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By TomL

Antonio West was the child who was shot and killed by two teens, who were attempting to rob his mother, his mother was also shot. Antonio’s murder and his mother wounding made the news for maybe a day, and then disappeared.

A Grand Jury from Brunswick, Georgia ruled the teens who murdered Antonio will not face the death penalty… it was Antonio who got the death penalty from his killers instead, because his mother didn’t have the money they demanded. They shot him in the face!

Murders from

June 1 thru July 10 

7/10- Brittany Simpson, white

7/6- Sarah Goode, white

7/6- Jeffrey Westerfield, white

7/5- Perry Renn, white male

7/3- Laurey Kennedy, white

7/3 Eric Mollet, white

7/2 Rupert Anderson, white

7/2 Jennifer Kingeter, white

6/30 Jim Brennan, white

6/29 Paul Shephard, white Continue reading

If you see an American Flag that has anything changed or added? it violate the flag code!  No color changes, why would you want a black and white flag? Why would you want a American Flag with  a thin blue line? Another Style that is hitting the internet right now is half U.S. and half military… Most of those are made in China. Any changes of or on the American Flag violate the flag code! The only thing you can do is make it bigger or smaller!!!

Tom Loury Publisher raises his OBL cup to the Ocala Business Leader friends for many years, Photo by Tammy Portrait Artist, Inc.


Conner Hoff the missing young man has been found. Conner turned up missing June 17, 2020. He is well and that is all I know. Thanks to all you people out there that helped find him!


To you historians out there! Let’s go back 100 years. A guy named Jon (John) Mines lived near a place called Brown’s Mountain here in the United States. I think that it is in Penn / West Virginia / Ohio area. Mines was a timber surveyor. I would like to locate his family. Anyone out there have a way of tracking history in there computer?


Sir Nicholas Winton  saved 669 Human Lives from Nazi Concentration camps. His wife Grete found a note book with a list of the Children he had saved and offered to

BBC television station. They surprised Nicholas by honoring him and inviting all the people he saved to a thank you event. He was over whelmed. Continue reading

Money and the lust for power

George Soros is a socialist and the Sponsors of Antifa. He is a card carrying member of several Anti-American groups. He has supported a large number of people with political ambitions. Pictures are circulating  of Corey Booker and Alex Soros, Nancy Pelosi and Alex Soros, Hillary Clinton and George Soros, the Lady that accused Judge Kavanaugh of wrong doing and George Soros, connections Robert Soros is married to Adam Schiff’s sister and last but not least Chelsea Clinton is married to Mark Mezvinski, George Soros nephew. Small world isn’t it!

It is said that George Soros got his money by destabilizing Countries. He wants America!

Are you going to give it to him?


Martin Luther King once said: “ We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”


Villages Fl…I read that an Alligator was apprehended with a Bang Stick. Well I guess he was. Continue reading

By TomL

It is said there are many Universities in the United States that receive monetary gifts (money) from China. We are talking about more than a one hundred. Many of the Colleges are required to disclose the donation. This means a Communist Country has influence over the education of some of our finest…There are many colleges that teach a program by the Chinese government to teach American students about the Chinese Culture.

Any College with credentials must disclose gifts or money of more than $250,000 from a foreign power. About a third teaching the way of China culture (Confucius Institute) report it. Now we are beginning to see where some of this way of thinking that is coming out of the mouth of our college students.

Is this how you want your young to be educated? Socialism and eating animals from a live market that are unsanitary. I can’t get that vision out of my head, there was a video sent to me. There were dogs/ cats / bats/ creatures we would try to swat is on that market, for sale to eat, not healthy.

What say you?

This month Trump donated his quarterly $100,000 presidential salary to rebuild our Military Cemeteries. I have not seen this in the news. Maybe they think it is not a big enough salary?

There is nothing that can explain how Donald Trump is still standing after the cruelest and most unrelenting attack that any leader of the free world has ever experienced. Someone much bigger than you and I want him right where he is and at least half of the American people want their country cleaned up. We are tired of filling the pockets of a few law breaking do nothing politicians. By the way the president did not close your business the Governors did!

They are using the Black Lives Matter Campaign to disrupt the Country. Of course Black lives matter and yes we have a few bad Police Officers, but they have been allowed by the politicians to continue to do more than one illegal incident. They never tell the people protesting that the Republicans freed the Slaves. Many soldiers of color died defending the Confederate Flag!  How about the first 23 People of color were Republicans. So we need a program that show the protesters that they are being used for their vote and used to disrupt our political system because the truth is coming out and many of our Democratic leaders is going down. So distract / distract / distract. Continue reading

By TomL

They worry about China, Russia and other countries manipulating our elections! What about our food source, our water supply, our medical supplies, our power grid and manipulation of our oil supply.

I am hearing we have a shortage of Beef product for Wendy’s restaurant because at the slaughter house processing plants many employees tested positive to COVID-19 and there is a shortage of workers, so they closed the plants. The Smithfield meat processing plants supplies a large portion of USA meats. They are owned by a Chinese Holding Company.

Let me ask because no one else is. Why are so many employees sick and testing positive at the Smithfield meat processing facility? Is the meat OK? Why are we importing beef when we have plenty cattle of in this country? To Nikki Fried (Democrat) the head of Agriculture, don’t let any other country own our food sources or our processing source. Continue reading

Our flag is at half-staff to mourn the loss of our fellow Americans that lost their lives from the Coronavirus. We mourn the loss of our first responders, doctors, nurses and medical team members that died trying to save lives. We pray for the Medical team members trying to save lives. We pray for our president to make the right choices to save the people of this great country. It is very hard to fight an invisible enemy, but we will win and we will find out where it came from and make them pay!

By Tom Loury

Unemployment access is almost impossible. I interviewed one person that started filing five days before any results in answering the questionnaire to receive unemployment. This person might be eligible time start two week from filing, time starts then two weeks pay, then file employment efforts every two weeks to receive a two week check.

It took every morning many filing effort, every afternoon many filling efforts and some nights when the website was not shut down. You would get 3 pages into the filing and everything would shut down. It took five days of many hours per day. Look at all the money the state saved!

Now the governor is replacing the man in charge who was a Rick Scott hold over. Was it his fault? It looks good on paper. The department of Management Services secretary Jonathan Satter will be in charge of the broken system. Let’s hope Jonathan can give Floridians new hope so they can pay some bills and buy some groceries. It’s way over a month into this job crash and people are desperate.

Late Breaking news:  Governor DeSantis waved the two week review for collecting unemployment.

Easter was good. It was just a small part of our family not the 25 we originally planned, but for good reason. We had a one child Easter egg hunt for my grandson. He was happy and we had a nice meal for five of us. It is our duty to make sure that those around us know what Easter really means.

Our world has become a hostile place with tornados ripping through the country side and killing people, lethal viruses creeping across our country killing people. We can’t live in fear. We just go with what happens and pray for the best.

The virus brought out some peoples’ good side. I was pumping gas and a guy I have never seen before walked up and handed me some gloves and said will these help. I have extra to share he said. I called on a customer that gave me a face mask to help protect me from the virus.

A lot of my customers just shut down. One locked his doors but with an open sign on the door. If a customer came to the door they were allowed in to make their purchase. One customer said she could not keep enough product on the shelves, people are buying extra. Continue reading

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