As I See It

by A.J.(Tony) Powell

Here’s a recent headline “Republicans moved forward on health care reform”.

True or false?

The fact is that the Republicans are working overtime to ‘repeal’ ObamaCare.

Another fact is that there is nothing in process which will ‘replace’ ObamaCare.

President Donald Trump promised ‘affordable’ health care insurance for all Americans.

The Republican-dominated Senate failed to get their ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act’ started. The vote failed, thus putting an end to any ‘replacement’.

Apparently the Republicans intend to leave Americans who have an ‘existing condition’ out of their ‘Better Care’ plan.

Protesters chanted, “Kill the bill; Don’t kill us.” Continue reading

By A.J.(Tony) Powell.


Are you tired of all the ranting broadcasters, TV personalities and ‘reader letters’ which are dominated by a lot of heat but very little light?

The Democrats, under President Obama, tried and failed to come up with a workable Health Care Plan.

Now, Trump admits that he can’t do as he promised – Lower premiums and Full Coverage for all.

Why do working tax-payers have to subsidize politicians and government workers? Why do we need Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, and so many other Government run fiascoes?

Why are our veterans pushed off into over-crowded, second-rate facilities often many miles from where they live? Our military should have a ‘Front-Door-Pass’ to the best medical facility they can find.

Trumps Republican opponents in the House & Senate have failed to pass their ‘Robbing Hoods’ plan. Continue reading

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – Make American (Industry) Great Again!

President Trump said he had visited laid-off factory workers and “communities crushed by our horrible and unfair trade deals.”

Trump blamed ‘regulations and taxes’.

He promised that he’d get Americans back to work, building highways, bridges, airports and railways.

Well – we’re still waiting.

It’s a fact that American industry has all but closed down. Ford factories, the National Gypsum Plant, Johnson metals, assembly plants, shipyards, agriculture, farming – all gone. Continue reading

Dear editor:

The top of my head is exploded as I write this letter. Why???

There are tons and tons of ads for hearing aids everywhere, in the newspapers, in the mail, on TV. They are so prolific, you cannot miss them.

While visiting a friend in rehab, the subject of hearing aids came up. She said her hearing aids cost $6500. That was  the first of the top blowing incidents. They were not working well, and she would probably have to buy new ones. That astounded me.

Decided to see what it cost to make hearing aids. Second top blowing. Went on the net to: http://www. Take a guess.

The median price is $150. RANGE $50 TO $200. Continue reading

‘Protectionism’ is the opposite of so-called ‘Free Trade’.

Many economists say that every industrialized major country in history, had some degree of economic protection.

Apparently American importers of lumber from Canada and steel from China as well as thousands of other products, are pocketing millions of dollars every day by gouging the American consumer. And exporting American jobs to foreign countries.

The Prez is getting a lot of criticism for protecting the USA. But the fact is protectionism is not a new idea at all.

Alexander Hamilton, advocated tariffs to protect America from foreign speculators.

George Washington signed the Tariff Act in 1789.

Just like Trump, Washington and Hamilton believed in economic independence and supporting Continue reading

Here’s a few (mis)quotes on ‘HYPOCRISY’

-“There are three types of people who deserve no mercy, hypocrites, fraudsters, and tyrants.(Williams)

“A hypocrite is a politician who cuts down a tree, and then make a speech for conservation from the tree stump”.(Lincoln)

“The only thing worse than a liar is a liar who’s also a hypocrite!”

-Regardless of your politics, Democrat, Republican or ‘other’, when it comes to Health Care Insurance, our elected leaders and their minions, without exception, are ‘all of the above’ – Liars, fraudsters and hypocrites.

You don’t have to be that smart to figure out that, for insurance, ‘more-is-better’. Continue reading

By A.J.(Tony) Powell

What is the answer to this question? “Who has the “right-to-exist”?

History shows that creating a “Country” is a murderous, violent, ruthless process.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that many countries in the so-called ‘Old World/Europe’ are a lot younger than the ‘good-old-USA’ in 1776.

For example-Austria in 1804; Romania in 1887; Italy in 1861; Greece in 1830; Finland in 1917 and many other across the world because, “we killed them – before they killed us!”

Usually, a new country is dominated by an ethnic, political or racial majority. But sometimes, as with Australia, New Zealand and most of the ‘new-world’ a powerful minority, invades, overpowers and exterminates the native majority.

As happened in the Americas where the local population was decimated to the extent that they were no longer ‘relevant’ to the lives or prosperity of the ‘dominators’. Continue reading

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