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The oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve. Surprise! It was an Apple. It had extremely limited memory. Just one byte. Then everything crashed.

Sanders, Harris, Booker and Warren are pushing the Democratic party off the cliff and re-Identifying the Party. I was a lifelong Democrat coming from my Family upbringing. This very thing they are doing now is what help me make up my mind this was not the party for me. Obama started the move to the left. Moving to a different party was a traumatic move because of family.  A few of my family have opened their eyes, others have not. It is their choice, I don’t mind, they are still family. I have many friends who have different views.

Believe it or not? A KGB defector Yuri Bezmenovs warned America about brain washing in the schools and colleges. One of the other things they are being taught is to use the word “racist”.

American values are under attack. If you push too hard something has to give or break. I hope it is not our form of government. Respect the people in office and vote with your heart and brain. Continue reading

By TomL

Several months ago I wrote a story about a School Bus Driver that was charged wrongfully. She was charged with Child Abuse, was arrested, lost her job of 30 years, was humiliated and her picture was on the internet in Marion County prison attire. Here is how it went down.

Two male teachers come out the school with a student, one hand under each arm and put him on the handicap bus. The aide asked him to get into his seat. He refused but finally did. The aide was trying to get him buckled in because the bus can’t move until he is buckled in. He punched the aide in the face and grabbed the seatbelt buckle next to him and hit the aide in the head with it.

The bus driver seeing this went back and held his hands down so that the aide could buckle him in. The school charged the driver with child abuse? Continue reading

NATION                 INCOME TAX                         SALES TAX             PRICE OF GAS

Germany                     47%                                        19%                   $6.00 per gallon

England                      47%                                         20%                  $6.10   “      “

Italy                            45.8%                                      22%                  $6.84   “      “

Greece                        65%                                         24%                  $6.83   “      “

This is what the democrats want to pass. The countries that have this structure are unraveling. Wake Up!

Someone needs to tell the Democrats to stop investigating and start investing in our country. It’s time to stop acting like children. Our country and our values are at stake. I really think they are afraid of what the AG is going to uncover. We might be surprised about how high it goes. The Democrats think they have been cheated. Our Attorney General Investigated it’s over! The Democrats won’t stop! I wrote about the indicators of a civil war. They are all right in front of us today. Let’s pray it does not happen. That is what Russia and China want.

As Publisher I try to decide the next step forward. How do I move this publication forward? We are attaching our online editions to Chamber of Commerces, businesses and we will move more into online videos also. Watch for us. Use our newspapers by advertising with us. You won’t be sorry. For advertising call Tom at 352-804-1223. There is something different happening in the Villages. When people tell us they are going north, stop the paper, we give them the online info. We still print and deliver the same amount of papers, we just reach out further. Continue reading

by TomL

There are so many incidents about school bus drivers that were thrown to the wolves, I decided to write about it.

The schools in our country are riddled with children that should have a different environment, not the school system. Children that can’t learn for one reason or another are put into a contained room at school all day. Not being allowed to leave could make things worse. They eat, use the bathroom, spend the day in the contained unit. Yes that is what they call it “containment unit!” I guess you can say it’s a type of restraint and they are “physically” taken if needed to a school bus where the driver is expected to take them home safely. Being contained all day probably has them on edge. That is why I say there needs to be a different environment, not prison school (containment unit). They need  one school per county just for the challenged and their parents need to drop them off and pick them up. Just escorting or sending the children to the school bus is not enough. Allowing this to happen is poor leadership. Continue reading

By Peter W. Wagner

Being part of a community – be it a town, neighborhood, church or social/service organization – was just about everyone’s desire when I was growing up as the youngest of two boys in a traditional family of four.

A dozen years later, when my wife and I were starting our first paper, I came to realize every town needed five things to exist: a locally owned and managed bank willing to support civic endeavors, a local school system with programs and sporting events that brought the people together, a community newspaper to create consensus, at least the semblance of retail stores offering a good selection of the everyday basics from groceries, clothing, auto parts to greeting cards and finally, because I live in Northwest Iowa, a locally owned and managed cooperative elevator.

But the times are changing. Everything is becoming multi-location and regional. Few small-town banks are still locally owned and managed. Most large corporate banking organizations are less interested in supporting local projects such as the rebuilding of the aging baseball field or the use of their lobby for a charity bake sale. Continue reading

The clock neared midnight Tuesday as Representatives in the Florida House debated at length over an amendment to a larger healthcare bill that would put a proposed cap on THC for smokable medical marijuana. House Democrats asked amendment sponsor Rep. Ray Rodrigues a series of questions related to the affordability of medical cannabis, potential for litigation and the issue of patients turning to the black market to treat their ailments with stronger marijuana. But at 11:50 p.m. the bill was temporarily postponed before the main debate on the bill even began. House Speaker José Oliva then told the chamber they’d be taking up SB 168, or the Senate’s version of a bill to ban so-called “sanctuary cities” in Florida. And that was that in the battle Democrats were waging against one of this session’s most controversial bills.

The Washington Post is reporting Wednesday that special counsel Robert Mueller sent a letter on March 27 to Attorney General William Barr expressing displeasure with the Department of Justice’s four-page summary of the investigation into Russian election interference and President Donald Trump. Barr’s brief summary for Congress “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of the 448-page investigation, Mueller said. The summary said Mueller found Trump did not collude with Russia and while Mueller was inconclusive on obstruction of justice, Barr determined Trump did not.

At TomL Publishing we have 4 monthly Newspapers: two in Ocala (Ocala DownTown which covers Silver Springs Blvd & Seniors Voice of Ocala which covers HWY 200). In and near the Villages we have the Lady Lake Magazine which covers Lady Lake Villages & North of 466 we have Village Spectator covering where Lake & Sumter & Marion county come together.

Our Newspapers are print and thrown to the yards, but we are also online at, and, which are all mobile friendly. On the sites’ Home page we have rotating banners and quick links to the latest news, events, columns. On the sites we also publish advertising rates and circulation.  For our customers we will put your thirty second video on our Facebook free. Continue reading

For some reason we are getting everything backward. Is it Politics??? Let’s put everyone we don’t like under oath and ask questions and see if they incriminate anyone, then they scare them with prison time, and offer them immunity to turn on others they want to imprison.

“In this country, if you cheat to get into college you go to jail. But if you cheat to get into this country, you go to college for free. Make sense?”

Instead of investigating a crime we swear people into the Grand Jury and ask them gotcha questions. We try to create a crime. If they lie they go to jail, if they do not find anything they investigate their spouses and their children. In this country we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. In case of investigating the President and many others, they have it backwards. For some reason Congress thinks they have the authority to demand to see what they had not been privileged to see in the past. Continue reading

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