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By TomL

Saturday Morning Donald Trump stated that he would be arrested for the Stormy Danniel’s thing  all the top  FBI and the DOJ have already looked at. In fact the statue of limitation has run out. They are struggling to make him look bad. I ask how many times can they investigate the same thing??? I think Trump has grounds for Harassment!

April 2023 news brings something that I have been reporting for three years. Dr Anthony Fauci who is supposed to be the leading Medical Authority in our country proves to be a lot less in my opinion. Three years ago my research on the internet stated that the United States were involved in suppling money for research at the Wuhan Lab. It goes on during Obama’s term at which during that time the money was being funneled through a company and then sent to the research Lab so it would not be visible to the American people. Several bad mishaps at the Lab brought attention to the Lab and Obama told Fauci to shut down our part of the research on on the viral research, Fauci did not! The research went on for some years hidden under some cloat of secrecy. Continue reading

We the voters are worried about our state and our vote. Acting like your about to announce a run for President is not fair to the Florida voters…We stuck our neck out against the other candidates and now the news media’s are taunting you to announce. DON”T DO IT!

Florida had some rough spots but was not in bad shape. Yes you did some good things to ensure our vote be counted, I’m still not sure double the cost of the lottery was a good thing. How much is a dream of winning and living poverty free for life. I don’t beleive in the Turnpike Extension and many other pending things. You need to stay and take care of the things you started.  Continue reading

By TomL

When I was a young lad of 14 years old I belonged to the Optimist Club of Dania Beach Florida. We had all kinds of activities going on my dad was a boxing coach, so you know what happened next. He had me in the ring but I did not like it.  Time went on and the other boxing coaches son challenged me and I said I was not interested. That went on for a while when finally my dad said, are you afraid of him? I said no but I’m not interested in fighting him without cause. Well it seemed that was not good enough so we fought the next week. My dad said do exactly what I taught you and you will be alright. He had a few pounds on me but when the fight started he started fast a furious but when I landed a couple of good punches he went crazy which is what my dad said he would do. I covered up and got in three more good punches in and they stopped the fight. That is what I have been doing all my life. Cover up and come back!

To get back to the Optimist Club. That same year we had an oratorical contest. I won a trip to the nationals, to Cuba to compete, Castro was fighting in the hills. Continue reading

The under lying problem with society today is to many people think they should live free of charge. We need to get back to Pride in our work and our country. Show respect to our history. But the main word is HOPE! When there is no hope people do desperate things. That is why crime is up. There is no consequence. In some states there is no enforcement because they prosecutors just turn them loose.

Remember we need HOPE!


The problem with Natural Immunity is it’s free and no one is gouging the tax payers for money for it.!


I’ve learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake. I’m responsible for what I say, but not how you understand.


In the old days the legendary frontiers people would call Fauci’s cure snake oil. Look how much money it cost for the snake oil, plaque he might have helped create. Continue reading

What I say about “Build back better”. The hell with that “put it back like it was!”

Look what happens when you order a president by mail!

Remember this fight now is for our freedom…There is no one else left to resupply us when we are fighting. Who will make food and supply drops to us like we do for other country’s. We are it,,,, there is no place to escape to by going across a border! Americans are not suppose to do that!

Our Governments job is to protect the people of this country not others country’s. Remember “AMERICA FIRST!”

The real enemy today is not from other country’s but the fat cat’s on the left in Washington!!! They are so disconnected from what life is like in the rest of the country, someone needs to wake them up! All these facts out are eye opener, OPEN THEM AND DO SOMETHING!. The election was stolen by the left from Trump by our own country. What happens when that is proven. Is the election null and void? Should it be done over? The Twitter releases and the Hunter Biden information release should be enough for Trump to reclaim the office. LAWSUIT? SUPREME COURT? Continue reading

By TomL

Fauci was involved in using an estimated 7.2m US dollars at the Wuhan Lab during Obama’s Presidency. DR Rand Paul shouted down Anthony Fauci over involvement at the Wuhan lab. He was probably there during the COVID leak and did not know it. Actually Fauci defended the use of US dollars.

They have already raided our Social Security Funds, now they have killed off thousands of of the most vulnerable the Seniors, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY OF THOSE WHO DIED? Where did it go? The Social Security fund should have a large surplus at the expense of many seniors who died in their golden years. Their spouses lives have been devastated. Their family lost their Grand Parent, Fathers, Mothers, Wives, Husbands, Uncle, Aunts,  a family member over the power thirst and hatred of USA by China. Biden is now looking at the death tax. That means taxing the money left to a  family member. Continue reading

By TomL

The election process is over for now, more to come in December. Now we have to pick up the pieces of the puzzle and put them together and take action.

If an Elections is won using Bit Coin stolen money is the election legal  or is it do over? Wait some Politicians steal money all the time. Why would this be different or is it?

I don’t know what to say about the election results. If the Republicans can win the Senate. Maybe they can slow the spending.

Over seas i see on the internet that China is struggling  because the loss of revenue from import export business. Trump imposed some tax on things they export to us. I’m not sure if Biden stop that import, export tax. Continue reading

Recently my wife received a phone call from a woman representing her as the office personnel of the electric company. She had my name and my wife’s name. She said she had a work order to shut our electricity off. We have a little farm out side of Dunnellon Florida. I am not sure what was said after that until she used the name Duke energy, we have Sumter Electric Co-op. My wife said we use SECO electric the woman quickly said well call your company and straighten this out and hung up.

Watch yourself on these kind of calls. You can panic and easily be taken advantage of, stay calm and think, don’t give them any information, call your power company or what ever they are threatening to turn off. Don’t use a phone number they give you. Look up your own phone number. Never give them your personal information.

Fraud Hotline 1-866-966-7226

  Ron DeSantis easily winning Florida. But remember Trump made Florida a red state. I like Ron DeSantis and most of his methods.

DeSantis is backing the Turnpike extension other wise he would  done something about the harassment of the land owners and home owners in North Central Florida over putting a turnpike extension through family farmers and through peoples homes. People are actually selling their homes to get away from the fight over right away rights. Right now the extension is on pause, beware it will be back.

Desalts has done a great job with the recovery from the recent Hurricane. A few people in the area have taken advantage of the destruction and tried to claims property that does not belong to them, like boats and etc. Case by case they are catching them. Continue reading

Nikola Tesla was, to say the least, quite a character. He went from rags to riches and back to rags, from high society to living largely as a recluse whose only friends were the local pigeons he visited every day. He was eccentric, but he was also a genius best known for inventing the modern alternating current electricity supply system. In 1934, in an interview with “The New York Times,” Tesla explained in part what helped his genius thrive. Seclusion, he argued, was vital to the creative mind: “The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. No big laboratory is needed in which to think.” For Tesla, solitude was the key to innovation. “Be alone,” he said, “that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born.”

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