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The Lake County Sheriff’s Office initiated Operation Basic Training during recent months, which was a joint investigation into a drug-trafficking organization operating throughout Central Florida. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the Clermont, Leesburg, and Eustis Police Departments all worked together to investigate narcotics-related crimes committed by mid- to high-level dealers associated with the organization. The Special Investigations Bureau concluded Operation Basic Training on April 28, 2021 with the execution of two residential search warrants within the city limits of Leesburg and thirteen arrest warrants for individuals charged in connection with their involvement with dangerous drugs.

Detectives executed search warrants for one storage unit, one passenger car, and four residences. The long-term investigation resulted in the seizure of approximately $13,000 in U.S. currency and trafficking amounts of cocaine, crack cocaine, and methamphetamine. Detectives also seized several pounds of marijuana, cocaine-laced marijuana, and a small quantity of Oxycodone. The street value of the seized narcotics is estimated to be more than $50,000 dollars. Ten assorted firearms were recovered during the search warrants, four of which were reported stolen from other jurisdictions throughout Central Florida. Continue reading

I remember our history studies in school about the Holocaust. I wondered, how did Hitler get millions of people follow passively to their death and not fight back??? Suddenly I realized we Americans are taking the same path!

Socialism is free stuff. Sounds great, where does the free stuff come from? What happens when the company or people get tired of supplying free stuff? Socialism is tax the rich to feed the poor. Kind of like Robin Hood who really did not do what they claim. Remember Robin Hood was a bandit, a bad guy. When the rich don’t want to be taxed any more they take their money and move out of the country where the tax is not as bad.

The second big problem with Socialism is there is no middle class. The powers to be have to get the middle  class dependent on the Government hand out. Then there is only two classes. The upper class (the wealthy) and the lower class (the dependent’s). As a dependent you lose your ambition, sense of pride and the sense of right from wrong. If you and your family are hungry, you will do what’s necessary to survive. Continue reading

Here at the CEP we are big believers in Manufacturing. We believe that we you make stuff, you make wealth.

Manufacturing is an important component to our local economy. We have a strong, diverse manufacturing sector locally. Companies in the metro make everything from fire engines to missile control systems, cake sprinkles to hurricane impact windows and everything in between. With more than 9,000 employees, the Ocala Metro manufacturing sector is one of the largest in Florida.

AdvisorSmith, a business consultancy, ranked the Ocala Metro as a top mid-sized metro (250,000 to 750,000) for manufacturing. The area ranked in the Top 20 of ALL metros for manufacturing output growth and for manufacturing employment growth. Additionally, the Ocala Metro has been ranked #1 or 2 in the growth of our manufacturing employment throughout 2021. Continue reading

Dear Friends,

The 2021 Legislative Session (and the ensuing Special Session on Gaming) has concluded. It feels good to be back in Senate District 12 with my family and friends. Thanks to Senate President Wilton Simpson, House Speaker Chris Sprowls and Governor Ron DeSantis, we accomplished much and we are very proud of the strong position that Florida is in for the future. For the next two or three columns, we will highlight some of the work we did as a body, on behalf of the citizens of Florida. This month, we will report on the budget.

A quick note: In the last two columns, we have highlighted extensively our elections integrity bill and we are excited to report that the bill was approved by the legislature and signed by the Governor.

The legislature approved a $101.5 billion balanced budget that leaves $6 billion in state reserves, while making key investments in infrastructure, child welfare, and increasing the state employee minimum wage. The budget also included bonuses to our hardworking state and local first responders, teachers, and childcare providers, and nearly $1 billion will be provided to reimburse health care employees and emergency responders for childcare expenses incurred during the pandemic. Continue reading

Constitution of United States of America 1789 (rev. 1992) Amendment II.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

Is it clear?

Maybe! Maybe not!

The first part includes ‘Well Regulated’ and ‘free State’ – doesn’t that suggest that the original intent was that each State (I. E. the ‘government’) should legislate it’s own amateur, ‘Militia’ to fight against any Federal infringement of States Rights?

Is the second part of the same sentence an ‘explanation’ not an ‘expansion’?

Was it intended to clarify/confirm that the Federal government can’t prohibit (infringe on) the right of those people (the members of the militias) to own weapons (to keep and bear arms) ? Continue reading

In 2015, Edward Caniglia and his wife had an argument at their home Rhode Island. During the argument, Caniglia retrieved an unloaded gun from their bedroom. Mrs. Caniglia left. , Mrs. Caniglia called the police the next day to request a wellness check on her husband. At the home, the sergeant determined that Caniglia was in imminent danger to himself and to others. The police requested that Caniglia go to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Caniglia agreed  based on a promise from police that they would not confiscate his guns. The sergeant seized firearms and ammunition from the home. Some time later, Caniglia attempted to get his firearms back from the police department on several occasions.  His requests were denied. Caniglia filed suit in district court against the police department and city officials, alleging violations to the U.S. Constitution and to state law. The firearms were returned to Caniglia. The district court granted the defendants’ motion for summary judgment. On appeal, the U.S. Court of appeal for the 1st Circuit affirmed the district court’s ruling.

May 20th Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening at Affiliated Title, 5805 E CR 462 Wildwood, FL 34785.  Photos by Janet Fraley

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for Optimotion Orthopedics 5555 E SR 44 Wildwood, FL 34785 photo by Janet Fraley

From the FairTax guys. Here is a photo from our trip to Las Vegas on  Project 2224, a project to help new candidates for office learn about the logistics of running for office and the issues. Three of the four candidates who signed the Candidate’s FAIRtax Pledge. From left Ron Maiellaro of FAIRtax, Willie Mongteque, candidate for US House in Florida District 10, in the middle is Rubin Young, candidate for US House in Florida District 23 and to the right of Rubin is Alex Stovall, candidate for US House in Arizona District 7.  Bob Paxton is on the right.  Not in this photo is Jerrod Sessler, candidate for US House in Washington District 4. Bob Paxton of FAIRtax. This photo was taken on April 24th. Ron and Bob are known as the FAIRtax guys!

Tammy says ’People don’t remember what you say, what you do, who you know more than how you make them feel… My goal is to help people feel good about their image and their relationships. To preserve them for a lifetime of enjoyment!’ Tammy Griffin-Vincent of Tammy Portrait Artist, Inc.

Certified Master Photographer,  National Photographer of the Year 2009

352-622-7255 Residential Studio / Yours In Imagery, Tammy

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