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During a government shutdown, many federal services will be affected by a lapse in appropriations. Important services through the Social Security Administration, Medicare, VA, and more, however, will not be impacted. The helpful graphic above provides more information about services and operations.

For more information, view the Congressional Research Service’s handy guide here.

Dear Neighbor,
Negotiations to keep the federal government running are ongoing this week. We spent many late nights on the House Floor to pass the necessary appropriations bills, and while we’re not done yet, we’re staying in D.C. as long as it takes to get the job done.
I’m working tirelessly to cut government spending, fund our military and national defense, and support our veterans. We’re making progress and will continue to provide updates. To see updates from this week after late-night votes on Wednesday and Thursday, read below. Continue reading

Ocala, Florida (August 29, 2023) – Kevin T. Sheilley, Ocala Metro Chamber and Economic Partnership (CEP) President & CEO, and Tamara Fleischhaker, Chief Experience Officer, have been designated as a Certified Chamber Executives (CCE) by ACCE, the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

ACCE is an association based in Alexandria, Va., that has over 1,600 chambers of commerce and related business and economic development organizations as members, representing more than 9,000 professionals in the industry. The CCE program assesses and tests the applicant’s knowledge of core chamber management areas —management, planning and development, membership, communications and revenue and operations.

“These chamber leaders invested many hours over the past year to earn their CCE designation,” said Megan A. Lucas, CCE, CEcD, IOM, CEO and chief economic development officer of the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance and CCE Commission chair. “We commend their pursuit of professional excellence and commitment to the chamber industry. Their achievement sets them apart as true industry leaders.” Continue reading

By TomL

Spend money with your home boys! We have a mini farm in Dunnellon Florida,  thirty five years ago we had a local contractor build our house and at the time we said use local contractors later it paid off…I have been practicing “buying home town” for years. It pays off!

We had a electrical problem  this month when a short in an out building caused my breaker box in the house to flip and could not be reset. In taking it out we found it fried, it was a one of a kind 150 amp Baker.

It was 35 years old and they don’t make them any more. We looked every where and all the electrical suppliers said you have to have a new electrical panel installed.  A local company that did the electric contracting was still in business in the area. We explained the problem to them, it seems one of the two original owners had some new parts in the back of his warehouse. He found the part and gave it to me free! It will keep me going until I can afford a new panel $1500 estimated. Shop at home!

Ferrentino & Sons presenting their Business at OBL Ocala Business Leaders Breakfast meeting. They are a local builder that has a very large following. They support OBL and many other organizations. Congratulations Ferrentino and Sons!

50 YEARS! Wow! Thank you to those who celebrated 50 years with us. The outpour of love and support that was in the room that night is such a testament to the community that we are so fortunate to be a part of. The work of our mission is only made possible by the generosity and compassion of those who support us, and for that, we cannot thank you enough!

Thank you CKJphotos13 for capturing these beautiful moments! Thank you Tom James, Commissioner Craig Curry, Dr. Hank Harrell, AARP Florida’s Jeff Johnson, Florida Department of Elder Affairs Secretary Michelle Branham, United Way of Marion County’s Bob Haight, our Staff, Volunteers, and everyone who made this night so incredibly special.

We look forward to the next 50 years!

Photos by CKJ-13 Kay Johnson

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Horses 4 Warriors focus on equine therapy for veterans with PTSD in the Ocala area. Ocala, has the community spirit, all while making a meaningful difference in the lives of our beloved Veterans and Equine Residents in Central Florida. They are a non-profit group that’s purpose is helping Veterans with PTSD and to raise awareness about mental health.

The event started with the Color Guard and Judith Larrence singing the National Anthem. What a great voice singing a great song! Thank You Judith. The event was held at the Ocala Downtown Market. Rick Stevens started the nonprofit just a few months ago, to focus on equine therapy for veterans with PTSD. He said this was the organization’s first major event in Ocala. Rick dedicated the event to Billy Rowe. Rick said they may try to have the next event at Veteran park. Veteran form a bond with the horses and it’s a traumatic experience. I would say in some cases life saving connection they may not have ever felt in their life,”. Rick says the issue is close to his heart because he said he deals with it himself. Rick sats  “I’ve got PTSD and had some stuff happen in my life and a horse saved my life,” said Stevens. “I bonded with the horse, the horse bonded with me and he kept me alive.”

At the event people were split up into teams and played corn hole. The winners were given a custom set of boards, hand-painted by artist.

One team drove from Dunnellon to help the cause. “I never put an amount on it, if we make a dollar I’m okay with that, it’s about getting the awareness out and a lot of people have really stepped up,” Stevens thank all that came and showed support. Watch for the next event in this newspaper.

Photos by CKJ-13 Kay Johnson

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Lady Lake Chamber business luncheon was a success. It is a success any time you get a group of business people together to discuss business. This luncheon was held at Eaton Beach right on the lake front. Janet Fraley was running around making everything ready and of course Jeannie was there helping. Leslie was at her Fall Conference. I had a window seat the best of two worlds. Look out at the lake, enjoy business people and taking pictures. Lot’s of door prizes were given out. It was a perfect day. The Chamber has a luncheon’s almost every month so watch for them and attend.

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We want to extend a huge thank you to all the businesses that participated in our 8th annual business-to-business expo! We appreciate your support and dedication to making this event a success. We strive to make each event we host valuable to those who participate, and we are delighted to hear that you found it valuable as well.

We understand that some businesses were disappointed not to win a door prize, even though they provided one. To minimize this, we are implementing a new rule for next year’s event. Only one representative from each business that provides a door prize will be eligible to win a door prize. We hope this new rule will help ensure that everyone has a fair chance to win.

We also want to express our gratitude to all of the volunteers who generously donated their time and energy to make this event possible. Without your help, we could not have achieved such a successful event.

Once again, thank you for participating in our expo. We look forward to seeing you all again next year and making the event even better!

Photos by CKJ-13 Kay Johnson

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Bidenomic’s has put America in Decline. Biden is not in control he is being used and does not always follow directions. Some times he act’s unaware and other times he seems sharp, Hypnosis? He has a story for everything and if he does not, he will make one up. I believe Obama / Nancy Pelosi / Chuck Shumer and the Green squad are controlling him because they know what he has been doing and he is compromised. He has to go along or go to jail. He has made no effort to find out who or how the COVID started . But he can control the masses if they have to wear mask and work at home. He will say mask for the children at school’s. Then the people will vote by mail in ballots and that is what they need to win the election. Just the same way they stoled the last election. Now we have prosecution or persecution? It is easy to see the political  move on Trump is TRUMPED UP!  Continue reading

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