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I Like Gov DeSantis!

Here we go.

Along comes Monoclonal Antibody

This Governor has not stop surprising  me. He wants to come up with solutions and give credit where credit was due. He noted that Trump bought all that the Monoclonal Antibody that the manufacturer had before he left office. It will be free to the public. That shows you how far ahead Trump is compared to Biden. He knew it would be important in the process of curing people with low Immune systems. The doctors treated Trump with Monoclonal Antibody’s when he contracted COVID-19. The hospitals in Marion County are using it.  Hope it comes to be available to the public in Marion County Soon. Continue reading

Information from the net and sharing by TomL

The Biden Administration is sanctioning a safe house’s for ILLEGAL’s in the USA, probably many!

ILLEGAL SAFE HOUSE is in the former Homewood Suites in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Hotel is on lock down and is guarded by LES Officers, LES is Law Enforcement Services hired for the job along with some ICE agent’s. It has a cloak of mystery over and around it. No one is permitted to answer question but several good reporters got a few answers. It is interesting that they would pick a entire hotel and hire a food service to come in to feed them. Guess whom is paying for it. Some say it is a strategy to increase the population in curtain states and curtain voting districts to increase the amount of representative that are aloud. Shifting people and moving boundary’s on voting blocks have been going on for years. In fact it has been done here locally.

The way this was found out was by a tip that was given to a reporter, the right reporter who followed up and printed the truth. I thought it worth sharing because of the seriousness of the matter. THE VOTING BLOCKS! Continue reading

By TomL

My family & Friends are the most important to me from there, the Lord controls it all.

I have my pride, my Integrity and my love of FREEDOM. The newspapers are a great tool to help people. Also my job is to expose bad issue and bad people, we run letters to the editor so that you can see your opinion in print and others can respond or just read your wisdom.

********* Continue reading

The Sea side Building Collapse is horrible. Can you imagine sleeping in that building when it collapsed? All kinds of rumors are flying around that the building should have been condemned, There were crack in the foundation reported a year ago??? My gosh what a terrible loss. It needs to be investigated and if there was negligence they need to deal with it harshly.


Has anyone been watching what is going on in Oklahoma, they have been passing laws and amendment. One was to place the Ten Commandments on the Oklahoma State Capital Building Entrance.

Wait there is more…They passed a Law to arrest all Illegal Immigrants and ship them back to where they came from, with exception that if they want to become a United States Citizen and get a green card to work in this country sign up here they all ran.The ACLU and the American Government  told Oklahoma law enforcement, It’s not a good idea. They said they were doing it anyway. Obama and Biden did not do well in Oklahoma, neither one won one county during the election. Continue reading

OCALA Florida Advent hospital. I was scheduled in to advent hospital for an out patient for a complete Echocardiogram. They called me the night before to remind me and pre-register me. I got in 30 minutes early. They had a team. There were about six or eight ladies dressed a like, black slacks with black dress jacket, sharply dressed. They had little semi-private glass front offices, they would come to the waiting room and call your name and escort you to a office and check  me in like a hotel register desk. They verified who you were, what you were there for and your Insurance. They hand you a bracelet with your information on it you verify it is correct then they put it around your wrist and escort you to the waiting room.

I am bad about having a problem about waiting a long time. While in the waiting room they were taking people about every three minutes I was number 4. They escorted me into a room where they did my test. I got there early and did not have to wait. Continue reading

I remember our history studies in school about the Holocaust. I wondered, how did Hitler get millions of people follow passively to their death and not fight back??? Suddenly I realized we Americans are taking the same path!

Socialism is free stuff. Sounds great, where does the free stuff come from? What happens when the company or people get tired of supplying free stuff? Socialism is tax the rich to feed the poor. Kind of like Robin Hood who really did not do what they claim. Remember Robin Hood was a bandit, a bad guy. When the rich don’t want to be taxed any more they take their money and move out of the country where the tax is not as bad.

The second big problem with Socialism is there is no middle class. The powers to be have to get the middle  class dependent on the Government hand out. Then there is only two classes. The upper class (the wealthy) and the lower class (the dependent’s). As a dependent you lose your ambition, sense of pride and the sense of right from wrong. If you and your family are hungry, you will do what’s necessary to survive. Continue reading

Governor DeSantis and the story created by 60 minutes. The story is not real. First Publix is the favorite place for seniors to shop. It makes sense that they have vaccines available for the public and make it convenient for the seniors.

There are thousands of outlets to get vaccinated in Florida. Because DeSantis is becoming popular, the big media feels the need to knock him down. His strength and base is to big.The people of Florida love him and will not let the left hurt him. they have tried and they will try again and he will have take time out of his dally  work to deal with them.

It’s a shame that our Governor has to constantly watch his back. Continue reading

FREEDOM SHOT yes I heard a woman in a restaurant  interview call her COVID-19 inoculation her Freedom Shot. Anthony Fauci got into a confrontation with Ran Paul over wearing a mask. I think Ran Paul said, “isn’t it just theater?” If you get a Freedom Shot and you can’t spread the COVID-19 and you can’t catch it why would you wear a mask? Ran Paul is suppose to be a very highly respected ophthalmologist. So he can discuss this as a Doctor as well as a Senator.m Rand Paul said to Fauci you have been vaccinated and your still wearing a mask. That is sending a message to the people we will never get back to normalcy.


I read on the internet there were over 6,000 people died doing the pre 2022 World Cup work. Workers were from Qatar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India. Some say the workers were Exploited and in some cases forced to work! The temperature in Qatar goes well over 100. Investigations are going on, more info in the future.


Blowing out someone else candle does not make yours shine brighter! It does make you the only person with a light candle! Continue reading

By TomL

Trump Impeachment Failed! But it told me something the RIGHT and a lot about the LEFT. It was all theatrics, did you see those lawyers trying to make a point. They even used edited videos so it would help them make their point. I am really disappointed in Mitch McConnell. It was over he had no reasonable reason to make a anti-Trump speech after the impeachment failed. UNLESS the old school Republicans are as afraid of Trump as the Left is!

I believe the Left is afraid of the millions of followers and how far they will follow Trump. Now I’m beginning to think that the old school Republican want him out of the way so they can run a different candidate, because right now there is no question who will run as the Republican candidate.

The Congress, the House and the Senate are composed of many attorneys, not that is wrong but the have a different thought process, they are deal makers. When a guy like Trump comes along. He is half bad boy and half Political Animal. Not many men or women that I know of would stand in a dictators Country and tell them no to a trade. He has told many of them we are not sending money any more and you are not paying your part. Continue reading

By TomL

Have you ever had a cloud hanging over you. Here is how you handle it. My Business Bank account got hacked, the Bank took care of it with much worry on my behave! “But I Smiled!” I came home the other night and the drain was back up in the Kitchen. I found the Plumber snake and got it working after much worry on my behalf. But I Smiled. Two days later my AC unit broke down. The AC guy came and after much worry on my behalf and four days without AC it was fix. When I paid the bill it hurt. But I just Smiled. So today I will start out smiling before anything happens and maybe nothing else will break for a while. JUST KEEP SMILING AND DON’T LET IT GET TO YOU. SMILE!


From a reader…

A reader pointed out that ebay will not allow sales of Confederate Flag. So now the factory’s are not making as many, for not making them at all. Just another way of controlling what we can purchase. Continue reading

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