

Why did Donald Trump get voted out? First there are people who say he did not get voted out but as it is finalized one way or another, I ask myself what happened so I started asking people around me in my circle of people I know. The one thing that several people said, “If he would just stop talking!” I think they mean if he would stop talking when he made his point. The problem is he could not because the Main Stream Media was on him 24 …7.

In my opinion, the things that need to happen! 1st We the people need to build a bigger and better Internet and not let anyone take control it. Where has the FCC been? If you slander someone they can sue you! 2nd All the States must have the same election Laws. You can not have a President that runs all of the United States if every state makes their own laws. We need to pass laws that allow Media to be sued for slander or reporting and repeating a statement same thing that has been proven to be untrue. Make the main stream media prove their facts or pay the consequences. We can’t just allow lies to be repeated time after time and ruin someones life. Continue reading

Where do we go from here??? Well I hope we can work on re-enforcing the voting laws so that everyone has confidence in them. Electing a President who helps governs all of the United States will not work if all the states are setting their own election laws! One set of elections laws for all states! Requester ballots only! ID to prove you are eligible to vote and strengthen penalty’s for election fraud!

Our Country does have it’s problems but if we follow our Constitution we will survive. While we have 9 Supreme Court Justices they need to give us a ruling on all the problems that are arising over the Election and just make everything that was done is legal according to our Constitution. They don’t want to get into the mix but this so big they must rule, Question: Was everything done legally according to our Constitution? If yes so be it! Where do we go from here. I think there will be many protest and there will be a lot of violence and it could turn into a Civil War, which I warned people many months ago. I also think Bernie Sanders will create havoc with the Democrats because he feels like he had a deal and now they are not making good. But Bernie should expect that because he used the Democrats. I say FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION! Continue reading

Art Meadows

I was floored to hear my friend of many years passed away. I knew he was sick but not that sick. The President of the Ocala Business Leaders made the announcement and we each took time to remember him. Many members spoke in remembering him. He was known for his practical jokes. I am sorry that I could not get a proper Obit for him, it just was available. One of my number one remembrances was twenty some odd years ago he invited me to the Ocala Business Leaders meeting. They had just renamed the club, Dave Liner was the founder, Art Meadows was a cherished member. I sat at the same table with him for many years. I will miss him!


The worst wildfire season in California’s history blanketed Silicon Valley in a fog of smoke, burnt timber and destroyed homes. There is no Forest management program in California to prevent these fires. In Florida we have controlled burns to burn the under brush, so that there is nothing on the ground to flare up and go out of control. Now California want the United States Tax payers to bail them out for their mismanagement. Trump says NO!  They have been warned time after time that it was a ticking time bomb. Now it has happened.


According to the masterminds at Facebook, Twitter & Google, we should not be watching and listening to doctors who actually meet and treat patients.  No, we should listen to the heads of huge bureaucracies who have not treated a patient in decades.

I understand that one of the doctors in one video has hired the same attorney who is representing Nicholas Sandman, the teenager who was slandered by the media.  This could get interesting.

Facebook and twitter has the power to change peoples lives and don’t have to answer for any of it. When the Hunter Biden email were uncovered by a computer repair shop, they hit the Facebook / Twitter platforms and were immediately froze. They could not be accessed. Apparently the emails show it goes deeper than just Hunter. Nevertheless the whole thing looks very suspicious to me. Family members should not be aloud to profit from our Government Officials.


If you have been a reader of this newspaper you might remember for years I have been predicting a third party would rise and be as strong as the two we have now. Well, Burnie Sanders was well on his way to a third party, but he decide to try to take over the Democratic Party and he almost did. Sanders figured with a third Party it would be splitting the vote and Trump would win. So they made some kind of deal, nobody knows what it is but I’m sure, if they win we will feel it.


Now is the time for us retirees to look at our Health Insurance. There are some changes as I have heard. Have not heard them yet, right now I am with Humana, not sure what I am going to do. My agent is running an ad in this newspaper on page three.


I listened to this hearing on Judge Amy Coney Barrett. I was disgusted when Senator Sheldon made accusations about big money involvement in the Supreme Court Justices. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas took it to him and said you should make accusations about big money. Out of the top twenty wealthiest people in the United States sixteen had donated almost a Billion dollars to the Democrats.


I got a phone call from a Lady in the Villages. She did not like my story with the headline that said VOTE TRUMP! She attack my spelling, my Punctuation’s, my use of words or misuse of words and did not like the fact that I gave a one sided view. I said you sound like a democrat? She admitted she was. I said if you don’t like my views send me your views and I’ll run them right next to mine. I said my job is to serve the Community by giving them the right to see their opinion in print. I ran her opinion!


To end this months column, I would like to say that I am very nervous about this election. I can’t see the support that the media keeps reporting, that Joe Biden is ahead and might win  the election. The other thing that makes me nervous is all of these mail in ballots floating around. That would be and could be an illegal way to win an election. Also hear in Florida right now I know several people telling me they have gotten mail in ballots for dead people who used to live in their address. The proper way to take care of that in Marion County Florida is to call the Supervisor of elections and they can give you an address to return the Ballot to in Jacksonville. The Ballots had shown up several times and have not been able to stop them.

By TomL

I have researched this subject several times and it keep’s coming back to the same answers. There are less than ten rules you have to follow to create a Socialist Country. You tell me if some of this sounds familiar!

First you have to do these things…

1) Healthcare – Control total healthcare (Obama Care or affordable Care Act)

2) Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible (Shutting down businesses)

3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level (Asking for Stimulus Money)

4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government (Gun Control)

5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect, food, housing, income (The less jobs the more control)

6) Education – Take control of what people read (Re-Educate the young to the good of Socialism)

7) Religion – Remove the belief in God (Make people believe in Government not God!)

8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor, eliminate the middle class (the working class is taken Advantage of in their job, they will pay taxes and will not own anything).
Results Socialism then Communism. TOTAL CONTROL!

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