As I See It

By A.J.(Tony) Powell

What is the answer to this question? “Who has the “right-to-exist”?

History shows that creating a “Country” is a murderous, violent, ruthless process.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that many countries in the so-called ‘Old World/Europe’ are a lot younger than the ‘good-old-USA’ in 1776.

For example-Austria in 1804; Romania in 1887; Italy in 1861; Greece in 1830; Finland in 1917 and many other across the world because, “we killed them – before they killed us!”

Usually, a new country is dominated by an ethnic, political or racial majority. But sometimes, as with Australia, New Zealand and most of the ‘new-world’ a powerful minority, invades, overpowers and exterminates the native majority.

As happened in the Americas where the local population was decimated to the extent that they were no longer ‘relevant’ to the lives or prosperity of the ‘dominators’. Continue reading

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