by A.J. (Tony) Powell

Why Immigration?

Published reports say that 75% of the most wanted criminals out west are illegal aliens.  More than half of the burglaries in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens. Thanks to the incompetence of the Government in Washington DC, Republican and Democrat alike, foreigners have gone up from about 8% to over 13% of the US population.

And ‘illegals’ more than tripled from 3.5 million to over 11 million over the past 20 years. Now even the Republicans are planning to offer ‘amnesty’ to over 3 million of them. Apparently House, Speaker Paul Ryan has said that he will ‘slip an amnesty’ into a spending bill later this year. This, of course, ignores President Trump’s campaign promise to protect America from this ongoing ‘invasion’.

What happened to his priorities?

A protective wall along the Mexican border?

Getting alien criminals off tax-payers funded ‘benefits’?

Weeding out illegal aliens who are taking jobs from Americans?

Eliminating the visa lottery which shuts out qualified, educated contributing people in favor of people from every/any country in the world?

Make overstaying a visa a crime?

Surveys prove that most Americans agree that it is important to stop the uncontrolled flood of illegal immigrants. For whatever reason, the Republicans continue to refuse to stop big business from hiring illegal aliens over Americans, and are ignoring President Trumps demand for an end to the family-based permitting of over 1.5 million every year.

One poll reported that almost 70% of Americans want to stop employers, by law, from hiring illegal aliens. Obviously the current Republican leadership is ignoring the wishes of the American people. Why is it that most non-European countries protect their borders and their people? But the media slanders patriots, who say ‘America-for-Americans’ as ‘xenophobic’.

As I See It, immigrants need to earn the right to come to America, and you don’t do that by being a criminal. I see no good reason for granting citizenship to any alien-ever.  It’s crazy to have a thousand people in a room who are granted citizenship, when they are not fluent in the American language, and know nothing of American culture and traditions. Should ‘foreigners’ be permitted to stay in the USA at all?

I think there’s always a welcome in America for people who want to work and contribute, but, a ‘permit’ like a ‘Green Card’ does the job. A serious felon, needs a one-way ticket to China, Cuba or Russia. Not free recreation time in jail and not a American Passport.

’til next time. . . .

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