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Rooting caused by feral hogs can disrupt our natural systems and change the vegetative structure of wetland systems. Watch this video to learn more.



Staff Explain Minimum Flows and Levels Process for Lakes in the District
Minimum flows and levels (MFLs) are set to protect our natural resources and provide water to the public. But have you ever wondered how the District sets MFLs for a lake? District staff explain the process for Lake Allen in Hillsborough County. Watch this video.

Dear Friends,

It is a great day to be an American! Every day that we wake up in this country is a blessing and we are so fortunate to be living in this place, surrounded by so much opportunity. Opportunities to raise a family, build a business, or serve the community are all around us if we would just be willing to apply ourselves in pursuit of it. It was encouraging to see that we still have many willing people to answer that call during this first portion the 2020 election season. Not just those that were ready to campaign for public office, but all those people who knocked on doors, made phone calls and showed up at the polls to participate in our elections process.

Statewide, voter turnout was slightly higher than either 2018 or 2016 and that is very encouraging. Still, these numbers show that only about 1 in 4 registered voters showed up and even fewer than that made it all the way through their entire ballot. The good news is, a few people made a really big difference! Those that did not participate do not have a voice, but you did and your voice was amplified because of their apathy. Thank you for your dedication and commitment in being engaged in your government.

With the 2020 primaries behind us, it is critical that we set aside the differences we may have had and support candidates who will advance conservative principles and help get President Trump re-elected. Those candidates may not have been our first choice, and we might not agree on one-hundred percent of the issues, but now is the not the time for divisiveness. The liberal socialist machine will run us over if we are still fighting amongst ourselves. Let us unite behind these good candidates and defeat socialism is 2020!

It is an honor to serve and sit in your seat in the Florida Senate. Thank you for letting me be your voice in Tallahassee.

Onward & Upward,

Dennis Baxley

Seagrass Waterfront Restaurant 

10386 W Hall River Road

Homosassa, FL 34448


Beautiful setting on the river with three seating areas, climate controlled indoor, outdoor deck covered screened room and open air deck of the river. Practicing Covid-19 standards, temperature taken from all patrons, observing social distancing, with table and seating disinfecting after customer departure.

Upon arriving our party of eleven, was seated during two for one drink specials of beer, wine and cocktails, a great start to our dinner adventure!

Wide assortment of appetizers from calamari, loaded potato skins, wings, fried green beans, flat breads, crab bites and beef empanadas. Apps are perfect snack or to share while watching the boats on the river or docking to eat.

Light entrees or lunch favorites consists of hamburgers, chicken or fish burgers, Shrimp PoBoy, BBQ Pork, ham and cheese sandwiches. Must try their home made potato chips!

A well devised menu for everyone’s discriminating taste. I recommend having a dinner salad, generous for two to share (I didn’t). It consists of fresh lettuce mixed with romaine, sliced cucumbers, the freshest diced tomatoes and choice of dressings.  Continue reading

“A Hero in World War II”

Carl was the youngest of twelve (12) children in his family. When Carl was eight years old the family still had a total of seven children, Carl being the youngest. The family moved to Waterloo, Iowa. Carl became an excellent athletic in both football and baseball in school.   Carl Letney called Buck left his high school in his senior year to join the Army. He was trained to be an Assault Ranger and was sent to the Battle of the Rapido River where he fought for two days trying to cross the Rapido River (north of Naples, Italy) and reach the winter line. Buck Letney lost his life on the second day of fighting on the Rapido River. No gains had been made in the capture of the Rapido or Gari Rivers and they became one of the big defeats suffered by the US Army in World War II. The AMVETS Post 31 was dedicated to Carl’s memory and it is in Evansdale Iowa a small suburb of Waterloo where his statue and monument stands. Carls brother Jerry lives in the Villages.

OCALA, Fla.—The Florida Department of Health in Marion County wants Micanopy area residents to be aware that a bat in their area has tested positive for rabies. People who live or work in the area should maintain a heightened awareness that rabies is active in the area.

Residents and visitors are advised to take the following precautions:

–        Avoid all contact with wildlife, particularly raccoons, bats, foxes, skunks, otters, bobcats and coyotes. Never adopt wild animals or bring them into your home.

Never handle unfamiliar animals (wild or domestic), even if they appear friendly.

–        Do not feed or unintentionally attract wild animals with open garbage cans or trash.

–        Keep rabies vaccinations up to date for all pets.

–        Keep pets under direct supervision so they do not come into contact with wild animals.

–        Prevent bats from entering living quarters or occupied spaces in homes, churches, schools, and other similar areas where they might encounter people and pets. Continue reading

The Florida Department of Health in Marion County is involved in several key aspects of COVID-19 response. Primarily, the department is focused on:


Protecting the elderly and vulnerable

Preparing for medical surge

Educating the public on ways to prevent the spread of the virus

DOH-Marion tests for COVID-19 throughout the week, primarily on-site at the department’s Ocala office. DOH-Marion staff also perform case investigations when someone tests positive for the virus. During the investigations, staff identify and speak with contacts of people who tested positive (contact tracing) so that those individuals can watch for symptoms and get tested as needed. This also ensures that both contacts and people who test positive can take extra precautions to prevent the possible spread of the illness further.

For the latest information on COVID-19 in Florida, visit https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/.

You can be tested for COVID-19 at various places within Marion County: Continue reading

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