The German government has accused the American commander of the allies in Europe, Gen Philip Breedlove of, disseminating ‘dangerous propaganda’ by minimizing the extent of Putin’s military in his annexation of parts of Ukraine. Putin denies that his military is fighting with the Pro-Russian separatist fighters in Ukraine. He claims that the people in that area are fighting for ‘freedom’ as they try to add parts of the Ukraine to Putin’s ‘empire’.

But US Lt Gen Ben Hodges, commander of the US Army in Europe, says that, in fact, at least 12,000 Putin troops are inside UKRAINE capturing more and more territory for Putin’s ‘separatist army’ which is directly proven to include Putin’s soldiers through satellite imagery, which anyone in the world can view for themselves. Hundreds of Russian soldiers have been killed in the separatist area of the Ukraine.

NATO and US analysis, have seriously underestimated how many soldiers Putin has sacrificed there.

As I See It, we should be more careful to note that Putin should be help accountable, not the Russian people. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has sacrificed over 80,000 of his own people.

Meanwhile, several courageous teachers who have refused to endorse what Putin calls his ‘special military operations’ in Ukraine, face retaliation and sanctions. Human rights activists have been arrested, tortured and prosecuted and defense lawyers, threatened and intimidated.

Estimates suggest that over 6,000 civilians have been killed and almost 10,000 innocent people injured.

In Russia, almost 5 million citizens have left the country.

Former Soviet countries saw a huge increase in arrivals after Putin invaded the Ukraine.

But, apparently, most older Russians support Putin, but the younger generation opposes the invasion and are much more skeptical towards the Putin dictatorship. They say that they are feeling the effect of sanctions.

A poll found that over 50% said Ukraine is resisting the invasion more strongly than they expected and that life for ordinary Russians had got worse over the last 20 years, also Russia’s international reputation had been damaged.

Those aged 18-24 were more likely to say they opposed the invasion . They were much more likely to reject Putin’s claim that the invasion was needed to protect Russia, and to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine.  They also had an unfavorable view of Putin and they were more likely recognize President Zalensky as Ukraine’s legitimate leader. More than half (54%) said they favored withdrawing Russian forces from the Ukraine.

For whatever reason, US and other Western leaders do not want to label Putin’s military action as an ‘invasion’ of eastern Ukraine and Crimea. They ignore his retaliation, arrests and intimidation of anyone who opposes his illegal actions.
Non-Kremlin Russian media regularly witness the burial of dead Russians soldiers, and report on the brave opposition of the Russian people against the Putin Dictatorship, but of newspapers and our media reporters tell us almost nothing. For whatever reason, its important to our major networks that we hate the Russian people and put no direct blame on Putin, their Communist ruler.

Apparently, our ‘World Leaders’ have agreed that its ok for them to kill and maim one another’s citizens, but bumping off a murderous dictator is not permitted.

‘ Hirohito’ the warlike Japanese leader in WW2 had to be protected, so we ‘nuked’ a million civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki instead. Italian Nazi Dictator Mussolini, was spared.

Idi Amin, reportedly one of the most brutal dictators in the world died peacefully in Saudi Arabia.

Is that why ‘Holocaust Hitler’ was ‘collateral damage’ when he was ‘inadvertently’ blown up?

Our leaders had agreed that assassinating him would have been ‘illegal’.

So, is there any hope for the Russian people?

Apparently its not our problem!

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