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First I am not going to make any resolutions yet!!! The past year has been challenging with readers thinking that because a story or letter is in my paper, it’s my belief. Remember my job is to bring you everyone’s opinion. I am still struggling to get Automobile ads in my papers. I need one for Ocala papers and one for the Villages papers.

One of the new and exciting things that happened was we won four Statewide awards, two I will mention. One was our Graphics Designer Christine Boody, who won first place best online Digital Graphics Design. I was lucky enough to win first place “Best Editorial,” on subject “What is a Political Pac.”

We had another honor; at least I consider it an honor. The University of Florida has asked permission to put our Ocala paper in their Digital Library. I am pleased for that opportunity.

I am in the process of learning a little bit about the re-fi world and how hard it is to get a mortgage rate under 4%. When you do there is a lot of information you must supply. Continue reading

Village Spectator / Lady Lake Magazine

Results from our newspapers Questionnaire November

Question…What will you spend money on next year?




Auto & Truck

Arts & Crafts


Cell ph/ Smart ph

Home Improvement

Medical Services



Health Club





Home Air-conditioning

Lawn care

Golf Equipment

Auto Maintenance

Real Estate

Tax adviser


Home Heating


Financial Planner

Legal Gambling


Golf Cart































Continue reading

By TomL

In The Early Days…

I have been reading accounts that Harold Swartz Dream is being changed. All these people talking about Swartz and Morris dream being changed. I met Harold Swartz in the first year he started the Orange Blossom Gardens. That was the Villages first name. In Dunnellon Florida it was Lake Tropicana and Rainbow Lakes Estates. I printed Villages first newspaper in Inverness Florida, Orange Blossom Gardens. I actually recommended an Editor-in-Chief to Harold Swartz that was more than qualified. She lasted about three months. She thought she was going to run a newspaper. Not true.

At that time I met Harold Swartz. Swartz Junior, yes I said Swartz junior and Morris. Swartz Junior was a millionaire playboy. He was not born to make the Villages grow. He wanted to play. They put him in charge of the Golf Courses before they were a big business.

Harold Swartz’ original dream was that he wanted his own city, his own bank, his own grocery stores, and all of his own retail stores. He wanted golf cart access to his whole city. He could not achieve all at once but he came pretty close at the end. The whole idea was to give people of all levels of wealth a millionaire life style. Continue reading

By TomL & Friends / Ocala DownTown / Seniors Voice of Ocala

MOJO’s SBA referral Club met at MOJO’s next to Target on 200. We had a small celebration with three different appetizers on the table: fried pickles; fried green beans; something called a mess??? It had waffle fries, meat, chili, cheese…I don’t know, it probably changes every day, but it was good. All of our members attending had different meals and were very pleased.

Gruff’s Restaurant, Dunnellon Fl. Used to be the Dinner Bell Restaurant. It has stepped up in the world. I had dinner there the other night. Service was good, dinner was delicious, prices were moderate. A pleasant experience. Continue reading

By TomL

I’m almost happy it’s over. I don’t think justice was served. Half of the country feels that way and the other half feels the other way. Some are elated and the pro-Trumpers don’t seem to be effected. They continue to go to rallies because they like what he has done and where he is going. The United States is on one of the biggest upswings that it has ever experienced. More jobs than ever before, less unemployment, lots of people off food stamps, stock market is continuing to be driven by the middle class because Trump has created enough jobs that people are working, people are spending and manufacturing is up.

I have to hand it to Speaker Pelosi. She is using the Impeachment results as a bargaining chip. It could backfire when people start going to jail because of the real high crime by our top criminal Justice people that started this whole investigation. It will be measured by the number of people that go to jail. I’m pretty sure there will be more than a dozen. But I see the top four people are talking about seven layers of people involved. I don’t believe that.

The mainstream media is not doing the job that the reporters use to do. In fact a few reporters were manufacturing crisis or miss reporting on purpose. They have to create a headline to sell newspapers whether it is true or not. Continue reading

What I believe was the last Rainbow Springs Cowboy, Dave Springer has passed away. He is survived by his wife Vicki Edmondson Springer. They were living in St Petersburg at the time of his passing.  He was known for his story telling about the history of local cowboys & cowgirls that competed in the rodeos. He will be remembered as a local historian. He remembered names, dates, events, who won, everything you would want to know about different events.

I first met Dave 30 years ago when we hired him to break a horse for us. At the time he was working at the Rainbow Springs attraction Daily Rodeo. He rode twice a day and made $10 per show. They would ride bucking horses and most of the time get thrown off because that’s what the audience came to see. He camped out in Rainbow Springs most of the time. He had a dog with him.

Dave knew everyone and everyone knew him. Some liked him and some did not. But I remember the stories he told about the cowboys and cowgirls. I also remember the stories he told about the local cowboys and their competing to win the top rider. Continue reading

Roma’s Italian Restaurant review…There are usually 10 to 12 of us that dine out together every week and we dine at Roma’s quite often.  The food is always good and the wait staff is very friendly.   Whether you are ordering a calzone, chicken cacciatore or eggplant parmigiana, you can expect a wonderful meal.  Vickie is our frequent waitress and she is amazing – always getting the order & billing correct with a pleasant and friendly smile.  I would recommend Roma’s to anyone in the Ocala area that wants a good Italian meal. (Off US 27 next to Publix). Ron & Elaine


Front Porch home style cooking, very well prepared, appetizing to look at and the service was good Buuuuut they have home pies fresh made daily.


Breakfast Go For Donuts fresh baked in house every night. Dunlop Florida.


Terry Restaurant on Friday. Great fish sandwich or Shrimp Poor Boy.


Mojo’s many great salads in an eatable crunchy shell with your choice of meat and dressing.


A New Hardee’s and Taco Bell has opened in Dunnellon. They are moving and shaking in Dunnellon. I like Hardees roast beef.


Villages area Texas Road House had a coupon in the Village Spectator in the October issue for a free Cactus Blossom. Good till 12-31-19


A restaurant I frequent is Northgate Diner at the corner of NW 35th St and Old 301/200A/J’ville Rd. The food is good ol’ home cooking style. The service is as great as the food and very moderately priced. The owner Tammy Lolley, and has been in business for over 17 years. PS-Tammy is also a great bowler.


Lunch at Applebee’s. I had to travel to Tampa for newspaper and order newspaper bags for the Villages papers. It went well. I pulled into the loading dock area, told the guy at the desk my name and in about three minutes I hear a forklift. I drop the tail gate on my truck and the guy slides the pallet into the truck and we left…Fast!

On the way back my wife and I stopped at Applebee’s in the newly formed Wesley Chapel area. The hostess and the waitress were very friendly and accommodating. I order a Whiskey Burger medium (no alcohol ). It was a handmade burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato and battered thin sliced onion fried crisp on top before putting the top bun half on. It was served with fries. I ordered coffee if they could assure me it would be hot…It was. My wife had a bowl of potato soup with cheese on top. It was good and thick and a house salad. Both were well prepared and were delicious. It was a good experience!

There is a new drink being served in Washington. It is called Supenacolada!

Another interesting thing I saw when I was in George Marshals Flags and Flag Poles place downtown Lady Lake the other day, he had Trump Water. It’s in a blue bottle,  with red cap and a red, white and blue label. The label says Trump President 2020 with American Flags on it. I think it’s a collectible.

What in the Trump world is going on??? The following is what is going on… A kangaroo court is a court that ignores recognized standards of law or justice, and often carries little or no official standing in the territory within which it resides. The term may also apply to a court held by a legitimate judicial authority who intentionally disregards the court’s legal or ethical obligations. More…What is the meaning of the idiom kangaroo court? A self-appointed tribunal that violates established legal procedure; also, a dishonest or incompetent court of law. Continue reading

by Staff Writer

President Trump called the newly elected Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyto to congratulate him. While he was on the phone they talked about a number of things. During the infamous phone call Trump ask him if he was looking into the Biden matter. From what I have been told he did not say Joe Biden. Anyway if there is a crime you cannot stop asking questions because of politics. I have experienced over fifty years of politics and am tired of politicians getting off with their influence. I have seen people’s lives ruined by opponents telling lies. When they get caught telling lies nothing happens because the Law Enforcement does not look at that as a serious crime. So I am looking into the Presidential issue of the phone call in question. First I don’t believe anyone should be allow to listen in on a President talking to another World leader. But to go back in history, why I think the President has a right to ask another leader for help….here what I found…

A 1999 treaty between the United States and Ukraine on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.

From THE WHITE HOUSE, November 10, 1999. To the Senate of the United States: Continue reading

Mojos Ocala Florida next to Target

On the menu Houndog and steamed vegetables. Houndog is a huge hot dog wrapped in bacon and fried. Was great!

Olive Garden Inverness Fl, Hwy 44 between Inverness and Crystal River

Shrimp Scampy, bread, tossed salad, coffee was not hot enough for me. Everything else was great.

Terry’s Restaurant

Terry Restaurant bakes their bread fresh every night. I ordered with bun on the side to go. Fish sandwich or shrimp poboy comes with lettuce tomato, onion, pickle. Comes with fries on Friday special. Continue reading

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